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Enertion Raptor 2

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Chinese Budget Boards

These are the affiliated discount codes that Chinese skateboard manufacturers offer reader of ElectricSkateboardHQ.
If you like what we do here, you can help to support us by using our discount code. You will, in turn, be tagged as a customer of ElectricSkateboardHQ and be better-taken care of.
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10 USD off any Backfire Board
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Use code ‘WOWGOHQ’ to get 10% off
Use code “ESKATEHQ” to get $30 off Wowgo 3
Use code “ESHQ45” to get $45 off Wowgo 3X


Use code ‘OWNBOARDHQ’ to get 5% off


Use code ‘EskateHQ’ to get $45 off

Click here for full review of the Verreal F1


Use code YeeplayHQ for 25USD off



Use code “AX30” when purchasing AEboard AX for $30 off.

Use code “AT50” when purchasing AEboard AT1 for $50 off.

Use code “AT+100” when purchasing AEboard AT+ for $100 off.

Lycaon GR

Lycaon GR

Use code “ESKATEHQ” to receive 3% off your purchase.


Use code “ESKATEHQ10” to receive $10 off

Lighting solution? – Shredlights

Atypical review – The OneWheel Shredlight integration guide

10% off for Shredlights