Introducing the Arca Accessories Pack by Alterbags!

Introducing the Arca Accessories Pack by Alterbags!

It is designed as the perfect complement for the Native Backpack, providing additional storage compartments for tools, spare batteries, chargers and even cameras for those who like to travel with most of their gear.

Additionally, it provides the flexibility to either use it together with a backpack or if you want to, strap it to your electric skateboard, pack in your essential items and go for a ride! A great option for those who want to travel light or riders with much heavier boards that makes more sense to drag than lug around on a backpack.

A brief summary of the features is shown below:

  • Designed with 2 sections for additional layers of storage. Includes padded zipper pouch, 2 anti slip grid panels and a larger padded section with removable inserts. Perfect for those hefty 12s battery chargers. Approximate dimensions are 12.5″ L, 9.5″ W, 4.5″ H. Fits perfectly with all Native Backpacks

  • Molle attachment grid on the back to allow for additional add-ons of various accessories. Included are 2 straps that can be used to secure your pack to your boards. Perfect for those days you just want to go for ride light and without a backpack but still have some essential items with you

  • Has a zipper security slot for keeping them tucked away neat and discreet

  • Outer material is treated with water repellent coating and paired with water resistant zippers.

  • Padded interiors and handle. For protection of your items and provide a comfortable carrying experience.

The Arca Accessory Pack is now shipping (ships on 11 September 2020).

So, if you are interested do check it out at for more information!

If you are interested in buying Alterbag/ Arca Accessory Pack, be sure to use code: “ESK8HQ” during check out.
It will help you get a 5% discount and helps us out too. On top of that, you’ll be tagged as an Electric Skateboard HQ customer and probably be treated better. Cheers!

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