Electric Skateboard Comparison Charts and Infographics

For those would like to do their own research, I’ve compiled the list of every electric skateboard in the market that’s worthy of your consideration. If the information is too overwhelming, the easy way to find your best board is to go to my <best electric skateboard page>, where I recommends the best electric skateboard according to price and use case.

If there’s any board you think I missed and should include, please let me know via email [email protected]

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  • When comparing range, I’d suggest comparing the battery watt-hour(Wh) instead of the marketed range.
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Battery Size VS Price:

I know there are more to specs than just battery size, but battery size generally matches a board’s overall spec well

As we are all aware, there is such thing as the law of diminishing return.
With higher prices, we tend to get better boards. However, for those who are price conscious and want to get the optimal bang for their bucks, look for boards priced between $400 – $1000, with $700 being the tip of the price-performance ratio. (Check out our best electric skateboard page for the latest recommendations).

All Electric Skateboard Under $500 compared (Price VS Battery Size)

As you can see, there is a wide selection of electric skateboards between $400 – $500. Please don’t choose your board just based on the bubble chart though, as there is more to the board than battery size. Check out our best budget electric skateboard under $500 page (🚧 under construction), where we run through our recommendations.

All 2-in-1 Electric Skateboards Compared

Want to buy an electric skateboard that can switch between street wheels and all-terrain wheels? Here’s the chart to give you an idea of their specs compared.

Note: The difference in top speed illustrated by bubble size is a little bit dramatic. In reality, they are just a few mph difference between them.