OMWEV release OMW Calvary – Better than Evolve Renegade!?

By now, you should have heard about the Evolve Renegade, the $2,499 mountain-style board with Trampa deck and suspension trucks. 

But hold your wallet if you are in the market for a carbon fiber board with a Trampa-style deck because there is a new board by a new brand that offers something similar for a lot less.

This new brand is aptly named On My Way EV, and it’s on its way with its debut board Cavalry.

Unboxing of the OMW Calvary

OMW Calvary is another premium heavy-duty All-Terrain Board

OMW Calvary is pretty similar to the Evolve Renegade, a premium board designed to have a ton of power and a lot of battery and to handle rough terrains.

Similarly, it uses a flexible Trampa-style deck.

Similarly, it is rocking 12s4p Samsung 50S battery ( 864WH – 20AH)

Unlike Evolve Renegade, however, the Calvary is using DKP Trucks, meaning it wasn’t a hardcore off-road board but instead was designed to be as easy to turn as possible.

DKP of the OMW Calvary

While we are still working to put the Calvary through the paces, it looks very very promising and is an alternative worth considering before pulling the trigger on the pricey $2,499 Evolve.

Plus, OMWEV is a new brand that is eager to prove itself, while Evolve (with all its good and bad) put a premium tax on its board. While both boards have comparable specs, the Calvary is almost $1000 cheaper at $1,599 (launch price).

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Comparison Specification of OMW Cavalry vs Evolve Renegade

FeatureOMW CavalryEvolve Renegade
Deck MaterialsCarbon Fiber and FiberglassCarbon fibre
Deck Length115cm (45.28 inches)95cm (37.4 inches)
Trucks9.5″ Forged DKPEvolve Rengade trucks – Forged/CNC. 310cm
(12.2 inch) width, 8mm axles
Wheels7-inch or 6-inch or 97mm wheelsEvolve 175mm (7 inch) pneumatic tyres with all-terrain hubs
Motor6374 * 2, 165kvDual 3000w rated 6368 custom brushless sensored motors
ESCHobbywing 9028 with APP & Smart ON/OFFEvolve Custom 50V Dual-Motor Driver with FOC motor commutation and Bluetooth Connection
Battery21700 Samsung 50S
12S4P 20Ah 864Wh
21700 Samsung 50S
12S4P 20Ah 864Wh
Recharge Time5 hrs with 4.5A charger3.5 hrs – 4 hrs
RemoteHobbywing OLED remoteEvolve Phaze remote with CNC aluminium-reinforced body
Weight17.5kg (38.5lbs)15.7 kg (34.6 lbs)
Range55km/34miles with 7” Pneumatic Tires
(Stock Tire)

52km/32miles with 6” Pneumatic Tires

85km/52miles with PU Wheels
Up to 50km (31 miles)
Top Speed60km/h (37mph)42km/h (26 mph)

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