Best Electric Skateboards 2023 (from Budget to Premium)

Last update – 23 March 2023.

Since most of us shop with a budget in mind, these are the best electric skateboards by price category. Distilling each category down to the best 3-4 electric skateboards has always been a VERY difficult and time-consuming task for me, as there are sometimes more than dozens of boards that are almost as good as each other in the same price range.

I try to consider the below factors when making recommendations:

  • Actual Price (duh) – I ignore ‘fake retail price’ and compare boards in their price after ‘discounts’
  • Performance and specs (Range, Topspeed etc)
  • Ride feel
  • Brand quality – Post-sale service & build quality.

I like to think that I’ve considered all viable products (or at least most of them), and all the best options have made it onto this recommendation list. 

Best Electric Skateboards 2023
  1. Best Budget Electric Longboard (under $500)
  2. Best Budget Electric Shortboards (under $500)
  3. Best Mid-tier Electric Longboard (under $1000)
  4. Best Mid-tier Electric Shortboards: (under $1000)
  5. Best Premium Electric Skateboard (over $1000)
  6. Boutique and the Beasts: (Very Expensive) ​
  7. Final Words:

In the end, what’s right for you often comes down to personal preference, so I tried to include a few options for each price segment – each of them better than the others in a certain aspect. Because of that, the numbering on this list is not necessarily a ranking of the boards themselves or implying that one board is better than the others (unless explicitly stated, sometimes one board is just better at everything.). 

Of course, if you are interested in buying any electric skateboard, be sure to check out our Discount Page for additional discounts.

For those who are new to ESHQ, we’ve been reviewing electric skateboards for three years now. Just look around, I’m sure there is enough proof that we are pretty well informed.

But that’s enough introduction, let’s get started.

Best Electric Skateboard under $500

We’ve reviewed countless boards under $500, and there’s a lot of options in the market right now.
For simplicity’s sake, we are going to boil all options down to just the top 5.

Best Budget Electric Longboard (under $500)

1. Exway Flex-Riot – $499 (High quality board with refined riding experience)

Exway Flex has all the quality of a $700 board!
  • Price: $499
  • Battery: 216wh, 12s2p – great for $500
  • Range: 16miles/ 26km – good for the price
  • Top speed: 25mph/ 40kmh –Average
  • Motors: 2 x 1500W (belt) good
  • ESC: 12s Hobbywing ESC with smart-turn on
  • Deck profile: Very flexible, aggressive concaves

Read our full review on Exway Flex 

Bet you didn’t know that Exway is now selling the Exway Flex for $499! Although it’s been around (it was released in 2020, for $649), the Exway Flex remains a very popular board. The current price drop was likely a move to clear stock and make way for Exway Flex ER.

The most stand-out feature of the Flex series is undoubtedly the deck. Exway Flex boasts a composite deck made of Maple, Bamboo, and Fiberglass. It has an aggressive concave and is super flexible. Match that with the Hobbywing ESC’s control, precise and responsive trucks, and soft urethane wheels, and you get a buttery smooth carving experience like no other. And given it’s belt-driven, powered by a 12s system, it has good power and torque too.

Besides being an amazing ride, Exway Flex also uses some expensive parts. For instance, the Trist trucks on the Exway Flex is a C&C forged trucks, which are more durable and precise than cast trucks that most affordable brand uses.

The board is IP55 waterproof rated, and generally was built really well. The board also pairs with a mobile app, which is useful for many things including customizing speed profiles. (It also  allows you to swap between hub drive-train and belt drive-train, a rather gimmicky feature for most.)

Of course, of course, the board ain’t perfect. The flips side of the top-notch build and polish is the rather average specs.

12s2p 216wh battery is merely acceptable for a $500 board. While 16 miles (40kmh) for a top speed is shameful for a $649 board, now at $500, it’s still below average.

In essence, if top speed and battery aren’t all you care about, the Exway Flex-Riot is currently the best sub-$500 board out there.

Go to Exway Flex product page here.

2. Wowgo 3E – $449 (Great to ride with great specs)

Great specs with great ride feel
  • Price: $499 $449!
  • Battery: 216wh, 12s2p – top tier amongst affordable boards
  • Range: 13miles/ 20km – average for the price
  • Top speed: 28mph/ 45kmh –Top tier
  • Motors: 2 x 650W (belt) top tier
  • ESC: 12s Hobbywing ESC with smart-turn on
  • Deck profile: Flexible Deck, Good concave

The Wowgo 3E is quite similar to the Exway Flex, and for many, it might even be the preferable choice.

Like the Exway Flex, the Wowgo 3E features a flexible composite deck made of bamboo and fiberglass. While it has a good amount of flex, it doesn’t quite match the Exway Flex. However, it’s still an excellent deck for carving.

Equipped with a 12s2p 216wh battery and driven by dual 650W 5055 belt motors, the Wowgo 3E claims the title of the most powerful board on this list, reaching speeds of up to 28mph (45kmh). Its power and torque is right up there with some $700 boards.

The combination of its flexible deck, responsive trucks, and smooth 12s Hobbywing ESC gives the Wowgo 3E a silky-smooth ride that’s a joy to carve on. Together with the Exway Flex, they are the best riding experience you can find for under $500.

Its only drawback is its limited range. Belt systems, being less energy efficient, mean that while the 216wh battery is adequately sized, the board only manages a 13-mile distance on a full charge.

In comparison, the Wowgo 3E provides a ride experience very akin to the Exway Flex, and even surpasses the Flex in terms of power and top speed. We’ve placed it just below the Flex on our list mainly because we have a slight preference for the forged trucks. Additionally, the deck and truck combination on the Exway Flex is just a tad more enjoyable to ride than that of the Wowgo 3E. But it’s a close call!

Go to Wowgo 3E product page

3. Wowgo 2s Max – $429 (Best, for most people)

Wowgo 2s Max is the most well-rounded and the safest bet under $500.

  • Price: $429
  • Battery: 216wh, 12s2p – top tier amongst affordable boards
  • Range: 14.3miles/ 23km – top tier
  • Top speed: 28mph/ 45kmh –Above average
  • Motors: 2 x 550W (hub) top tier
  • ESC: 12s Hobbywing ESC with smart-turn on
  • Deck profile: Stiff, Subtle concave

Read our full review on Wowgo 2s Max 

If you are looking for a board that’s comfortable and intuitive to ride, Wowgo 2s Max is the one for you. When it comes to specs, Wowgo 2s Max is top tier amongst entry-level electric skateboards, especially after receiving a price cut in 2023 (From $469 -> $429).

The trucks are of good quality and geared toward stability, and the speed control is amazingly smooth and intuitive thanks to the 12s Hobbywing ESC (Electronic Speed Controller).

While we may be able to find some obscure Chinese brand that has better specs (on paper) than the Wowgo 2s Max, what put this board at the top of our list is in the details – Wowgo 2s Max is amongst if not THE most polished board under $500 (and it’s now under $400). From the foam grip tape to the graphic underneath the board; to better-looking remotes, nothing from the looks will give away the affordable price tag.

Oh, and Wowgo has an above-average track record in after-sale service too.

Wowgo 2s Max was the most popular purchase amongst our viewers for 2022. With its 2023 price cut, we expect it will continue to be the most popular board in the near future.

Go to Wowgo 2s Max product page here.

4. Meepo V3s (Meepo Super) – $469 (Most thrill, great built quality)

Meepo V3S (Meepo Super) is the most thrilling among budget electric skateboards.

  • Price: $469
  • Battery: 216wh, 10s2p (21700 cells)- best amongst affordable boards
  • Range: 17 miles/ 27km – best
  • Top speed: 29mph /47kmh – best
  • Motors: 2 x 540W (hub) great
  • ESC: LingYi with push to start
  • Deck profile: Flexible deck, deep concave.

Read our full review on Meepo V3S 

We probably should put Meepo V3S at number 3; it’s close.

Priced at a competitive $469, the Meepo V3S stands out as a force in the electric longboard arena. It is a board with a flexible maple deck, a big 10s2p 21700 216wh battery, a dual 540W hub motor, and a LingYi ESC. Meepo V3S is the most powerful board around this price, with a crazy top speed of 29mph (47kmh).

Interestingly, the Meepo V3s is Meepo’s second attempt in the sub-$500 category, following the introduction of its Meepo V5.

The Meepo V3S is an enthusiast favorite because it is one of the most thrilling rides. It offers the most aggressive acceleration you’ll find in sub-$500 hub-driven skateboards. Its highest speed mode, thanks to the LingYi ESC, is adrenaline-packed, delivering a punchy take-off that’s sure to get your heart racing. However, this speed does come with a caution; it’s a tad less smooth than boards with a Hobbywing ESC. If you’re new to electric skateboarding, we’d recommend sticking to the gentler initial three modes.

With its top speed of 29mph, the Meepo V3s claims the title of the fastest board under $500.

Aside from its intense speed, the Meepo V3S provides a comprehensive riding experience. It’s equipped with a flexible deck and dependable trucks, making it as suitable for carving as it is for high-speed cruising. And its 17-mile (27km) range is top tier for this price too.

Aside from its power, the Meepo V3S is top tier when it comes to riding experience too. With a flexible deck and well-tuned trucks, it’s as enjoyable for carving as it is for speeding on open roads.

In short, if it’s the thrill you’re after, the Meepo V3s would be your top pick.

Go to Meepo V3S Super product page here.

5. Maxfind Max 5 Pro -$427 (Quality Parts at Affordable Price)

Use high-quality parts while keeping a low low price

  • Price: $427
  • Battery: 158.4wh, 10s2p (Samsung cell) – above average amongst affordable boards
  • Range: 15 miles/ 25km – above average
  • Top speed: 24mph /40kmh – average
  • Motors: 2 x 650W (hub) above average
  • ESC: Hobbywing ESC with Smart Turn on
  • Deck profile: Composite with fiberglass. Stiff, unibody design, mild concave.
  • Board Weight: 17 lbs / 7.8kg

Read our full review on Maxfind Max 5 Pro 

The Maxfind Max 5 Pro has a quirky deck. This deck is crafted from composite with fiberglass, making it notably stiff. While it’s made from high-quality materials, we find it a bit narrow and not the most comfortable for riding.

However, despite its deck, the Max 5 Pro delivers a well-rounded riding experience. With its perfectly smooth control, thanks to the Hobbywing ESC and a stable truck, it is a comfortable ride.

It’s also competitively specced with a 158.4wh battery, a 15-mile (25km) range, and a 24mph (40kmh) top speed. While these aren’t extraordinary, they align with what’s expected at a $427 price point.

What sets the Maxfind Max 5 Pro apart, however, is the quality of its components. Notably, it uses CNC-forged trucks, which is quite a big deal. Most electric skateboards under $1000 feature die-cast trucks, which are less durable and more susceptible to breaking in crashes. On top of that, the Max 5 Pro uses Samsung cells for its battery pack and boasts an IPX5 waterproof rating.

If you’re on the hunt for an affordable board that doesn’t skimp on build quality, the Maxfind Max 5 Pro is an excellent choice.

Go to Maxfind Max 5 Pro product page here.

6. Backfire Era 2 -$399 (Most portable, sleek design)

Most portable among affordable boards. Sleek design.

  • Price: $399
  • Battery: 180wh, 10s2p – above average amongst affordable boards
  • Range: 15 miles/ 25km – above average
  • Top speed: 26mph /42kmh – average
  • Motors: 2 x 650W (hub) average
  • ESC: Hobbywing ESC with Smart Turn on
  • Deck profile: Completely Stiff. Sleek design, mild concave.
  • Board Weight: 16 lbs / 7.25kg

Read our full review on Backfire Era 2 

If you are looking for a portable electric longboard as a last-mile solution, or want an electric longboard that is very light and portable, the Backfire Era 2 will be your best pick.

The board isn’t trying to do too much, it has merely decent range and decent power. The Backfire Era 2 sets itself apart for its sleek and stealth design, having the electronics integrated inside its carbon fiber deck. 

While this isn’t a groundbreaking feature, boards with stealth design usually cost a lot more, so it rather surprising to us that the Era 2 is currently retailing at under $400. The sleek design, combined with its lightweight, makes the Era 2 the best choice for those who need to carry the boards in between rides (eg, on bus, trains, etc.)

Go to Backfire Era 2 product page here..

Other good budget electric longboards (under $500):

There are other really good budget electric skateboards that are great for specific use cases, for example, having a giant battery for range. Those boards didn’t make the cut for our top 3, but we do talk about them here on this page -> Best Budget Electric Skateboard under $500.

Best Budget Electric Shortboards (under $500)

1. Wowgo Mini 2 -$489 (Best overall)

Wowgo Mini 2 product photo

The overall best electric shortboard

  • Price: $489
  • Battery: 187.2wh, 10s2p – above average amongst affordable boards
  • Range: 15 miles/ 24km – average
  • Top speed: 24mph /39kmh – top tier
  • Motors: 2 x 680W (hub) above average class
  • ESC: Hobbywing ESC with smart turn on
  • Deck profile: U-shaped concave with kick tail
  • Board Weight: 15.32 lb / 6.95 kg

Read our full review on Wowgo Mini 2

If you want us to recommend an electric shortboard without specifying your use case, our go-to recommendation will be the Wowgo Mini 2.

The Wowgo Mini 2 is just right for a lot of things. It has a pair of strong hub motors that should satisfy the heaviest rider, it has a satisfactory range and top speed for a shortboard.

It is a well-polished board with an amazing ride feel. Responsive trucks, strong yet smooth speed control, kick-tail for tight turns, everything you want for a shortboard. 

The only drawback of the Wowgo Mini 2 is that – you would never want to ride it on poorly paved roads. Stiff deck + hub motors mean road vibrations are bad when riding the Wowgo Mini 2. This is, however, a problem that is difficult to avoid with any shortboard. To remedy that, you can install 105mm cloudwheels on it, but if road vibration is a big deal for you… maybe… buy a longboard instead?

Go to Wowgo Mini 2 product page here.

2. Meepo Mini 5 – $469 (Well rounded)

Meepo Mini 5 product photo

All you need at an affordable price.

  • Price: $469
  • Battery: 144wh, 10s2p – average amongst affordable boards
  • Range: 11 miles/ 18km – average
  • Top speed: 28mph /45kmh – top tier
  • Motors: 2 x 500W (hub) great
  • ESC: LingYi (LY-FOC 1.0) with push to start
  • Deck profile: Dish-like concave
  • Board Weight: 17.9 lb / 8.12 kg

Read our full review on Meepo Mini 5

The Meepo Mini 5 is another top-notch electric shortboard that excels in many aspects. Similar to the Wowgo Mini 2, it has a top speed and power that surpasses most riders’ needs in a shortboard, while providing a responsive and agile ride that is highly desired in a shortboard. When compared to the Wowgo Mini 2, the Meepo Mini 5 offers slightly punchier acceleration and stronger brakes, catering to eskater who likes thrills over something more relaxing.

Spec-wise, Meepo Mini 5 144wh battery is pretty standard for a budget electric skateboard; what’s great is the 500 watts motors which allow an over-the-top 28mph top speed. While top speed is not usually a factor when shopping for a shortboard, torque definitely is. For those concerned that an affordable shortboard might be too weak to push them around (eg, heavier rider), the Meepo Mini 5 will definitely be good enough.

There isn’t really much more I could say.
The board is well-built, polished, and competitively spec, and for most people, there isn’t too much else to be asked for an entry-level shortboard.

Go to Meepo Mini 5 product page here.

3. Backfire Mini ($499) -(Most agile)

Sleek design, portable.

  • Price: $499
  • Battery: 179wh, 12s1p – above average amongst affordable boards
  • Range: 11 miles/ 18km – average
  • Top speed: 26mph/ 42kmh – average
  • Motors: 2 x 450W (hub) average
  • ESC: 12s Hobbywing ESC
  • Deck profile: Completely stiff. Mild concave.
  • Board Weight: 12.8 lbs / 5.8kg

If you want a good shortboard that maxes out on portability, Backfire Mini is the board for you. Don’t let the sleek look and 12.8 lbs weight fools you, the Backfire Mini is crazy strong. It is the only budget electric shortboard that uses a 12s battery and ESC, giving it a crazy strong torque. 

Did we mention it uses a carbon fiber deck and has its electronic integrated into the deck too?

The board looks amazing (hate the new orange wheel though, the version with white wheels is a much better look in my opinion).

The board is also the most agile shortboard we have tried, thanks to its short wheelbase. This is especially important as the Backfire Mini teenie-tiny kicktail wasn’t the most usable. 

The drawback? You probably don’t need me to tell you that a stiff carbon fiber deck + small 90mm wheels installed on hub motors are the worst possible combination when it comes to road vibration. It also has an average range despite the battery size, as 12s ESC and powerful hub are quite the battery guzzler. 

With that said, $499 for a well-polish, sleek-looking, portable, super strong carbon fiber shortboard? Nice.

Go to Backfire Mini product page here.

Best Mid-tier Electric Longboard (under $1000)

There was a time when no vendor would sell an eskate at this price range, as nobody would dare to dish out this much money for an unknown brand, and no premium brand would care to take a profit cut to sell a product at this price.

This changed in 2019. 

As Chinese budget brands proved themselves to be reliable, those who were looking for an upgrade were happy to pay a slightly higher price to Meepo, Backfire, Wowgo, Ownboard and Exway for something better. 

The same trend continues to be true in 2020. Once a no-man land, the mid-tier segment is now flooded with choices, and most of them are good. And for those who want a polished ride but don’t want to break the bank, the best electric skateboards would fall within this price segment.

1. Meepo Voyager X – $999 (The most powerful)

Meepo Voyager X product photo

The most thrilling board out there.

  • Price: $999
  • Battery: 518wh, 12s3p – Great for the price
  • Range: 36 miles/ 58km – Great
  • Top speed: 40mph/ 66kmh – top tier!
  • Motors: 2 x 2775W (belt)top tier!
  • ESC: Ling Yi ESC
  • Deck: Stiff bamboo and fiberglass glass deck; mid-board flex and wide concave

At $999, Meepo Voyager X is the most powerful street-wheel longboard on the market right now. It has specs that are beefier than some all-terrain boards while keeping it all in a compact regular electric longboard form. Plus, 30 miles of range with a 40 mph top speed is crazy even for an all-terrain board!

Meepo Voyager X is designed for aggressive riders searching for that adrenaline rush. A stiffer deck and a truck that tunes more toward stability allow it to be very stable at high speed.
With that said, however, if what you want is a relaxing ride, or you really want to maximize the fun in carving, Meepo Voyager X is not the board for you.

Check out Meepo Voyager X product page (click).

2. Exway Flex ER – $749 (well-rounded, polished and soon to be discontinued)

Super polished board with amazing riding experience

  • Price: $749
  • Battery: 345wh, 12s2p – competitive for the price
  • Range: 28 miles/ 45km – competitive
  • Top speed: 28mph/ 45kmh – average
  • Motors: 2 x 1000W (belt)/ 2 x 1000W(hub) – average
  • ESC: 12s Hobbywing ESC

Read our full review on Exway Flex ER 

The Exway Flex series has always been awesome. You get to choose either the belt version or the hub version. You get a very good performing board that has a fantastic riding experience. The highlight of the Exway Flex series is the flexible deck with an aggressive concave that’s very comfortable underneath your feet, a smooth, powerful, and customizable speed control thanks to using the best version of customized Hobbywing ESC, and Exway’s proprietary yet very very good Trist truck and wheels.

On top of that, the Exway Flex has all the best features you want on an eskate. It has a smartphone app, it is IP55 waterproof, has a smart turn-on function (the board automatically turns on with the remote), and the battery protects itself if the board is stored unused for an extended period of time.

Furthermore, Exway also has a better customer service track record, top product polish, and more complete accessory options (wheels/ pulleys) for its boards.

The original Exway Flex had been really popular despite having a rather underwhelming range.
With the Extended Range upgrade coming without a price hike, the Exway Flex ER has now become the best board you can get under $1000.

Check out Exway Flex ER product page (click).

3. Exway Flex Pro – $849 (Most polished)

Exway Flex Pro product photo

Well-polished and well-specced 2-in-1.

  • Price: $849
  • Battery: 345wh, 12s2p – average for the price
  • Range: 25 miles/ 40km – average
  • Top speed: 31mph/ 50kmh – average
  • Motors: 2 x 1500W (belt) average
  • ESC: 12s Hobbywing ESC
  • Deck: Very flexible deck (Composite; bamboo, maple, and fiberglass), good concave

Read our full review on Exway Flex Pro

Exway Flex Pro might not have the best spec for the price, but it manages to make this list for having an amazing riding experience.

It is the best electric skateboard on this list when it comes to carving, thanks to the responsive Trist trucks and very flexible deck. It is also well-rounded, has good power, and decent range.

Exway also has amazing customer service which is not something you can say about all Chinese brands. Then there is also a well-designed mobile app called Exskate, which allows the customization of ride profiles.

All in all, you are paying for an amazing user experience, not battery and speed when buying the Exway Flex Pro.

Check out Exway Flex Pro product page (click).

Best Mid-tier Electric Shortboards: (under $1000)

There is now plenty of options when it comes to electric shortboards under $1000.
There are a lot of new boards from familiar brands.

These are the best among them:

1. Tyneeboard Mini Belt 5AH – $579

Best affordable belt electric shortboard.

  • Price: $579
  • Battery: 180wh, 10s2p – competitive for the price
  • Range: 12 miles/ 19km – average
  • Top speed: 23mph /38kmh –average
  • Motors: 2 x 875W (belt) top tier
  • ESC: Hobbywing ESC with smart power on
  • Deck profile: Dish-like concave with short kicktail

Read our full review on Tyneeboard Mini BELT

Tyneeboard Mini Belt is the best affordable belt shortboard, and that by itself had made it a popular board. For shortboard riders who like belt-driven, perhaps for the smoother ride feel allowed by having 4 real wheels instead of 2 stiff hub motors, perhaps for the strong acceleration from a stop, perhaps for the louder sound it makes, and importantly don’t mind the reduced range suffered from going belt, then Tyneeboard Mini Belt hit those points.

Besides being just an affordable belt drive, Tyneeboard Mini gives a smooth, relaxing stable ride with its stable truck and relatively wide wheelbase. With that said, this does sacrifice some agility for stability, its short kicktail makes kick turning harder but at the same time reduces the risk of accidental wheelie.

Good polish, great built quality from a reputable brand, this is the first board to consider if you want a belt-driven shortboard.

Check out Tyneeboard Mini Belt product page (click)

2. Exway Wave & Wave Riot – $699

  • Price: $749
  • Battery: 216wh, 12s2p – average for the price
  • Range: 11.5 miles/ 18km – below average
  • Top speed: 23.5mph/ 38kmh – average
  • Motors: 2 x 800W (belt)/ 2 x 1000W (hub) top tier
  • ESC: Hobbywing ESC with smart power on
  • Deck profile: Dish-like concave

Refined, nimble ride with extra features.

Read our full review on Exway Wave

If you want the most refined shortboard packed full of features, the Exway Wave is the electric shortboard you should get. A Dish-like short concave deck makes the board comfortable underneath your feet and helps with nimble control. Exway, as per usual, uses quality skate and electronic parts that rival even the most premium boards.

On top of that, the Exway Wave is packed with useful features: IP55 Waterproofing, integrated LED lights, a mobile app, and a hot-swappable battery!

Combining the awesomeness of this board and the fact that Exway is a good brand with good post-sales service, the Exway Wave is an easy recommendation for anyone who is looking for an electric shortboard. 

Check out Exway Wave product page (click).

Best Premium Electric Skateboard (over $1000)

Let’s face it, most of the electric skateboards above $1000 are very good. They all have beefy specs, polish built, and good post-sale services.

However, some of the boards are more popular than the rest for a reason, and these are the top choices that deserve your first consideration.

1. Exway Atlas (2WD,4WD) – $968, $1310 (Best deal on the internet right now, it wont last)

What!? They are just giving great boards away now.

  • Price: $968 (2WD)
  • Battery: 518wh, 12s4p – great after the price cut
  • Range: 18.6 miles/ 30km – average
  • Top speed: 30mph /48kmh – average
  • Motors: 4 x 1500W (belt) top tier
  • ESC: Hobbywing ESC with smart turn on
  • Deck profile: Carbon Fiber double-drop deck

Exway significantly marked down the price of Exway Atlas to make way for the Atlas Pro.

Exway Atlas was all about paying more for the best refined riding experience while sacrificing power an range. Not any more. With the huge price cut, the 2023 Exway Atlas is now on par with the other brand when it comes to battery and motor, while clearly being ahead in riding experience, built polished, and post sale-service. Simply put, it is the best board to buy right now, period.

The board was also packed full of features and had lots of accessories available. It has the smart turn-on feature, and is IP 55 waterproof. The board is also modular, you can customize everything from how many drivetrains to put on, the wheels, or fine-adjust the control settings with mobile apps.

Again, this is simply the best board to buy right now, and it will continues to be while stock last.

Check out Exway’s product page (click).

2. Meepo Hurricane Ultra (Bamboo +TKP) – $1,399 (Powerful, modular)

Bamboo Hurricane Ultra
Carbon Hurricane UItra

Powerful 2-in-1 carbon fiber electric skateboard for an amazing price.

  • Price: $1399 – $1899
  • Battery: 725.8wh, 12s4p – great for the price
  • Range: 31 miles/ 50km – top tier
  • Top speed: 35mph /56kmh – best
  • Motor : 2 x 3500W, with gear drive option – best
  • ESC: LingYi (LY-FOC 1.0) with push to start
  • Deck profile: Flexible Bamboo+ Fiberglass double drop deck with good concave,
    • Option: Carbon Fiber double-drop deck, stiff, good concave.

Read our full review on Meepo Hurricane

Meepo has always been known for two things,

1) providing lots of value while undercutting the competitor in price and
2) making very powerful boards.

Meepo Hurricane did both of the above really well and hence it’s not surprising that it quickly became one of the most popular electric skateboards in the years 2021-2022.

Then, Meepo launched the Meepo Hurricane Ultra, which basically is the same board with customization options.

  • Deck: Bamboo VS Carbon (flexible for carving fun VS stiff for high speed)
  • Trucks: TKP VS DKP (balanced VS easy to turn but sacrificing stability)
  • Motors: Belt VS Gear (This is personal preference, I prefer Gear for easier maintenance and better free roll)

You customize the Hurricane Ultra to suit your riding style, what will remain constant is the strong power and the great range.

Check out Meepo Hurricane product page (click).

3. Exway Atlas Carbon Pro (2WD,4WD) – $1,599 (Most refined AT boards)

Powerful 4WD and the most polished ride.

  • Price: $1599 (2WD), $1799 (GEAR) ,$1899 (4WD)
  • Battery: 701wh, 12s4p – great for the price
  • Range: 24 miles/ 38km – average
  • Top speed: 37mph /60kmh – top tier
  • ESC: Hobbywing ESC with smart turn on
  • Deck profile: Carbon Fiber double-drop deck

At this moment, the best electric skateboard that anyone can buy, while not being wasteful with money, is the Exway Atlas Pro. If you are looking for the most polished electric skateboarding experience, Exway is always the brand you should go with, and Exway Atlas Pro is their current flagship.

Exway Atlas Pro is as good as any other board when it comes to specs, while one-upping everyone else with built quality, riding experience and nice-to-have features.

Nice to have features:

  • An external battery pack that can be mounted on top of the deck.
  • Modular drive train (to switch between 2WD,4WD or gear)
  • Tire Mudguards
  • Very useful app – Exsakte

Just take a look at the product page and you will agree that Exway tops Evolve as the best electric skateboard brand right now..

Check out Exway’s product page (click).

4. Propel Endeavor Pro – $2,099 (Best true All-Terrain board)

Powerful yet comfortable suspension board at a ground breaking price.

  • Price: $2099
  • Battery: 1110wh, 12s5p – best for the price
  • Range: 44 miles/ 71km – best
  • Top speed: 31mph /50kmh – average
  • Motors: 2 x 3000W (belt) top tier
  • ESC: Flipsky VESC
  • Deck profile: Carbon Fiber deck, suspension trucks!

Read our full review on Propel Endeavor Pro 

Off-road suspension board was once ungodly expensive, but not anymore. For $2000, Propel Endeavor Pro has very reasonable specs, is built really well, and rides really well. The dual 3000W motors have the power to handle hardcore off-roading, the suspension system can handle super rough terrain and the VESC provides absolute smoothness in speed control.

While off-road suspension boards are not usually practical for regular street rides, as they are very heavy, not really agile and not fun for carving, Propel Endeavor Pro is actually responsive enough to be fun in street riding. In fact, Propel Endeavor Pro is such a good value for the price that it makes similar priced regular longboard ‘bad deals’ in comparison.

In short, if you are interested in off-road electric skateboarding, ‘mountain eskating’ or just want an electric skateboard that is completely immune to potholes, Endeavor Pro will be the best board by far.

Check out Propel EV (click).

Boutique and the Beasts: (Very Expensive) ​

If price is not a factor, the best electric skateboards obviously are those with meteoric price. However, ranking the boards in this segment is basically impossible, as there is just no way to compare boards at this price. When a board is selling at this price, what’s great about them usually has nothing to do with the numbers, but rather it’s all about the design. These boards are the small-scale boutique brands, or DIY based vendors that aim to craft the fiercest monster money can buy.

Now, I’m just gonna list them according to price.

1. Hoyt St – $1,999


The stylish one

Hoyt St. is a boutique brand that made electric skateboards so beautiful, that you are not sure you should ride it or hang it on a wall. If you can stomach the price tag, however, you will find yourself in possession of a very well-designed and well-crafted board that uses the best skateboard parts available and state-of-the-art electronics.

Check out Hoyt St product page (click).

2. Metroboard X (AT and Street) – $2,574-2,699

The Powerful

If you want a high quality 2 in 1 board made in the USA, the Metroboard is it. 

Metroboard is one of the oldest brands of Eskate and has been making high quality premium electric skateboards for a while now. Their latest flagship MetroboardX is not only pushing up the price, but also doubling down on the quality, using many parts that were made specially for it. 

Of course, it also has beefy specs, as all board in this price segment usually do.

Check out Metroboard X product page (click).

3. – $2,850-$3,600

The Beast

If you want to get a premium Trampa built, get a Kaly. 

It’s powerful, uses gear drives and looks freaking cool, and I think 2/3 of us in ESHQ have one, so going by that alone it’s probably the best electric skateboard! 

It starts at $2,850 for the base model and the highest specced XL40 is ‘only’ selling at $3,600.

Check out product page (click).

4. Bajaboard- $3,550 – $4,449

The Jeep (OG)

Does Bajaboard need further introduction?

The Bajaboard is the OG for true all-terrain electric skateboard, a beast that can seemingly conquer any terrain. 

One caveat about Bajaboard is, it’s difficult to buy it outside of Australia. Shipping costs, customs, taxes, and after-sales support are all hurdles that may stop you from getting the Bajaboard for those who are not in Australia.

Check out Best Bajaboard product page (click).

5. Lacroix family – $2,500 – $4,000

The Tank

The Lacroix is the most expensive electric skateboard on the market right now and the Nazare Lonestar is most likely the most powerful board with the beefiest battery in production right now.

Personally, I think the Lacroix is tailored for those who are blessed with wide and endless roads, as only those roads allow one to take a long cruise at high speed. The Lacroix is a very stable ride but wasn’t the easiest to turn (or maybe it’s just not made for my weight), so it probably isn’t the board for everyone. (But those who have it swear by it!)

Check out Lacroix product page (click).

6. Bioboard family – above $3,500​

The Elite

I stand corrected, the Bioboards are the most expensive electric skateboard money can buy right now. Bioboards are made in Sweden, and they aim to offer the highest performance possible.

Let’s go through some numbers, their flagship – Bioboard’s Plutonium, is a board with 2WD or 4WD options, starting at $3500. Powered by a 12s6p Samsung 40T battery, it has a top speed that starts at 65kmh(40mph) and uses 4500W motors…

Check out Bioboard product page (click).

Final Words:

So, these are the best electric skateboards at every price point. I hope you enjoyed this list and found it helpful to make an informed purchase decision.

If you like to do your own research, do visit our infographic page where we’ve all electric skateboards data compiled.

If you think a board is worthy of being on the list (by knocking one of them off of course), please comment below!

And again, do check out our Discount Page for our affiliated discount codes. It will give you a small discount and help us out too! Cheers!

37 thoughts on “Best Electric Skateboards 2023 (from Budget to Premium)

  1. NLS pro is belt drive, so the option for wheels is more vast than the v3. id say if ur not looking to buy aftermarket wheels u should stick to the v3 ER. though, ive had alot of customer service problems with them, and they tend to try to waste alot of time before solving the problem. I recommend u look into the lycaon swift, better range, higher top speed and their customer service is better, goodluck

  2. Look, I understand how important customer service is but you are giving it way too much of a weight in your reviews. Reviews should be about the board and the board only.. Reviews like this come across as paid! I just can’t understand how you rate a board that goes 11 miles a better review than a board that goes over 20? I will gladly give up a few MPH’s to gain 9+ miles on a charge.

  3. You’ve made a big mistake excluding kit boards like the BKB Duo and Tayto Dual. If the fact that they are kits bothers you, then you should note that both boards can be purchased as kits or completes. Nothing under $1500 is as powerful or customizable as BKB’s boards.

  4. HI I am Robert I am 15 year old. I am newbie in skating and have no experience can you recommend me which skateboard is suitable for me. my budget is 1200$ to 1500$. best regards.

  5. Their major flaw is they really arent that customizable hardware wise, if you want more torque, then your probably should buy bigger more powerful motors, but now you need a new esc that can handle that much power, but now you need a battery that can output that power, but now you need a bigger enclose to fit all of that, but now to fit the motors you probably will need new trucks to be able to mount the motor mounts wide enough to fit them. To upgrade something you need to upgrade almost the whole board. Sure they are cool with customizing in settings but for that price point there are boards with a much better finish, bigger battery, screened remote, better wheels, DKP(not always good but they do cost more to produce). So for a board that literally comes unassembled cutting a lot of cost, I expect much more performance.

  6. You guys never mentioned Miles boards at all. I have 2 of their boards and they are among my favorite boards out of the 5 that I own. It’s hard to even take your reviews serious without mentioning their boards. Was this something that the other manufacturers paid you to review? I’m just saying because I don’t see how you missed all of miles boards being that they are much better quality and performance than the majority of the boards you reviewed. It’s that or they don’t think to highly of your opinions and would rather not be associated with you which is where I’m going to put my money on.

  7. I have a lycaon gr which was great this winter in tahoe with no snow I put 300 miles on it..but then it stoped…meter on the chargeing side of battery reads 21.7 volts and on the big plug to esc reads 6.7 volts….it wont charge or turn on….the power button blinks 3 times and shuts off…ive asked lycaon why or what it means when it blinks and shuts off and get no reply…its a 36 volt deal and I tried a battery with 24 volts and it did the same thing…does it need a 36 volt battery to work at all and if so then hopefully the esc is good just not enough volts? Anyone thinking of opening a repair shop or E store…Lake Tahoe south side needs one bad…any comments or answers please let me know…should I send the whole board back and eat it????

  8. Usually it makes sense not to value customer service. However, in such a small industry where there are frequently breakdown and lemons it actually becomes important to have proper customer support, lest you be left with an expensive brick with broken proprietary parts/software.
    In terms of your specific qualms regarding high rating: these ratings are not universal, and the real purpose of these articles is to give you information so that you can make your own decision. For example, range might be important for one person, but another person might not like the weight while in the city. Not everyone would rock a Lonestar, even though plenty of people have the money.

  9. Hello. I’m writing for several reasons. First, to thank you for all this outstanding info! Second, to give you a big thumbs up for weighting customer service so highly – this is a *critical* feature for most of us, especially when considering the fledgling (close to it anyhow) market being discussed. Simply put customer service is a HUGE part to this topic (I can go on for some time explaining why I think it’s especially true for this product). Third … this comment section is DEAD. I don’t get it. Can you email me to explain why you shut it down? I’d really like some help on this topic, and it appears you know more than most. Please email me!

  10. OK. Not dead! In that case the obvious needs to be stated … how bout your reviews of more recent boards? These things are taking off and so many trying to bust into the market. And the reasons for building your own are changing.

    Any chance you have more recent reviews or just thoughts on where things are at right now?

    Thanks dude

    1. Hi John, sorry for the late reply.
      I’m working right now to update the page.
      Lots of new boards have since arrived on the market. Figuring out which is the best one is not that hard, but to have recommendation for each use case is REALLY difficult. Plus, I am trying my best to evidence-based my recommendation with datas.
      Stay tune!

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  12. Hey! I absolutely loved your content. I’ll bookmark your blog and take the feeds additionally. I’m happy to find numerous useful information here. I have also written an article on

  13. the fact that EVOLVE is not on this review makes me laugh. I have been skateboarding for 40 plus years and I’ve done my research. Many of these boards you have on this article are a total joke. Completely biased and inaccurate to say the least. Look at EVOLVE people. Never look back….

  14. Greetings! After reading your article, I must say that it is both impressive and informative. Your content is thoroughly enjoyable, and I am delighted to have come across such a valuable resource on the subject of top-rated electric skateboards. As for my personal preference, I tend to favor fingerboards over traditional skateboards.

  15. Being an electric skateboard enthusiast myself, I completely relate to your excitement in exploring the vast array of options available. With so many brands and models flooding the market, choosing the right one can be challenging. However, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your informative article that highlights the best electric skateboards, which helped me make an informed decision.

  16. That’s your opinion. I care a lot. I had Tons of Boards in the late 10er and all of them broke down at one point. Seeing how good the cs is is one of the most important informations

  17. Well, I like Meepo and WowGo electric skateboards. In my point of view, Battery range is crucial, as it determines how far you can travel before recharging. We can invest in a Good skateboard and it will all be fun

  18. Hey Paxson, awesome roundup of the best electric skateboards by price category! I’m a huge fan of electric skateboarding, and this list is really comprehensive. However, there seems to be a slight error in the specs for the Meepo Mini 5. It’s mentioned that it has a 144wh battery, but in the previous section, it’s listed as having a 179wh battery. Could you please clarify which one is accurate? Other than that, keep up the great work, and happy riding! 🛹🔥

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