Electric Skateboard Comparison Chart (June 2017)

Edit: Chart updated at 9/6/17 after a few error were pointed out by fellow Redditor.
Correction made: Arc Board range, Metroboard speed.
Marbel 2.0 charted.
Motor type included in the graph as suggested by /u/tm0587.
Any other error please do let me know in the comments, thank you!

There are so many electric skateboards out on the market right now, that it is very difficult to compare board to board even on a narrow dimension such as only the speed and range.
Thanks to the spreadsheet made public by /u/Eboarding, I made a few charts to help visualize the state of electric skateboard right now.

Electric skateboard comparison chart
Top speed VS range, in metric units. Click to enlarge.
Electric Skateboard comparison chart.
Top speed VS range, in freedom units. Click to enlarge.



There were only 3 things shown in the chart. The top speed of the board, the range of the board and the weight of the board. (Weight was shown as the size of the bubble.)
Sadly, I couldn’t include other factors into a single chart, such as the type of motor, is the battery exchangeable, is the board waterproof and other features.

Interesting things were shown by the chart:

Best value per dollar?

I was curious what electric skateboard give the best value per dollar performance wise.

So I used a simple formula (Top Speed+Range)/Price to plot another chart comparing boards.

Granted, this was a very crude way to measure performance not to mention the quality of the board and the features of the boards were not considered. Even if not completely useful, it is interesting.

PS: Comparing just top speed and price yield a similar graph.

Crude as it is, something interesting can be seen here:

  • It won’t surprise anyone that generic board such as Genesis Hellfire, LiftBoard were among best performers per dollar.
  • Yuneec E-go2 was well known for its cheap price and good range, so it is no surprise that it is one of the best value board on the chart.
  • The Mellow has high aspiration on quality and hence comes with a hefty price. Hence, it was expected to have the poorest performance/price ratio.
  • Arc board is the most premium small board of all, probably the best in quality too.
  • Walnutt Spectra Mini promised a lot for its price and size. That’s why I backed one. Let’s hope it doesn’t over promise and under deliver.

I hope the charts somewhat helps you to have an idea on the boards that are available right now, and help you make a buying decision.

By the way, Walnutt Spectra’s Indiegogo campaign is finishing in days and Raptor 2’s promo and free shipping might be ending soon.

I apologize if I get any specification wrong, and as the price of the board keeps changing, the chart might become obsolete with time.

Let me know in the comment if you too find the chart interesting.!


Below are the data that I used to make the graph.

BoardPrice (USD)Range (km)Speed (km/h)Weight (kg)Range (miles)Speed (mph)Weight (lbs) 
Evolve Bamboo Street114930 km35 km/h8.2 kg18.621.718.1Link
Evolve Carbon Street154940 km35 km/h8.5 kg24.921.718.7Link
Evolve One110035 km42 km/h7.4 kg21.726.116.3Link
Evolve Bamboo GT Street144935 km42 km/h7.9 kg21.726.117.4Link
Evolve Carbon GT Street199950 km42 km/h7.9 kg31.126.117.4Link
Boosted Single (2nd Gen) Ext.109923 km30 km/h6.4 kg14.318.614.1Link
Boosted Dual (2nd Gen) Ext.149919 km32 km/h7 kg11.819.915.4Link
Boosted Dual+ (2nd Gen) Ext.169919 km35 km/h7 kg11.821.715.4Link
Enertion Raptor 2151040 km45 km/h9 kg24.928.019.8Promo Link (200 AUD off)
Metroboard 33″ Slim109916 km38 km/h6.8 kg9.919.915.0Link
Metroboard 41″ Slim119964 km38 km/h10.3 kg39.819.922.7Link
Metroboard 41” Dual179942 km34 km/h10.8 kg26.121.123.8Link
ZBoard 2 Blue129926 km32 km/h7.7 kg16.219.917.0Link
ZBoard 2 Pearl149938 km32 km/h8.6 kg23.619.919.0Link
Inboard M1139916 km32 km/h7.5 kg9.919.916.5Promo Link ($100 off)
STARY89915 km30 km/h5.2 kg9.318.611.5Link
Yuneec E-Go 255030 km20 km/h6.3 kg18.612.413.9Amazon Link
Acton Blink Lite2998 km16 km/h3.5 kg5.09.97.7Promo Link (15% off)
Acton Blink S69911 km24 km/h4.5 kg6.814.99.9Promo Link (15% off)
Acton Blink S299922.5km29 km/h5.4 kg1418.015.5Promo Link (15% off)
Acton Blink QU4TRO169935 km37 km/h7.7 kg21.723.017.0Promo Link (15% off)
29” TORQUE Speedster59911 km35 km/h4.5 kg6.821.79.9Link
TORQUE Rocket Single119940 km48 km/h6.4 kg24.929.814.1Link
TORQUE Rocket FreeFlow139932 km48 km/h9 kg19.929.819.8Link
TORQUE Rocket Dual139927 km48 km/h7.3 kg16.829.816.1Link
Jed Dual Wheel Drive119920 km35 km/h6.4 kg12.421.714.1Link
Jed All Wheel Drive159935 km35 km/h7.9 kg21.721.717.4Link
Unik Single & Dual Motor168730 km40 km/h6 kg18.624.913.2Link
Arc Board65113 km25 km/h3.5 kg8.115.57.7Link
Arc Aileron97718 km35 km/h4.3 kg11.221.79.5Link
Epic Racer 500 pro109730 km35 km/h8.6 kg18.621.719.0Link
Epic Racer 3200 fly81910 km42 km/h7.5 kg6.226.116.5Link
Epic Racer 3200 pro91530 km42 km/h8.2 kg18.626.118.1Link
Epic Racer 2800 fly94410 km38 km/h6.9 kg6.223.615.2Link
Epic Racer 2800 pro106130 km38 km/h7.5 kg18.623.616.5Link
Epic Dominator 4000 fly13547 km42 km/h18.3 kg4.326.140.3Link
Ollin Freeride Dual Drive220064 km45 km/h10 kg39.828.022.0Link
Carvon R-EVO199935 km56 km/h8.2 kg21.734.818.1Link
Carvon EVO4299932 km64 km/h8.6 kg19.939.819.0Link
Fiik Mini4998 km15 km/h3.5 kg5.09.37.7Amazon Link
Paradox50010 km25 km/h4.5 kg6.215.59.9Amazon Link
E-wheelin i460010 km25 km/h4.3 kg6.215.59.5
KooWheel/Genesis Hellfire47932 km40 km/h7.9 kg19.924.917.4Amazon Link
Buffalo F1 Single49928 km30 km/h6.8 kg17.418.615.0Link
Buffalo F1 Dual69920 km38 km/h7.8 kg12.423.617.2Link
BenchWheel/Liftboard50020 km30 km/h7.9 kg12.418.617.4Amazon Link
Shia Backfire103520 km30 km/h6 kg12.418.613.2Amazon Link
Mellow Board159315 km40 km/h6 kg9.324.913.2Link
Mellow Board 4×4302325 km40 km/h10 kg15.524.922.0Link
Walnutt Spectra Mini32910.4 km20 km/h3.4 kg6.512.37.5Link
Walnutt Spectra Advanced53919.84 km25 km/h5 kg12.315.411.0Link
Walnutt Spectra Pro83919.84 km25 km/h5.4 kg12.315.412.0Link
Walnutt Spectra Silver119932 km35 km/h6.9 kg19.921.615.4Link

Chart with prettier graphic can be seen also at e-skateboarding.com

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    1. Hey we meet again!
      1 week using my free time after work.

      It was difficult and daunting process for me but the end result is just so satisfying.

      Plus now I can use the chart to gauge new boards that comes out!

      Worth it!

  1. The Jed Board Specs here don’t align with whats on the site and in other articles of info, is this like placeholder until the board can be reviewed or based on any test?

  2. This is a fantastic analysis. The best comparison I have found in google about skateboards. Thanks for the great work on this.


    1. glad you like it! I am updating the top speed VS range chart from time to time! You can check it out at the Comparison chart and infographics tab!

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