Apsuboards introduce Apsuboard All Terrain GTR Dual

In line with customers changing preferences, more and more manufacturers are jumping on the all-terrain bandwagon. This comes as no surprise as an all-terrain setup is more usable in less than ideal roads. But a mountainboard is a different beast altogether, which allows the rider to conquer all types of terrains. 

Capitalizing on their know-how on belt-driven longboards, Apsuboard has taken their first crack at making an all-terrain board, more specifically, an electric mountainboard. While have seen some all-terrain belt driven boards such as Ownboard Carbon AT, WowGo All-Terrain and the newly announced Backfire Ranger X2, they are no Mountainboards.

While all-terrain hub boards are pretty common now, many still prefer a belt-driven drivetrain for an all-terrain board as produce higher torque for having gear reduction, and torque is difficult to compromise on when it comes to AT.

Let’s have a quick look at what the Apsuboard GTR is.

The motors utilized is a 6384 which is a good size in view of the expected stress that would be put upon a mountainboard. With 3450W total from the dual motors, this should slingshot you from bend to bend with adequate ease.

Battery wise, the AT GTR Dual uses a pack of Samsung 35E battery in 10S5P configuration (630Wh 17.5AH). Apsuboard claims this is adequate to power the board up to a Cruising Range of 40KM (24.85 miles). Expect lower miles on extreme terrains. Although we prefer Samsung 30Q, the recently launched Evolve GTR proved that 35E is not too shabby.

As intended from a mountainboard, a pair of channel trucks with springs is utilized up front and back. The quality of the trucks, especially on a mountainboard, is important for safety, stability and maneuverability reason. The one on the GTR seems to be the typical mountainboard trucks that lean towards stability rather than maneuverability but it’s difficult to tell without actually stepping on one.

From our previous stint with Apsuboard X1, we remarked the choice of using a LingYi ESC(old version) was an Achilles heel to an otherwise outstanding value board. Apsuboard was quick to point out upon our inquiry that the new GTR will be using an updated ESC which is different but it’s not Hobbywing. The verdict is still out on that matter until we have our own review unit. It is interesting to note that the new and cheaper Apsuboard SP2 longboard is using a customized Hobywing instead of LingYi ESC. 

Pushing into the 4 digits price barrier at 1299 USD, not many Chinese manufacturers can claim success within this price range. However, if one wants a true electric mountainboard, this is probably the minimum price of admission. Spec-wise, the price is appropriate with the collection of parts provided but whether it all comes together in a compelling package is soon to be seen. I mean, what are the alternatives? The cheaper but weaker and less refined DIYEboard?

Well… it’s an option.

All things aside, Apsuboards willingness to innovate and push their product line is surely commendable. This remains the first & only electric mountainboard by the Chinses manufacturers. Perhaps this is the start of something greater for Apsuboard and the community at large will benefit too.

Check out Apsuboard AT GTR Dual by clicking here.

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