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While Florida has proven a large e-boarding hotspot behind California and New York, the up and coming city of Tampa has proven a true hotspot for e-boarders. With a lot of downtown development and new routes to carve, enjoy wonderful views and open riding trails under the sun! For the Tampa based e-riders, check out our top 5 best e-board locations in the Tampa Bay area: 

#1 Bayshore Drive – The Perfect Coastal Ride

One of the longest rides in Tampa Bay, Bayshore Drive spans all the way from Ballast Point, past the wonderful homes and vast skyline, to the harbor of Channel Sides Spearman’s Wharf. With wide sidewalks and a not-so busy main road, Bayshore drive is well paved and is suited for both Street Wheels and AT Model riders.

Though the Global Bestsellers, Evolve e-boards are a common sighting amongst e-board groups in Tampa, you’ll find a truly diverse group of models cruising down the coastline at all times. At roughly 10 miles each way, Bayshore makes for the perfect mid to long range ride for your weekend ride or weekly commute to the University of Tampa!

#2 Davis Island Tampa

Davis island is a gem of Tampa’s downtown extension. A short ride over the bridge from the Lightning Stadium, Davis island is an environmental paradise. Boasting unique bird species, wonderful bays and beaches, as well as castle like homes that once belonged to Hollywood’s most famous.

Davis Island is a great place to test your All-Terrain electric skateboard on light sand and loose debris as you near closer to Davis Island Beach and Yacht Club. Perfect for riders with short range eboards as well or beginners looking for a quiet place to learn.

#3 Gulf Boulevard – Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is one of the most stunning e-board locations in the World. Watch the stunning sunrise or sunset with sky-line free crystal-clear views and white sandy beaches. Built for pedestrian’s, and an ideal ride outside of rush hour times, Gulf Boulevard is the perfect location to cruise at low speed to stay safe and ride for 10+ miles without a single turn!

Featuring easy-access to the cool and trendy St Pete, take a few turns inland and experience a massive change in culture! Ride past incredible murals by famous artists, stop for a Cuban sandwich from a hole in the wall and cruise past the famous First Friday party scene! 

#4 Downtown Tampa & Channel District

Undergoing a $3 Billion development plan, Channel side has changed dramatically in the past 3-4 years and so has the development of Downtown. A financial hub for Florida and brand-new developments being built by the dozens, Tampa’s once small downtown has turned into a true hub for commuters to feel like they’re amongst a bright and flashy downtown. With new restaurants, pop-ups, hole in the walls, posh restaurants and a University right in the city center, downtown and Channel side is a real urban paradise.

While the majority of downtown is well paved, cobble streets are featured, perfect for those riding with AT wheels or Cloud Wheel e-boards. The University of Tampa remains a tropical paradise and a great location for riders on penny boards looking to zip through campus so they’re not late for class (again!). Ybor city is also just around the corner and Tampa’s Cuban cultural hub for riders looking to skate past a retro and hip miniature New Orleans!

#5 Honeymoon Island State Park

Although quite the distance from Tampa City limits, Honeymoon island is an ecological paradise. Combine the perfect day at the beach with the perfect e-board ride. A tropical island in the Gulf, Honeymoon island remains part-pedestrianized and quiet without commuters, making it perfect for e-boarders looking to escape the traffic.

All-Terrain trails, grassy paths and even a road circuit for carving, take your e-board and experience riding in the jungle with the added benefit of a dip in the Ocean. Ideal for riders with AT Boards.

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