About Me

Hi! I am Paxson, nice to meet you!

Welcome to Electric Skateboard HQ, the self-appointed headquarter for everything about electric skateboarding.

You may think that I started this website because I am totally infatuated with electric skateboards. Well, that is completely true!

I first came across an electric skateboard on a Facebook video back in 2015, and man… was I completely hooked! I spent months researching on Electric Skateboards that were available in the market, just because of how cool they are!

That was when I created ElectricSkateboardHQ.
The place I share my research on each Electric Skateboard I came across, exciting news on the future of Electric Skateboard, and useful information that Electric Skateboard owners might want to know
for example: if they can bring the electric skateboard on an airplane.

Electric Skateboard owned:
I am a proud backer of Walnutt Spectra Mini, excitingly awaiting its arrival.
I have the review unit of Backfire Galaxy (G2) and Onan X2 and of course the Meepo.
If there is an Electric Skateboard that you think that I should check out, please let me know!

You can reach me at [email protected]  🙂

Feel free to visit  Electric Skateboard HQ facebook page to check out for more updates: @ElectricSkateboardHQ

If you are reading this as a representative of an electric skateboard company, kindly reach out if you are interested in any form of cooperation with me.
As long as your company is honest and your product helpful, you will always be welcome by the ElectricSkateboardHQ and the Eskate community.