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update 9th January 18:
Mentions Metroboard Micro Slim in place of Metroboard shortboard as consensus is Micro Slim> Shortboard.
Winboard & community feedback -Winboard GT-M8 2.0 not for sale anymore.
Backfire G2 back on the menu as feedbacks are their customer service doesn’t suck anymore.

There are a lot of “Best Electric Skateboard” post out there, most of them, however, are more sensational than helpful to someone who is looking to purchase an Electric Skateboard.

Sure, Enertion Raptor 2 might be the best electric skateboard in consensus right now, but it would be insane for me to simply recommend it to anyone who emails me, without first understanding what they want out of their Eskate.

“Hey, I great blog! I just want to ask…”
“Enertion Raptor 2. Say no more.”

Among the hundreds of electric skateboard that I’ve researched/ tried on, there is often one or a few electric skateboards that fit best for certain people.

This is that list.

And of course, the list will be updated when a better option comes around and old boards fell out of favors.

So let’s get to it. The best board for those who are looking for the …

1) Best Penny/ Nickel board

To a lot of people, an electric skateboard is mainly a means to commute, and among these people, some value portability above everything else. There is no use to ride to a mall and ends up carrying a 20lbs longboard for the next 2 hours you are there.

There are portable options for both longboard and shortboard too, but for those who are looking for penny/nickel size board, these are the boards that are best in their categories.

Best in general:

Arc Board (899 SGD ≈ $699 + $80 FedEx international shipping.)

Arc Board is simply the best electric penny board you can get on the market right now.
It is penny board size with a 22 inch(55.9cm) deck and only weighs 7.7lbs(3.5kg).

The range and speed is nothing to write home about but it gets the job done.

With the help of the VESC, the acceleration and deceleration of Arc Board are very comfortable.
70mm wheels, however, means good roads and sidewalk only.

With that being said, electric penny board is best to be considered by those who are experienced, as balancing on such a narrow wheelbase is not going to be comfortable for beginners.

Every Arc Board is manually assembled by the Arc team in Singapore and hence the quality is assured. They also come with a 6 months warranty.

Check out ArcBoard

Best budget option:

Meepo Campus ($240 Shipping included.)

The price said it all, Meepo Campus is simply the most affordable electric skateboard that is also worth buying right now.

Meepo Campus has a Nickel board size deck which is 27.6 inches (70cm) and only weighs 7.5lbs (3.4kg).

It is not a powerful board in both torque, speed, and distance.
For a leisure ride that wasn’t too demanding, Meepo Campus is the board that you can pick up without hurting your wallet.

The truth is, there is a lot of cheap China Board that are around this price, but I felt safer recommending Meepo – a brand I trust over companies like Maxfind, Benchwheel etc.

Check out Meepo Campus


Most Anticipated Penny/Nickel Board:

Walnutt Spectra Series

I wouldn’t have backed a Spectra Mini if I don’t think it worth even a mention.

Walnutt Spectra Mini/ Pro/ Advance and Silver are small size electric skateboard with posture control. No remote is needed to ride them (though there is the option to control the acceleration and deceleration with a phone app).

Spectra Pro and Advance were very new in the market and no complete review is available yet.

Walnutt Spectra Mini is due for delivery in February 2018, and I am eager to find out if the posture control works once I received mine.

Check out Walnutt Spectra


These are the other boards that were considered but weren’t picked:
Acton Blink Lite, Bolt, Louboard, Winboard GT M8 Mini, Maxfind C

Acton Blink Lite -$249

Acton Blink Lite is a small, cheap, single hub motor Eskate. There is simply no reason to pick Acton Blink Lite over Meepo Campus.

Neither Acton’s quality nor it’s customer service is as reliable as Meepo, so just get a Meepo instead.

Acton Affiliate Link, if you wants to go against my advice and buy it anyways.

Bolt -899EUR ≈ $950 USD

At its price, there is little to pick Bolt over Arc Board. Arc Board has more range and bolt has a slight edge in speed.

But at the end of the day, I would choose Arc Board which has proved to have good product quality and customer service. Saving extra 200 bucks is just the icing on the cake.

Check out Bolt

LouBoards –$449, $790, $990

Turns out, Louboard is not the sure thing.

After months of delay, the backers of Lou board was disappointed by the actual product.
Quality, customer service aside, the main complaint is the board doesn’t perform as it boasted.

Outside of Kickstarter campaign, Lous don’t have that attractive of a price anyways. 

I don’t think anyone is looking for a highspeed penny board but Lou 3.0 is basically the penny board with highest top-speed if you are into that kind of things… …

Check out Lou …

Maxfind C

Reviews had shown that Maxfind C is weak, has poor quality and breaks easily. It is more like a toy than an Eskate.

Check out Maxfind C

WinBoard GT-M8 mini – not for sale anymore.


2) Best Shortboards

Shortboard lovers are in luck.

There was a time when there is not much option in the electric shortboards market.

Not anymore, there are a lot of new player joining the shortboards niche and it is a red ocean out there.

Best in general:

Pulse Echo ($999)

Pulse Echo is arguably the best shortboard on the market right now. It is fast (25mph/40kmh), it has a decent range (12mil/ 19km) and has all the important features such as VESC, swappable battery, swappable PU sleeves and water resistance.

Pulse is still new to the market and is shipping in batches.
Early reviews have been positive for this boards.

Pulse founder is from the Eskate community so there is a lot of faith in the product and company.

Check out Pulse Echo

Best in Speed:

1.) Predator Banshee ($1097)

“Predator Banshee is the final word in high-speed last mile transportation”.

On paper, the top speed of Predator Banshee(24mph/ 38.6kmh) is just a hair slower than the Pulse Echo, however, on-road review by early adopter said it can go up to 28mph(45kmh)

Banshee, however, will give you a more agile feel with it’s slim built, feathery weight (12.5lbs/5.7kg) and smaller 83mm wheels. It also has a very good range at 16miles/26km.

The founder of Predator Banshee is very involved in Eskate community, and the board also came with a 1-year warranty, which makes it a safe recommendation.

Check out Predator Banshee

2.) Diyelectricskateboard’s Torque Rocket Single& Dual& Freeflow ($1264, $1464, $1464)

Torque Rockets are simply the fastest electric shortboard in the market right now.
The board fill up the spec chart pretty well with top tier top speed(30mph/48kmh) and range.

Diyelectricskateboard (not to be mistaken with DIYeboard) has been around for some time now so they are definitely trustworthy.

The reason it wasn’t the 1st mention in this category is because … the production of Torque boards are on hold for the moment without an estimated time frame… so yeah.

By the way, Rocket Single, Dual – Belt motor
Rocket Freeflow – Dual hub.

Check out Torque Boards

Best for portability:

1.) Predator Banshee ($1097) -also see ‘Best in Speed’

Beside plenty fast, Predator Banshee is also very light(12.5lbs/5,7kg) and compact.

Check out Predator Banshee

2) Arc Aileron (1349 SGD ≈ $999 + $80 FedEx international shipping)

Only weighing (9.5lbs/4.3kg), Arc Aileron is the lightest shortboard out there.
Picking one up from its truck, I can barely feel the weight.

Besides weight, Arc Aileron is also a complete package.

The light body and small 70mm wheel give the board a very responsive and hence agile feel. The VESC is also programmed to give very smooth acceleration and deceleration,

Carving in Arc Aileron is a treat, and the Arc team has a history of taking good care of their customers.

However, 70mm wheels also mean Arc Aileron is not very comfortable in bad roads though.

Check out Arc Aileron

Best Budget Option:

30″ Meepo 1.5 ($419)


I am sorry this feel like cheating but Meepo 1.5 with 30″ deck is the best budget skateboard size Eskate that one can buy.
It is basically the same Meepo 1.5 longboard but with a 30″ deck.

Well, we already know Meepo very well, so it is a comfortable recommendation.

Meepo is also very modular, so you can always do deck swap or even salvage it for parts. Easy recommendation.

Check out 30″ Meepo 1.5 

Most Anticipated Shortboard:

Riptide R1 and R1 Elite ($599, $729)

Eric Birkemeier’s Riptide R1 and R1 Elite are definite the board to watch for.
After the successful Kickstarter campaign, Riptide R1 and R1 Elite are scheduled for delivery in February 2018.

A dual belt motor electric shortboard, it is powerful, fast and light.

Tester loves this little board.
On top of that, Eric has a great reputation amongst the Eskate community so if you are interested, feel free pre-ordering them at $499 and $729.

Check out Riptide 

These are the other boards that were considered but weren’t picked:
Metro Micro Slim, DIYelectric Torque Speedster, Acton Blink S1, S2, Yuneec Ego-2, Huger Classic, Huger Travel.

29″ Metroboard Micro Slim – $1099

Metroboard has been around for a long time and is known to build quality belt motor boards.

Unless you are in love with the design, there is little reason to go with the heavy 29″ Metroboard Micro Slim today. The other boards I mentioned were either faster, lighter or cheaper or in some case just better overall.

Check out 29″ Metroboard Micro Slim

Acton Blink S1, S2 – $449, $999

Ughh, Acton…

When I first came to the eskate scene, Acton’s board is a company I like. They have boards in every tier and always edge out the competition in pricing.

As more and more good budget eskate came to the market, Acton no longer has the edge in pricing.
On top of that, the bad reputation of Acton for their customer services and board quality makes me uncomfortable in recommending any of their board.

While there are a lot of “this is the best board I have ever ridden” video, there is, even more, posts of “My Blink S2 broke…”

Would not recommend.
However, if you want to buy at your own risk: Here is the Affiliate link & discount code<— XD

DIYelectric Torque Speedster -$774

At one time, DIYelectric Torque Speedster is my go-to recommendation for a budget electric skateboard.

A year back, it was the best performing budget board.

Nowadays, there is a lot more budget and better boards, leaving Torque Speedster without a niche.

And as mentioned, Diyelectricskateboard are putting the production on hold for now so you couldn’t buy it anyways…

Check out Torque Boards

Huger Classic -$449

Only a few have received Huger Classic after a 2 months delay in their Indiegogo shipping.

So being a new brand (that I have no confidence in), I would not start recommending it before the review comes in.
Even if it is all it promised, at $449, Riptide R1 would still be an all-around better purchase.

Check out Huger Boards 

Huger Travel– $799

Poor riding experience due to the short wheelbase. Preview and early review are all negatives.

Just avoid it.

Check out Huger Boards 

Yuneec Ego-2 ≈$340

Yuneec Ego and Ego-2 have been the staple of the budget electric skateboard for a long long time.

There are quite outdated at this age.
In comparison with the new budget boards, it is slow with unreliable quality and customer service. There is no reason to recommend Yuneec Ego-2 to anyone anymore.

Check out Yuneec Ego-2 on Amazon

3) Best Longboards

Best premium:

Long Hair Boy custom build ($2600 upward)

The best premium electric skateboard in the market right now has to be the Long Hair Boy custom build board.

You can customize most part of the board to suit your need.
Wheel, bearings, pulleys, battery, and deck, just pick what you like and LHB will make it for you.

Your special board will always be strong and always be powerful. 35mph/48kmh top speed and 35miles/48km is the minimum of what this badass can do.

On top of that, LHB always gives his customers great care pre and post-sale.

With that being said, it is a powerful beast and it is probably not something for beginners.

(I will not include LHB in the later discussion on the best range and best speed because it will be simply unfair to compare the $2600 custom made-board to the boards half of its price.)

Best in general:

Enertion Raptor 2 ($1785)

I have to agree with the consensus that Enertion Raptor is the overall best electric skateboard on the market right now.

Fast, Powerful with great range, Enertion Raptor 2 is the complete package.
The ability to switch between 90mm, 98mm or 100mm wheels is just icing on the cake.

Early reviews of the Raptor 2 are overwhelmingly positive.

I think the best on-hand review of the Raptor 2 is done by Michael Gatti.

All in all, great performing board that is made of quality parts by a reputable company.
Raptor 2 is an easy recommendation.

Affiliated discount link for Raptor 2.

Best for range:

1) 41” Metroboard slim with 17.6AH battery ($1549)

The 17.6AH variant of 41” Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard is literally the electric skateboard with the most range.
It can go 40 miles (65km) before needing a recharge, which is more than 2 times what the average board offers.

On top of the insane range, Metroboard is also generally known for making good powerful belt motor electric skateboard while maintaining top notch customer service.

Check out 41″ Metroboard Slim

2) Evolve Carbon GT Street/ Bamboo GTX Street ($1800,$2000)

Evolve is the most popular option for those who prioritize range.

Among all the great boards that evolve have in its line up, Carbon GT Street and Bamboo GTX Street have the best range at 28miles(45km). They are powerful board, with the option of All Terrain wheel and only second to Metroboard in range.

Evolve has been in the Eskate business since the beginning and is reputable in its build quality and customer service. (With some controversy move for banning their own customer on their FB group but nevertheless generally good reputation…)

Check out Evolve Boards

Best for portability:

Linky (999USD)

*Marketed as a longboard, the Linky is only 31.4inch(80cm) in length, it is more like a shortboard actually.*
*credit to Armin from Discord community who spotted this*

I think it goes without saying that the only electric skateboard that can be folded and put into a backpack is the most portable electric longboard.

After few months of delays, Linky was finally delivered to fellow Indiegogo backer in December 2017. Too bad there wasn’t review out to know how well the board rides.

It is 12.1lbs(5.5kg) in weight only, and can be folded into a 15.8inch(40cm) package that can be easily stored in backpacks.
Linky is also packed with features – phone app, swappable battery, LED lights and is waterproof.

It is the most special electric skateboard I have researched on so far.

For your information, there are a lot of fold-able decks in the China Market, an attempt to copy Linky’s design. A friend who tried out those board reported that those counterfeits were very very heavy, definitely not on par with Linky in the portability sense.

Check out Linky

Best Budget Option:

1) Meepo 1.5 ($419)

For anyone getting their first electric skateboard, the first question to I ask is always this –

“is Meepo suffice for what you want out of your Eskate?”
“if yes, then just get a Meepo.”

A year back, a decent electric skateboard has a minimum price tag of $700, too much to pay for the common crowd.
Meepo changed the game by cutting that price to half which allows those who are on the fence to finally jump in to get a taste of Eskating.
We then saw a huge influx of Eskater in the community (and then tons of Meepo deck-swap post).

In few short months, more than 4000 Meepos has been sold.
I have also received the most amount of “thank you” feedback from recommending the Meepo.
(See the post of my interview with Kieran- the founder of Meepo.)

So about the board,
on top of the cheap price, Meepo has decent speed, range, torque and has been reliable in quality and customer service.
The board is also very modular and easy to take apart, great not only for repair and upgrade but also great for someone new to Eskate to quickly understand how an Eskate is put together.

What’s more, you can easily salvage a Meepo for parts if you were to graduate to DIY or other boards.

What’s more, the new Meepo 1.5 has seen an upgraded deck, battery and the PU of the wheels.
The deck used to be the number 1 complaint of the Meepo and the deck upgrades we saw in 1.5 has eliminated the need for a deck swap as it dramatically improved the riding experience.

The upgraded battery also means less voltage sag as compare to the original Meepo.

All in all, Meepo 1.5 is definitely the best value per dollar electric skateboard on the market right now.

(and I have a great personal relationship with Kieran, so if you have a problem with your Meepo and somehow couldn’t get through to Meepo customer service, just let me know and I can alert him about your problem.)

Check out Meepo 1.51

2) Backfire G2 ($500)

Backfire G2 strikes a bad first impression. During its launch, it has been plagued with issues such as delivery of the board, change of battery specs and poor PR handling when one of the riders broke his leg after his Backfire brake give up on him on a downhill.

The past few months, however, as more and more customer received their Backfire G2, words on the streets are that Backfire has straightened up and their customer service is now quite good. Troubleshooting for customers and replacement of parts has been prompt and helpful in the recent months.

With the improved customer service, Backfire G2 could now be considered for someone who is looking for a budget longboard.

It is $500 including tax and delivery and has a decent spec.

It is practically similar to Meepo 1.5 in sense of specs, with the major advantage of having swappable PU sleeves for the wheel, but has a smaller 80mm wheels.

Backfire G2 arguably has a better finishing, yet Meepo 1.5 is more modular and easier to be tinker with.

With only $80 difference in price, you should pick whichever you fancy more.
Bigger wheel or swappable PU sleeves? Your call.

My review on Backfire G2 prototype can be found here.

Link to Backfire G2

Best off-road:

1) Evolve Carbon and Bamboo series

If you are looking for doing any real off-roading, Evolve Bamboo and Carbon AT series is about your only choice.

As mentioned, they are all great performing board made by a great company.

Check out Evolve Boards

2) One Wheel

Except if you are getting a one-wheel. Is one-wheel an electric skateboard… Well …that’s up to you.

Most anticipated longboards:

1) JED Dual wheel drives & All-Wheel-Drives ($1199, $1599)

JED Board was founded by Jeremy Bogan and incorporated in Singapore.

JED Boards are designed to be outstanding.

JED boards have a lot going for it.

  1.  Minimalistic design
  2. It uses a self-designed direct drive which enables it to
    1. Allow the use of standard longboard wheels (=thicker PU in motor wheels)
    2. Eliminate the use of belt
    3. More efficient power delivery
    4. Better Free-rolling
  3. Using very good parts for Trucks, Bushing, Bearings, Remotes.
  4. Very light.
  5. 2-year warranty.
  6. Good specs with good price.

With the downside of being very loud.

JED board is due for early 2018 delivery.

Check out Jed Boards

2) Carvon Evo and REVO 4WD ($1999, $2999)

Carvon Evo and Revo 4WD have booked their place as the champions of high-speed electric skateboards.
After months of delay in their Kickstarter delivery date, they are estimated to ship in February 2018.

The Carvon Evo and REVO 4WD are too rocking a different kind of direct drives and have most of the same benefit such as power efficient and allow the use of standard longboard wheel.

Best on-hand review for Carvon Evo from an early backer can be found here.

(This time, I am not going to list down all the electric longboard that were considered because there is just too many of them!)

Check out Carvon

Final words:

If there are any boards that you felt should be the better for any section, please let your opinion be heard in the comment section.

Again, this post will be updated from time to time as new boards releases.

I did not mention most of the electric skateboard from the China market, you can read about them in my piece on China Board where I tried to cover all the big name electric skateboard brand from China.

Wanna see how all electric skateboards spec charts and how they stack up against each other in a big top speed vs range chart? It’s on the Comparison Chart and infographic page.



11 Replies to “Best Electric Skateboard – ElectricSkateboardHQ’s Recommendations”

    1. Hey Mike, nice to see you again, haha.
      February 2018! Please no more delay!!
      (Do you think they will send me the board early if I told them I run an Eskate blog… hmmm. XD)

    1. Almost only those that I have on-hand reviews on the site.
      I am just a person though, and what I research on I consult the opinion of more than just myself, so what I wrote generally is not my personal opinion but the consensus that I gather from the eskate community.

      I only include the boards that are available as recommendations. Those which are not out but worth the attention are only mentioned in the “best anticipated” section. Once they are out, they either make the list or make the “reasons not recommended” list.

  1. I bought a good condition 2nd-hand Yuneec EGo (version 1) for $80 (owner thought it was dead). I paired the remote to the skateboard and its been working perfectly since. It’s a great beginner’s budget skateboard.
    On the 2nd-hand market, how do most electric skateboards stack up?
    Great comprehensive reviews btw.

    1. Hey man, it would be very very difficult to compare 2nd-hand electric skateboard as both the price and the quality of it will not be consistent.

      Anyhow, if a board is known to be good quality and it comes in cheap, then it would always be a good buy.

      $80 for a 2nd-hand Yuneec Ego is a steal! I would gladly pay the same price just to have it in my collection. XD

      1. It’s good to know I made the right purchase 🙂 (even though parts are quickly being harder to obtain).
        What are your thoughts on the best safety gear when riding skateboards? (helmets, arm/leg protection)

        1. You know what, I ask the very same thing and tried to do research as thorough as this one for safety gear too.

          But I came back mostly empty-handed.

          Basically, the consensus are – All helmets are fine, as long as they are certified (EN 1078).

          For lower speed, bicycle helmet or skateboard helmet should suffice and for higher speed, you might be looking for full helmet such as the very cool TSG pass.

          Other things that you may be looking for is Wristguard, knee guard, and elbow guard.

          There are super lots of variation for wrist guard. None available in my country.
          At the end, I kinda decide that fast rider should just get the same gear as motorcyclist or downhill boarder and leave it at that.

          But you are riding on Yuneec Ego! That thing has the top speed of just 12 mph (20 km/h), I think a bicycle helmet should suffice …

  2. Hi Lim, you don’t need wait for Spectra,i can offer you a better one which doesn’t need a remote, it’s body control and designed with gravity & motion sensor, has already been tested and showing a perfect performance on controlling and riding.

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