Best Electric Skateboards 2021 (from Budget to Premium)

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve finally updated our best electric skateboards list after having it sitting idle for months. In this update, we will be recommending boards according to their price point – since you know, most of us shop with a budget in mind.

We like to think that we’ve considered all viable products (or at least most of them), and all the best options have made it onto this recommendation list. 

In the end, what’s right for you often comes down to personal preference, so we’ve included a few options for each price segment – each of them better than the others in a certain aspect. Because of that, the numbering on this list is not necessarily a ranking of the boards themselves, or implying that one board is better than the others (unless we explicitly said so, heh). 

Of course, if you are interested in buying any electric skateboard, be sure to check out our Discount Page for additional discounts.

For those who are new to ESHQ, we’ve been reviewing electric skateboards for three years now. Just look around, I’m sure there is enough proof that we are pretty well informed.

But that’s enough introduction, let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Best Eskate under $500

When it comes to budget electric skateboards, your only real options are to look from the Chinese vendors, especially from the Big 4 – Meepo, Backfire, Wowgo, and Ownboard.

Nobody does affordable better than these Chinese brands, and for the past year, the Chinese brands have collectively proved that top product doesn’t have to cost top dollar. In fact, they released some of the best electric skateboards in the recent years.

When it comes to electric skateboards under $500, there is a lot of ‘noise’ out there. I would strongly advise against buying products from little known brands, and you should also not consider Blizart, Yuneec, Atom, Swagboard, or Paradox, these brands are so “2017”.

Best Electric Longboard under $500

If you consider post-sales service something important, going with a budget brand with a good track record is pretty important. Countless new budget brands have sprung up and closed down, because this market segment is crowded as hell. 

Taking that into consideration, and after reviewing dozens of budget electric skateboards from Exway, Meepo, Backfire, Ownboard, Wowgo, Teamgee, Verreal, Yeeplay, Apsuboard, Lycaon, and Maxfind, below is our recommended list:

Great Range | Great Price vs Performance

If you are counting every penny and want to get the best value per dollar, my recommendation would be the Lycaon GR. 

The Lycaon GR was a $549 board, and now it’s selling for just $399. It now uses Hobbywing (ESC) Electronic Speed Controller which is well loved for its smooth and intuitive control. The skate parts are right off the shelves and give an average riding experience.

What puts the Lycaon GR on top of other boards is that it has a bigger 10s3p battery, that of course translates to better range compared to your regular entry-level boards.

Although I wouldn’t consider Lycaon’s after-sales service to be stellar, the brand has survived it’s one-year anniversary without any major controversy. 

If you want the most bang out of your buck and are willing to exchange a less refined riding experience for it, Lycaon GR is your best choice.

Flexible Deck | Powerful

The Meepo V3 is for those who seek out the maximum thrills, looking for a high top speed and high torque. 

Behind its great performance, the Meepo V3 also has near-Hobbywing-ESC’s perfect smoothness when it comes to acceleration (brake control is already perfect). It also has one of the best ride feels amongst all budget hub boards. (But that is a pretty low bar to clear, TBH.)

The Meepo V3 is now one year old, and there has been a few minor improvements since launch. Better control smoothness, better polish, a nicer looking remote. I am not a fan of the new grip-tape design though, but I guess that’s subjective.

Side note: Meepo is the biggest customer and user of LingYi ESCs, so you can be sure that Meepo boards will always have the best and latest iteration of LingYi ESC installed.

The only reason that Meepo V3 is a runner-up pick, is because there is now one board that is an even better choice for most people.

Great overall | Smart power-on

The Wowgo 2s Pro is without a doubt, the best electric longboard available under $500. Compared to most entry level boards, it has a slight edge in specs, and huge leads in terms of polish, quality, and useful features.

Using a bigger battery(12s2p) than most entry-level board; two above-average hub motors(500W) for better torque ; 12s Hobbywing Electronic Speed control for the absolute smoothest speed control – Anything that the competitor put up, Wowgo 2s Pro is often better. The polish on the board is also beyond what you would expect on a budget eskate.

Important head to head matchups for Wowgo 2s Pro:
Wowgo 2s Pro vs Meepo V3:
  • Wowgo 2s Pro uses a stiffer deck, while Meepo V3 has a flexible deck.
  • Wowgo 2s Pro’s Poeisdon Truck and Meepo’s Shredder Truck are on par with each other.
  • Wowgo 2s Pro have a slightly bigger battery, and slightly better real world range.
  • Wowgo 2s Pro has smoother speed control, thanks to the 12s Hobbywing ESC.
  • Wowgo 2s Pro has better polish.
  • Meepo V3 has stronger motors and better torque.
Wowgo Knight (hub) vs Backfire G2 Black 2020:
  • Wowgo 2s Pro has better truck (Poseidon).
  • Wowgo 2s Pro uses bigger battery, newer 12s Hobbywing ESC, bigger motors.
  • Backfire has arguably slightly post-sale service at the moment.

Other electric longboards under $500

A few quick words on other note-worthy boards below $500:

 The Verreal F1 is another good value for money board. It has a micro-drop deck that many people love.

Using a smooth standard Hobbywing ESC and off the shelves skate parts, Verreal F1 is not much different than other sub-$400 boards out there. However, Verreal is more trustworthy than some random brand; and the micro-drop deck formula is really fun to ride on. 

In fact, this is a 2-year-old product that has seen no major changes because it doesn’t need to! The only things that have changed since its first launch is that the product polish went up, and the price came down. Awesome. (Read Review)

The entry level board that’s the most affordable, and with the highest price/performance ratio. It is also the most affordable dual hub board out there.

Obviously, it uses cheaper skate parts, but the speed controls are not bad. Every board in the list uses a similar Electronic speed controller after-all. [the LingYi ESC and Hobbywing ESC (for $30 more)]  (Read Review)

Browsing through the specs, this is a typical entry level board. The unique feature for this one is the hot-swappable battery. The deck is pretty good, better than Apsuboard’s but most people would prefer the Verreal F1’s deck.

Both Hobbywing ESC and LingYi ESC options are available for you to pick. Basically, choose AEboard AF if you really, really, really want the hot-swappable battery.

Budget Electric Shortboards: (Below $500)

While most major budget brands have their own budget shortboard, some do it a lot better than others. After trying out the likes of Meepo, Riptide, Enskate, Temgee, and Maxfind, below are the top recommended boards.

Belt-driven – Smooth – Big battery

I’m torn when deciding if I should recommend the Teamgee H20, or any Teamgee at all. While we never specifically tested the Teamgee H20 ourselves, it is pretty obvious that the H20 Mini is a great buy for its price. You don’t see 7.5AH battery on a shortboard very often, and you definitely won’t see them priced for anything less than $400. 

As for the Teamgee H20, the price is good, the specs are good and the parts are good. 

Here’s what I mean:

  • The Hobbywing ESC will give you a smooth ride
  • 7.5AH batteries are 2 times bigger than what we usually expect from $400 boards.
  • Other parts: Dual 450W hubs, generic trucks are standard for a $400 board.

Teamgee’s post sales service has been very sus, and hence the reservation from a full recommendation, but even then, I am tempted to buy the board because it is just such a good value.


Belt-driven – Smooth

While we never tested the Ownboard M1 ourselves, that doesn’t stop us from knowing that this is the best belt-driven option for a shortboard under $500.

The price is right, the specs are right, the parts are right and the brand is right.


  • The Hobbywing ESC will give you a smooth ride
  • The 10s2p Samsung 20R battery is the standard for <$500 boards.
  • Ownboard is a veteran Chinese brand and the skate parts they use are decent.

If you want a budget shortboard that’s belt-driven, this is simply the best and maybe even the only choice.

Performance – Stable – Smooth

The Meepo Mini 2 took heavy inspiration from the late-Boosted Mini (RIP) – a short deck with an aggressive dish-like concave that allows excellent responsive control of the board. Unlike the Boosted Mini, however, the Meepo Mini 2 uses Shredder trucks with a wide 200mm hanger, which makes it very stable even at its top speed. 


It now uses the latest LingYi ESC (Meepo Esc 6.5). I personally think this is an appropriate change as this introduces the push-to-turn on features. That is always a great feature to have, but especially so for those who plan to make multiple short trips on the shortboard. 


Compared to most budget brands, Meepo put more effort into its  Mini and the results show. At the end of 2020, this 1-year-old Meepo had a price drop making it even more the default choice for those who are looking for a budget shortboard.

Other electric shortboards under $500

A few quick words on other note-worthy board below $500:

Verreal Mini is simply the most affordable budget short-board available that is 1) not a toy; 2) from a reputable brand. It has the specs of your regular $400 board and comes with dual hub drive so they didn’t sacrifice performance.

The reason it doesn’t make the official list is that the Meepo Mini 2 is now only $20 pricier, and Meepo Mini 2 has better polish and comes with push to turn-on. 

        A very light weight Mini board that is fun to use. It’s small and nimble, making it a good board for sidewalks or campus riding. It weighs only 6kg, making it the lightest board to carry around. However! It has the smallest battery and hence suffers from low range. (Read review)

This is a well-polished shortboard that is smooth, with good performance. It was $569, and now it is $449. The Max 2 Pro is special for not having a kick-tail. Those who do want kick-tails will obviously see this as a dealbreaker; those who don’t know how to use a kick-tail will enjoy being able to have a wider stance. The pretty design causes the board to be stiff – not fun on rough roads. Just goes to prove that there are always tradeoffs! (Read review)

Best Mid-tier Eskates: ($500-$800)

There was a time when no vendor would sell an eskate at this price range, as nobody would dare to dish out this much money for an unknown brand, and no premium brand would care to take a profit cut to sell a product at this price.

This changed in 2019. 

As Chinese budget brands proved themselves to be reliable, those who were looking for an upgrade were happy to pay a slightly higher price to Meepo, Backfire, Wowgo, Ownboard and Exway for something better. 

The same trend continues to be true in 2020. Once a no-man land, the mid-tier segment is now flooded with choices, and most of them are good. And for those who want a polished ride but don’t want to break the bank, the best electric skateboards would fall within this price segment.

Best Mid-tier Electric Longboards: ($500-$800)

While lesser-known brands may have boards that look impressive on paper, the overall offering from well-known major Chinese brands is generally better. Outside of the spec sheets, major Chinese brands use better parts and have more reliable customer service, and you won’t have to worry about them suddenly going out of business.


So, below are our choices after considering both boards from small brands such as Vestar, AEboard, Apsuboard and boards from major brands including Meepo, Backfire, Wowgo, Ownboard, Exway, and Bustin, Miles, etc.

Flexible deck – Comfortable – Powerful

The Backfire G3 and G3 Plus are basically a slight variation of the same product.

(The G3 Plus has a bigger battery, uses a carbon fiber deck and slightly stronger motor).

What doesn’t change is that both of them will be the best hub motor longboard in this price segment, as they do everything quite well. They give a comfortable ride and have specs that match their price.

Some may say that the brakes on these boards could be stronger, or that they underperform in range test (if riding aggressively), but for the majority of riders with appropriate expectations (on the range), the G3 and G3 Plus are undoubtedly the best hub boards in this price segment.

Note: Personally, I think the G3 Plus is the way to go. It comes with an extra 85mm sets of wheels, bigger battery, and carbon fiber deck… for $200 extra? Worth it!

Flexy deck – Powerful – Big Wheel

The Meepo NLS Pro has revised down its marketed top speed to 28mph(46kmh). However, in our real world test the board was able to hit 32mph(51kmh) for top speed, which means this 1-year-old model is still the fastest hub board out there.

The NLS Pro wasn’t a one-trick pony either, the range is good with a Samsung 40T battery pack; the ride experience is good with smooth control, a comfortable flexy deck, and big 100mm wheels that are practically semi-AT.

What’s stopping it from being the best board ever? A lack of useful features such as smart turn on, IP ratings, and mobile apps. Post-sales service is good but not as consistent as the other big names & long delivery time for a few geographic locations. 

With that said, for anyone who loves to push the limit on speed, the NLS Pro is the way to go.

Meepo NLS Pro VS Backfire G3
  • Similarity: Both are Hub driven, with flexy deck, smooth control and smooth carving.
  • Meepo NLS Pro has much higher top speed (32mph vs 28.5mph)
  • Meepo NLS Pro uses a better battery pack (Samsung 40T vs Generic battery in Backfire)
  • Meepo NLS Pro has the push-to-power-on feature.
  • Backfire has better customer support.
  • Backfire uses genuine Caliber II Trucks. (vs Meepo Shredders Trucks)
  • Backfire has a slight edge in product polish.
  • Backfire has a slight edge in acceleration smoothness.

Flexible deck – Buttery Smooth – Powerful

Wowgo has lots of great products, The Wowgo 3x is one of them. It’s one of the most popular boards since its launch in 2019, and it continues to be the board that stays closest to the “Boosted Experience”.

A flexible deck, Paris Trucks, and 12S Customized Hobbywing ESC means the Wowgo 3x is both buttery smooth, awesome for carving and thrillingly powerful. The 259wh battery pack promise a range of 14miles(22.5km), equal to that of the Boosted Stealth (RIP).

I know this is an overused cliche but… the Wowgo 3x is the most fitting Boosted replacement now that Boosted has gone bye bye. 

So why is it only in 2nd place? Because the next board is similar, but better! 

Belt Driven – Flexy Deck – Smooth Control – High Performance 

The Backfire Zealot has recently gotten a whopping $200 price cut and is now selling at $699 (likely in response to the Exway Flex Riot, which is also selling at $699.

With the new price, the Backfire Zealot is now one of the best if not THE best board to get at this mid-tier price segment.

With the Zealot, you have a flexible deck made of bamboo and fiberglass, Caliber II trucks for stable and smooth control, and big 96mm wheels (that you can easily swap out for even bigger 105mm Cloudwheels if you want).

While these strengths I mentioned are equally matched by the other boards in this list, what gave the Backfire Zealot an edge is the bigger battery and better range. Backfire caps the battery capacity of the Zealot at 90%, and even after that, this 12s2p pack of 21700 cells is still the largest amongst its peers at 311 Wh. 

That of course, translate to slightly larger range.

And for those who want something a bit more, there’s the Backfire Zealot S too, a $799 upgraded version of Backfire Zealot that has an upgraded deck, forged truck, bigger battery, stronger motor, and smart power-on feature.

Belt Driven – Flexy Deck – Smooth Control – Handy features

The Exway Flex is awesome. You get to choose either the belt version or the hub version. You get a very good performing board that has a fantastic riding experience. The highlight of the Exway Flex is the flexible deck with an aggressive concave that’s very comfortable underneath your feet, a smooth, powerful, and customizable speed control thanks to using the best version of customized Hobbywing ESC, and Exway’s proprietary yet very very good Trist truck and wheels.

On top of that, the Exway Flex has all the best features you want on an eskate. It has a smartphone app, it is IP55 waterproof, has the smart turn on function (board automatically turns on with the remote), and the battery protects itself if the board is stored unused for an extended period of time.

Furthermore, Exway also has a better customer service track record, top product polish, and has more complete accessory options (wheels/ pulleys) for its boards.

It has received lots of hype, and after reviewing the board ourselves, we know the hype is 100% justified.

Simply put, if we have to pick a board as the overall best eskate of 2020, it would be the Exway Flex.

Important head to head matchups for Exway Flex:
Exway Flex Riot vs Backfire Zealot
  • They are similar in personality: both are Belt driven, with flexy deck and smooth control, smooth carving & the ability to easily swap to Cloudwheels
  • Exway Flex comes with 85mm wheels vs Backfire Zealot’s 96mm wheels.
  • Exway Flex deck has a very aggressive concave: Felt more responsive and nimble, but less comfortable for long rides.
  • Exway has very slightly better customer service.
  • Exway Flex has slightly better polish
  • Exway Flex has more useful features:
    • Smart power-on,
    • mobile app allows speed control customization,
    • the battery protects itself from over-draining when left unused and
    • the slightly gimmicky option to swap between hub drive and belt drive. 
  • The Backfire Zealot has better range and higher top-speed.
Exway Flex Riot vs Wowgo 3x
  • Again, They are similar in personality: Belt driven, flexy deck and smooth control and smooth carving.
  • Almost identical in specs too.
  • Exway has slightly better customer service.
  • Exway Flex has more useful features.
    • Smart power-on,
    • mobile app that allows speed control customization,
    • the battery protects itself from over-draining when left unused and
    • the slightly gimmicky option to swap between hub drive and belt drive.
Exway Flex vs Backfire G3
  • Once Again, they are similar in personality: Both Hub driven, with a flexy deck, smooth control and smooth carving.
  • Again, almost identical in specs too.
  • Exway Flex uses a better battery (SONY VTC 6 vs Generic battery in Backfire)
  • Exway has very slightly better customer service.
  • Exway Flex has more useful features.
    • Smart power-on,
    • mobile app that allows speed control customization,
    • the battery that protects itself from over-draining when left unused and
    • the slightly gimmicky option to swap between hub drive and belt drive.

Other Electric Longboards between $500-$800

A few quick words on other note-worthy boards between $500-$800.

Belt Drive – Flexy Deck – Super Acceleration – Low top speed

Meepo uses the exact same drivetrain, trucks, and wheels of the Boosted boards to make the NLS Belt; and hence the NLS Belt has the smooth carving experience that Boosted was known for. 

The limitations of the electronic speed controller (LingYi ESC) causes the NLS Belt to have a top speed ceiling of 22.5mph(36kmh), but on the other hand, it has just about the craziest acceleration that you can get. To increase the top speed, you can simply change to larger wheel like Cloudwheels.

Those who don’t ride to the top speed will find the NLS Belt a perfect board with thrilling acceleration. However, for those who are not in it for the acceleration, the Exway Flex Riot would be a more well-rounded complete package for a lower price.

Double Drop Deck – Heavy duty – Powerful – Big 100mm wheels

If your idea of the best electric skateboard is the one with the most power, the Meepo AWD Pro will sit high on your list. By the virtue of having 4 hub motors, Meepo AWD Pro has the highest top speed of all boards outside of the premium boutique boards and it uses a double-drop deck that’s on the stiffer side, to make sure the board is stable enough for its speed.

Besides having insane torque and a crazy top speed, the Meepo AWD Pro is an experience similar to the regular V3. It has a similar range using two sets of 10s1p Samsung 40T cells. It uses giant 100mm wheels just like the NLS Pro, making it practically semi-AT.

So, if you are a heavy rider and need the torque, or just have lots of hills to climb, Meepo AWD Pro is the board for you.

120mm wheels – Stable – Smooth

The Raldey MT-V3 is a relatively unknown gem. No, it’s not the most powerful; no, it doesn’t have the best performance; and no, it might not have the most polish or be the prettiest board.

So, what IS the Raldey MT-V3? It is the perfect board for anyone that’s buying an electric skateboard for commuting. You see, the 120mm rubber wheels are big enough to keep you safe from potholes, sticks and giant pebbles. This is all that a commuter wants, and 120mm rubber wheels do that without the typical downsides of larger 6″ wheels (Cumbersome, difficult to store, can’t do tight turns).

On top of that, the Raldey MT-V3 has a board deck, perfectly smooth control and stable trucks that come together to make the riding experience safe. Boring, no thrills, but safe.

Last but not least, this thing is IP55 Waterproof. And rubber wheels, although typically worn out faster than urethane wheels, do grip better when the road is wet.

In short, the Raldey MT-V3 is neither the most fun nor the most thrilling board but is perfect as a commuter board. And even more so,  considering the rather affordable price.

Super Range -Semi-AT – Double Kingpin

The Ownboard AT1W is not a perfect board, but it is freaking generous with the Samsung 30Q battery for its price. 

Why is it less than perfect? The double kingpin trucks on this one are too twitchy, the bottom clearance on this board is too low, the rubber tires can wear out pretty quickly and the torque of this one could be better.

What’s good about this one? It looks pretty, it is very ‘carvy’, control is absolutely smooth thanks to the Hobbywing ESC, and for the asking price of $799 a 10s4p pack of Sanyo GA Batteries that gives a maximum range 24miles (40km) is an outstanding deal.

For those who would like a pretty board for a safe city commute, get the Raldey MT-V3; But if you need the extra range? Consider this one.

Carbon fiber deck – Sleek design – Powerful – Polished

If you are the type of person who wants a sleek board that has no electronic enclosures (aka, a stealth design) – The Exway X1 Pro and Pro Riot are the boards for you. Other than the look, this carbon fiber board has all the polish, and an amazing ride feel. The only downside is the rather short range.

Like the Exway Flex, the Exway X1 Pro and Pro Riots have their drive train set up modularly so that you can switch between a hub set-up and belt set-up conveniently.

With all that said, even though the Exway X1 Pro Riot is absolute eye candy and the best Exway board out there, for those who aren’t looking for the stealth design, you are most likely better served by the lower priced Exway Flex.

Value for Money – Featured Packed – Hobbywing ESC

Lycaon always give you a board that has bigger battery than it’s peer. For $799, Lycaon Swift rocks a big 466wh 12s3p Samsung 35E battery pack. Besides a big battery, another highlights of the Lycaon Swift is the latest Hobbywing ESC that it uses. The smart Hobbywing ESC not only give us silky smooth control, it also comes with smart-power-on features and allows easy swapping between belt and hub drives.

Speaking of customization, if you are not a fan of the stock 90mm wheels, you can easily swap over to 97mm wheels or even the 105mm Cloudwheels. So, pretty good eh. 

So, what’s holding Lycaon Swift back? Well, the trucks are non-branded, the polish are not at the level of the top brands, and the after-sale service requires more stress test. 
With that said, Lycaon has been doing good work recently and if they keep the momentum going, they might soon be the top eskate brand in the future.

Best Mid-tier Shortboards: ($500-$800)

This section is easy to write, as there aren’t many contenders here. 

But for the moment, these are my recommendations.

Boosted Mini Dish Like Deck – Stable – Powerful

Unlike the base version of the Meepo Mini 2, the Mini 2 ER is a beast. The Mini 2 ER is an NLS PRO with 90mm wheels and a shorter deck. They use the same internals and have the same beastly performance. 

Of course, it is worth repeating that the Meepo Mini 2 and 2 ER rides very stable thanks to the wide 200mm Shredder trucks. While some longboards felt sketchy going past 26mph/41kmh, the Meepo Mini 2 ER stays pretty stable beyond that.

It is heavy, it is stable, and it is wide – the Meepo Mini 2 ER rides like a longboard, as opposed to an agile shortboard. Don’t buy this if you are looking for portability, though; this thing is heavy.

Sleek unibody stealth design – Carbon Fiber Deck – Agile – Powerful

The Backfire Mini has lots of things going for it. It has a beautiful, sleek, stealthy, unibody carbon fiber deck that allows the board to be light. It rides very agile and is super powerful, in fact a little bit too powerful for its size. But not to worry, that power is smoothly controlled with the new 12s Hobbywing ESC.

The Backfire Mini is also one of the most flight friendly boards, as it allows us to swap out the 175Wh battery to a smaller and more flight-compatible 99Wh battery – by removing just eight screws on the deck.

Sadly, this beautiful board isn’t without its flaws. Backfire Mini’s most notable shortcomings would be its vulnerability to water. Its electronic compartment with top access can very quickly turn into a water bucket when it rains. The Backfire Mini is also relatively weak in range when compared to other boards at this price point, as some of your money evidently went into the design and material costs.

Comfortable – Agile – Pack with Features

The Exway Wave is overall the best electric shortboard you can get right now. A Dish-like short concave deck makes the board comfortable underneath your feet and helps with nimble control. Exway, as per usual, uses quality skate and electronic parts that leave nothing to be complain about.

On top of that, the Exway Wave is packed with useful features: IP55 Waterproofing, integrated LED lights, a mobile app, and hot-swappable battery!

Combining the awesomeness of this board and the fact that Exway is a good brand with good post-sales service, the Exway Wave is an easy recommendation for anyone who is looking for an electric shortboard. 

Budget All-Terrain: (under $800)​

And finally, at this price segment is also where our first all-terrain board makes an appearance. A few companies actually tried their hand in developing a budget AT board, but few of them are even good enough to mention. The Meepo City Rider was great, but it has been replaced by the City Rider 2 that priced itself out of this category.

We will continue to be on the lookout for other choices, but for now, your only option for budget All-Terrain will be …

Semi-AT – Comfortable – Stable

The AEboard AT2 wasn’t a board on many people’s radar. Heck, it wasn’t on my radar before this post. 

This is a board that’s very similar to the now discontinued original Meepo City Rider (reviewed here). It uses two 360W hub motors that drives 6″ airless wheels. 

I couldn’t comment much about this board, as we haven’t tried it, but knowing AEboard, looking through the parts and knowing how similar the parts are with City Rider, which I did review, I can comfortably say that the AT2 is a good option for anyone who really wants a 6″ wheel on the cheap.

With that said, we also know that this board wouldn’t be suitable for true All Terrain uses as the motors wouldn’t be able to power you through rough terrain like thick grass or sand.

Best Premium Electric Skateboards: ($800-$2000)

If you are prepared to spend north of $800, you can either get a dedicated All-Terrain board, or you could get something that allows switching between street wheels and all-terrain wheels.

There isn’t too much choice on the shortboard side though!

Also, RIP Boosted.


Best Premium Electric Longboards: ($800-$2000)

At the end of 2020, there is little to separate boards with prices north of $800. Performance-wise, all are very similar, using strong motors, good decks, comfortable trucks and similar ESCs.

In this price segment, the higher priced board are usually priced higher because they have more battery power, better after-sales service, more polish or sometimes, because of a ‘better’ brand name.

Because of this, there is no point for me to rank them, I am just gonna go through all of the worthy options, beginning with the lowest price and moving up.

At the moment, all of these boards allow switching between All Terrain wheels and street wheels and uses double kingpin trucks. Basically, they are all evolve clones. 

10s4p – Double Kingpin – Double Drop Deck -Cloudwheels – Hobbywing ESC

Similar to the Ownboard AT1W, Verreal RS gave us a lot of value by using a 10s4p Samsung 30Q, arguably the best battery for eskate boards, while only selling at $899 before discount.

Unlike Ownboard AT1W, this one is belt driven, and comes with all the benefits of a belt board: Easy switching between 85mm, 97mm & Cloudwheels (105mm/120mm), softer rides, better torque.

It’s using a customized hobbywing ESC too, hence, it has a smooth speed control.

So, what’s the downside of the Verreal RS? A stiff deck due to the full-length metal enclosure, which can be uncomfortable; product polish and after-sales service is a notch weaker than the other major Chinese brands.

Switchable between AT and street – Belt-driven – Double Kingpin – Polished – Smart power on

Will the apprentice ever be better than the master?  Can a clone be better than the original? The Wowgo AT 2 shows us that it can happen!

The Wowgo AT2 is a clone of the Evolve Bamboo through and through: a flexy deck, switchable between AT and Cloudwheels, has a 10s4p battery, has a double drop deck and double kingpin trucks. What’s awesome about the Wowgo AT 2 is that, unlike other Evolve clones, it got the double kingpin truck part right, and its stable and comfortable.

What’s even more awesome about the AT2 is that it uses a customized Hobbywing ESC that is not only smooth as butter (more so than Evolve!), but it also has good strength in both braking and acceleration, and most amazingly, features smart power on! You just need to power-on the remote, and the board turns on by itself!

That is why, even though Wowgo doesn’t have the customer service of an Evolve, and AT2 doesn’t have the product polish and refinement of an Evolve board, the Wowgo AT 2 is still one of our favorites – if not our most favorite board of 2020.

12s3p – Double Kingpin – Carbon Fiber Deck -Cloudwheels – Hobbywing ESC

Lycaon TRX is basically the most affordable Evolve Carbon clone out there.  You get to switch between 90mm street wheels and Cloudwheels (105mm/ 120mm). Or you can even go full AT with the 150mm and 175mm Pneumatic wheels.

Similar to the Ownboard AT1W, Lycaon TRX’s double kingpin trucks are on the twitchy side, so be prepared to change the bushings yourself if you buy this one.

The Highlight? It has 12s4p battery and a nice carbon fiber deck.

Direct Drive – Double Kingpin – Polished

If you are a fan of direct drive, ONSRA Black Carve is the board you should consider. 

ONSRA is a brand founded by Fabian Dorieg, the Skater Youtuber, and the reason that Onsra is priced at a premium is not only because the ingredients that go into the board, but also because Fabian insists that he will provide better than typical customer service. (with a 1-year warranty!)

Swappable AT & Street – Double Kingpin – Polished

After endlessly teasing, Exway Atlas Carbon is finally ready for Pre-Order. It is scheduled to deliver on April.

Exway Atlas received a lot of hype and deservingly so. Beside having a very beastly spec, the board was designed with tons of neat features that promises a delicious user experience. Smart turn on and IP 55 waterproof are especially useful.

Furthermore, the board is going to be modular. You can customise everything from how many drivetrain to put on, the wheels, or fine adjust the control settings with mobile apps. Exway also made plenty of accessories available for Atlas too!

Not to forget, Exway has pretty outstanding post-sale service too.

Swappable AT & Street – Easy to Turn – Powerful

There are a few reasons why someone might want to choose an Evolve board. 1) Brand name; 2) Swappable between AT & Street wheels; 3) Proven reliable customer service 4) Double Kingpin Trucks that allow sharp turn and fun carves; 5) You live in Australia (where the boards are made).

Evolve used to be the go-to brand when it comes to pure performance. That advantage had long disappeared since the rise of the Chinese brands. Evolve also used to be known for exclusively offering the Double Kingpin trucks and the ability to switch between AT/Street wheels. This advantage was gone too, after a slew of Chinese boards started to offer one or both of these features. 

At the end of the day, Evolve still stands for its reputable brand name, reliable customer service, outstanding product polish and large group of die-hard fans. 

Best Premium Electric Shortboards: ($800-$2000)

This is where the Boosted Mini used to be, but with Boosted gone, there isn’t many options left.

Agile – Easy to Turn – Powerful

The Evolve Stoke is for someone who is looking for a well-built shortboard with premium polish. It is a shortboard with double kingpin trucks. Although it is considered heavy as a shortboard, it is still comparatively portable when put beside longboards and definitely much more maneuverable. 

Best True All Terrain Electric Skateboard: ($800-$2,000)

For those who want a board that is made to conquer hills and trails, these are the recommended options

AT – Comfortable – Stable

Count on Meepo to deliver on affordability.

Unlike the dual hub driven Meepo City Rider 1; the Meepo City Rider 2 uses a planetary gear drive (from Ecomobl) that is proven to be powerful enough for hills. It uses C&C-ed trucks and a metal enclosure to ensure the board withstands all-terrain abuse.

The deck is broad and thick, made of maple and fiberglass, also making the board comfortable to ride on and stay on when terrain got rough. 150mm airless rubber wheels are not as smooth as pneumatic wheels, but certainly more hassle free to maintain.

On the electronic side, it’s a LingYi ESC which is not buttery smooth when paired with the powerful 1500W x2 planetary gear drive, but it gives the board a strong and powerful feel. Oh, and it’s 10s4p Samsung 35E battery is a decent cell.

In short, this is the best affordable true All-Terrain out there right now. (And it is basically an Ecomobl ET (reviewed here) with different deck and without the integrated lighting system)

AT – Rugged – Stable

Ecomobl is a brand that’s rapidly rising to stardom, not only delivering great products but also showing great customer service to go with them.

The Ecomobl ET is a board that I love (and abuse). I can take it to muddy mountain trails when it rained the previous night, and the board doesn’t complain.

It’s the elder and stronger brother of the Meepo City Rider 2; it uses a powerful (and noisy) planetary gear drive, a full-length metal enclosure, and a wide deck with aggressive drops that allows a lower ride height and makes the board easy to stay on when riding on rough terrain and going up and down hills. It also uses the 150mm airless rubber wheel. Again, airless wheels are not as cushy as pneumatic wheels, but certainly more hassle free to maintain.

Much like the City Rider 2, it features a LingYi ESC which is not buttery smooth when paired with the powerful 1500W x2 planetary gear drive, but it does give the board a strong and powerful feel. Oh, and it has recently been upgraded to the great Samsung 40T cell (from the 50E), in 12s3p configuration. Oh, and there is the very convenient and practical integrated board light system (headlights, taillights, board length lights)

In short, it is a powerful board, well built, from a trusted brand, for a good price.

Check out Ecomobl ET product page (click).
(Use code ” Electric Skateboard HQ 5%OFF ” during checkout)

Double Drop Deck – Powerful – Best Hub AT

The Backfire Ranger X1 was the best all-terrain hub board when it was first released, and the Ranger X2 saw improved performance and therefore inherited the throne. Now, X3 is looking to take over.

With the 12S Hobbywing ESC and 12s3p battery configuration, The Backfire X3 is both smooth in control and powerful in torque. Its double kingpin trucks are some of the good ones.

The Ranger X3 looks damn nice but will only start delivery at the end of December 2020. Time will tell if it lives up to its expectations.

Boutique and the Beasts: (Above $2000) ​

If price is not a factor, the best electric skateboards obviously are those with meteoric price. However, ranking the boards in this segment is basically impossible, as there is just no way to compare boards at this price. When a board is selling at this price, what’s great about them usually has nothing to do with the numbers, but rather it’s all about the design. These boards are the small-scale boutique brands, or DIY based vendors that aim to craft the fiercest monster money can buy.

Now, I’m just gonna list them according to price.

The stylish one

I know, I know, it’s $1,999 and not over $2,000.

But on a performance per dollar ratio, Hoyt St belongs squarely in this super-premium boutique board list.

Not everyone can pull off the ‘same spec as Boosted but higher price’ move. Hoyt St can because it is so very well crafted.

The Jeep

Ecomobl M24 is a Bajaboard clone.

This pushes the limits of what can be defined as an electric skateboard, as the Bajaboard and M24 felt more like a small car than a skateboard.

It has a suspension system, a top speed of 30mph (48kmh), but the allure of buying a Bajaboard or this Ecomobl M24 is definitely the ability to go very off-road.

Check out Ecomobl M24 product page (click).
(Use code ” Electric Skateboard HQ 5%OFF ” during checkout)

The Powerful

If you want a high quality 2 in 1 board made in the USA, the Metroboard is it. 

Metroboard is one of the oldest brands of Eskate and has been making high quality premium electric skateboards for a while now. Their latest flagship MetroboardX is not only pushing up the price, but also doubling down on the quality, using many parts that were made specially for it. 

Of course, it also has beefy specs, as all board in this price segment usually do.

The Beast

If you want to get a premium Trampa built, get a Kaly. 

It’s powerful, uses gear drives and looks freaking cool, and I think 2/3 of us in ESHQ have one, so going by that alone it’s probably the best electric skateboard! 

It starts at $2,850 for the base model and the highest specced XL40 is ‘only’ selling at $3,600.

The Jeep (OG)

Does Bajaboard need further introduction?

The Bajaboard is the OG for true all-terrain electric skateboard, a beast that can seemingly conquer any terrain. 

One caveat about Bajaboard is, it’s difficult to buy it outside of Australia. Shipping costs, customs, taxes, and after-sales support are all hurdles that may stop you from getting the Bajaboard for those who are not in Australia.

The Tank

The Lacroix is the most expensive electric skateboard on the market right now and the Nazare Lonestar is most likely the most powerful board with the beefiest battery in production right now.

Personally, I think the Lacroix is tailored for those who are blessed with wide and endless roads, as only those roads allow one to take a long cruise at high speed. The Lacroix is a very stable ride but wasn’t the easiest to turn (or maybe it’s just not made for my weight), so it probably isn’t the board for everyone. (But those who have it swear by it!)

The Elite

I stand corrected, the Bioboards are the most expensive electric skateboard money can buy right now. Bioboards are made in Sweden, and they aim to offer the highest performance possible.

Let’s go through some numbers, their flagship – Bioboard’s Plutonium, is a board with 2WD or 4WD options, starting at $3500. Powered by a 12s6p Samsung 40T battery, it has a top speed that starts at 65kmh(40mph) and uses 4500W motors…

Final Words:

So, these are the best electric skateboards at every price point. I hope you enjoyed this list and found it helpful to make an informed purchase decision.

If you think a board is worthy of being on the list (by knocking one of them off of course), please comment below!

And again, do check out our Discount Page for our affiliated discount codes. Using them will help us out too!

12 Replies to “Best Electric Skateboards 2021 (from Budget to Premium)”

  1. NLS pro is belt drive, so the option for wheels is more vast than the v3. id say if ur not looking to buy aftermarket wheels u should stick to the v3 ER. though, ive had alot of customer service problems with them, and they tend to try to waste alot of time before solving the problem. I recommend u look into the lycaon swift, better range, higher top speed and their customer service is better, goodluck

  2. Look, I understand how important customer service is but you are giving it way too much of a weight in your reviews. Reviews should be about the board and the board only.. Reviews like this come across as paid! I just can’t understand how you rate a board that goes 11 miles a better review than a board that goes over 20? I will gladly give up a few MPH’s to gain 9+ miles on a charge.

  3. You’ve made a big mistake excluding kit boards like the BKB Duo and Tayto Dual. If the fact that they are kits bothers you, then you should note that both boards can be purchased as kits or completes. Nothing under $1500 is as powerful or customizable as BKB’s boards.

  4. HI I am Robert I am 15 year old. I am newbie in skating and have no experience can you recommend me which skateboard is suitable for me. my budget is 1200$ to 1500$. best regards.

  5. Their major flaw is they really arent that customizable hardware wise, if you want more torque, then your probably should buy bigger more powerful motors, but now you need a new esc that can handle that much power, but now you need a battery that can output that power, but now you need a bigger enclose to fit all of that, but now to fit the motors you probably will need new trucks to be able to mount the motor mounts wide enough to fit them. To upgrade something you need to upgrade almost the whole board. Sure they are cool with customizing in settings but for that price point there are boards with a much better finish, bigger battery, screened remote, better wheels, DKP(not always good but they do cost more to produce). So for a board that literally comes unassembled cutting a lot of cost, I expect much more performance.

  6. You guys never mentioned Miles boards at all. I have 2 of their boards and they are among my favorite boards out of the 5 that I own. It’s hard to even take your reviews serious without mentioning their boards. Was this something that the other manufacturers paid you to review? I’m just saying because I don’t see how you missed all of miles boards being that they are much better quality and performance than the majority of the boards you reviewed. It’s that or they don’t think to highly of your opinions and would rather not be associated with you which is where I’m going to put my money on.

  7. I have a lycaon gr which was great this winter in tahoe with no snow I put 300 miles on it..but then it stoped…meter on the chargeing side of battery reads 21.7 volts and on the big plug to esc reads 6.7 volts….it wont charge or turn on….the power button blinks 3 times and shuts off…ive asked lycaon why or what it means when it blinks and shuts off and get no reply…its a 36 volt deal and I tried a battery with 24 volts and it did the same thing…does it need a 36 volt battery to work at all and if so then hopefully the esc is good just not enough volts? Anyone thinking of opening a repair shop or E store…Lake Tahoe south side needs one bad…any comments or answers please let me know…should I send the whole board back and eat it????

  8. Usually it makes sense not to value customer service. However, in such a small industry where there are frequently breakdown and lemons it actually becomes important to have proper customer support, lest you be left with an expensive brick with broken proprietary parts/software.
    In terms of your specific qualms regarding high rating: these ratings are not universal, and the real purpose of these articles is to give you information so that you can make your own decision. For example, range might be important for one person, but another person might not like the weight while in the city. Not everyone would rock a Lonestar, even though plenty of people have the money.

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