Electric Skateboarding is quietly having a very good year

When Boosted went down, I was very concerned. I was concerned not to the fact that we lost an eskate option, but to the fact that the electric skateboarding sport has lost its biggest advocate.

Without Boosted continued effort to promote electric skateboarding, fewer and fewer people might get into the sport, or so I feared.

However, time proved that the worry was unfounded.

Boosted went out of business in March 2020, and then the pandemic hit. These should be two huge blows to the niche, but what we see is that the interest in electric skateboarding remains strong.

Take a look at the Google Trend:

The interest in Electric Skateboarding (blue), based on the number of google searches on the term “Electric skateboard”, stayed the same as before the pandemic hits.

Since 2020 and into 2021, we see existing brands continue to expand and release new products, and from where we (ElectricSkateboardHQ) sits, we received even more request for reviews from both existing and new brands that we could barely keep up.

If new boards and new brands are not a good indicator of sales, sales of electric skateboards on Amazon definitely should be. Not sure if anyone noticed, but electric skateboards are selling quite well on Amazon to the point that Meepo V3 once sat on the bestseller list under the board category “Longboards”. Everyone who was looking for a standard longboard on Amazon will be greeted by this thing call electric skateboards. Free promotion for electric skateboarding!


I guess I’m just happy that the sport is growing. Hopefully, with more people into the niche, electric skateboarding can be as mainstream as cycling both as a form of commute and as a hobby. Maybe then, legislators will stop asking us to install handlebars on eskate! 

Evolve launches the Hadean Series – How does it fare amongst competitors?

Yesterday (1st July 2021), Evolve Electric Skateboard launched a new line-up of electric skateboards, the Hadean series. Unlike many assumed, the Hadean series will not replace the existing GTR series but lives alongside it, or to put it more accurately, “above it”.

The most unexpected part of it? The price!

Evolve Hadean Bamboo starts at $2,549 USD and the Hadean Carbon at $2,899 USD. This put it amongst boutiques boards such as the Metroboard X ($2,574-$2,699), Kaly board ($2,850-$3,600) and the Lacroix family ($2,500 – $4,000). Heck, you could even get a heavy-duty all-terrain board such as the Propel X4s ($2,650) that has a spec that blew Hadean series out of the water!!

Evolve Hadean Series, the specs:

What’s great about the Evolve Hadean Series

To summarised the points on Evolves’ YouTube marketing video for the Hadean (as compare to Evolve GTR):

  • Big battery with 21700 cells (12s4p)
  • Stronger Motor (3000W x 2, 6368)
  • More durable remote
  • More refined speed control (FOC finally)
  • Smart power on (finally!)
  • Cool Design
    • Forged Carbon Chassis for the Hadean Carbon
    • Board length RGB LED lights
  • Other things that refined the riding experience
    • Less likely to overheat
    • Refined deck: Wider deck, and longer wheelbase for comfort

The best Evolve yet

After laying down all the strengths of the Evolve Hadean, everybody should agree that the Hadean is a significant improvement over the older GTR series. Many in the sport love Evolve for the refined design, polished build, and the feel-good factor that comes from the power of the brand.

The critiques, however, will be quick to point out that the best Evolve, are no better than other boards that we already have, and Hadean is at this point, just playing catch up on spec, while also being massively overpriced.

What Evolve fixed with Hadean, has always been what they are notoriously bad about. Evolve’s speed control has always been lagging behind the popular Hobbywing ESC, which had been using FOC for years; having 2 powerful motors doesn’t justify the price when you can just instead put 4 regular motors and make it an all wheel drive.

Evolve Hadean, will inevitably be compared to the Exway Atlas, which are only shipping now after delays due to battery supply shortage, and I’ll leave you with the charts to compare.

At the end of the day, Evolve’s Hadean Series is a great board for Evolve Rider that wants something more.

At the end of the day, Evolve Hadean is a product designed and made for Evolve fans who wants more. Better control, better power, more range, more refined ride, Hadean is definitely going to deliver on those. If you aren’t an Evolve fan to begin with, Hadean is very unlikely to be the product that makes you fall in love with the brand.

Evolve’s Press Release: Evolve skateboards launches the Hadean Series

Queensland, Australia, July 1, 2021 – Evolve Skateboards, the global leader in electric skateboards, has announced the official launch of the Hadean Series. Haden will offer four times more performance than its predecessor the GTR series which was launched in 2019 and 37% more battery capacity with a top speed of 31mph, making it the most advanced electric skateboard ever produced. 

The Hadean Carbon is the world’s first chassis style frame, a patent-pending design that allowed Evolve to increase performance without compromising on size and the sleek low profile look they are known for. To achieve the strength required in the deck frame construction Evolve came up with another first for electric skateboarding – forged carbon fiber, the likes of which can be found on top-of-the-line high-performance supercars like Lamborghini. The deck also includes another first for the industry, air vents, which help to keep the internal electronics cool. 

“Since the successful launch of our Carbon GTR series in 2019, we have looked to advance our product into a board that produces greater performance while maintaining the sleek, integrated electrical design the GTR is famous for,” said Jeff Anning, Founder of Evolve Skatebaords. “Improved performance required increased size of the battery and motors and this innovation overcame a size constraint that could improve the users’ control and riding experience.”

Evolve has teamed up with an Australian company that excels in motor controller design to create an entirely new proprietary motor controller for the brand, the E-FOC. With experience in military drones and other high-end products, the teams collaborated on everything from schematics to the highest quality bill of materials to ensure the E-FOC is the most advanced motor controller Evolve has ever created, revolutionising how smoothly a rider can harness the intense power produced by the Hadean’s dual 3000w motors and 12S battery structure. 

The Hadean Carbon is the world’s first “chassis” skateboard deck, composed of forged carbon fiber, a material found in aircraft and race cars. The seamless integration of technology and ride performance is achieved through a forged carbon composite frame. The high fiber content and variation in strand orientation creates the strength needed to support a next-generation electric system without adding unnecessary bulk. With this board, the rider will experience better performance, including speed and range, without compromising the best riding feeling.

The Hadean Series uses 21700 lithium-Ion battery cells and 2 x 3000-watt electric motors to power itself. It produces zero carbon emissions and can travel up to 43 miles on a single charge. Due to its portable nature, it is an ideal, environmentally friendly urban form of transportation. Sustainable and active commuting is here to stay.


Remote: The Phaze remote has a new design for hardcore conditions. It is built to last, housed in a machined alloy frame with rubber sides. It also hosts an array of smart features such as speed control, light adjustments, and board diagnostics.

Smart lighting system: The Bluetooth connection between the Phaze remote and deck provides real-time hazard lights when the brake is applied, enhancing both the rider and surrounding individual’s safety when travelling. The lights also serve as an indicator for low-battery, board updates and various other scenarios.

App: The Explore by Evolve App opens even greater levels of customization, with the introduction of power, acceleration and brake curves and a user may also dial in their inbuilt lights with dual colors and full RGB color selection. The app can also be used to view board diagnostics and track their rides using GPS to compete on a global leader board.

Perfect Stance: We have refined the contours and widths of our decks to provide the optimal stance for all riders, creating space for a wider foot stance without expanding the wheelbase of the board.

Versatility: The 2-in-1 version, which includes the all-terrain and street set up, are available for both decks. 

To learn more about Evolve Skateboards visit www.evolveskateboardsusa.com/
and follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

About Evolve Skateboards 
Evolve Skateboards is the leading company in the electric skateboard industry. We spent ten years meticulously designing, testing and optimising every part of our boards so riders can experience the best electric skateboards in the world. With more than 15 awards and service centres and distributors now servicing over 40 countries, Evolve Skateboards has a growing number of loyal customers worldwide.

The company was born on the Gold Coast, Australia, through sheer passion and obsession for finding the link between snowboarding, surfing and all things carving on land. Evolve’s electric skateboards are made by riders for riders. Since 2008, Evolve has been developing aesthetically refined, quality electric skateboards focused on the best feeling ride possible. In 2011, Evolve designed the world’s first carbon fiber electric skateboard and the world’s first 2 in 1 electric skateboard and in 2021, the world’s first “chassis” skateboard deck.

Shredlights SL-1000: A super bright flashlight for skateboards and any PEV.

On 24th November 2020, Shredlights releases a new product – the SL-2000.

If you don’t already know, Shredlights has always been the gold standard when it comes to lighting solutions for electric skateboard (and also all PEV). Their staple product SL-200 is famous for their durability, brightness, easy and versatile mounting system, and Shredlights the brand itself are known to give outstanding after-sale service.

The only complaints that anyone ever had on Shredlights is the high price. So of course they responded by releasing the SL-1000, an upgraded version of the SL-200 that’s brighter and more premium! /s

SL-1000 at a glance:

It’s $79.99 for a SINGLE PACK and will only start shipping early January.

  • 1000 lumen bright that promise 100 feet (30 meters) of visibility
  • Modular Lens to allow adding in a diffuser to adjust the beam angle
  • 5 brightness setting
    • 50 Lumens
    • 250 Lumens
    • 500 Lumens
    • 750 Lumens
    • 1000 Lumens
  • 4 Flash modes
  • Controlled by 2 buttons
  • A lockout mode to prevent it from being switched on accidentally
  • Charged via USB-C
  • Waterproof IP X7
  • LED indicator for battery level
  • 3.5AH battery (Samsung 18650)
  • Same S-lock mounting system as the SL-200. meaning, mounts for Eskate, Scooter, Onewheels, Bikes, Helmet are all readily available.


Jokes aside, it is really great to see Shredlights not resting on its laurels and continues to improve on an already great product. While I’ve never heard anyone complain about SL-200 for its brightness (it’s always the price), brighter is always better, isn’t it?

Being the brightest light out there is itself alluring, and when you combine that with the new sophisticated features that the SL-1000 now has, then you can’t really fault Shredlights for boasting about SL-1000 being the new standard for skateboard lights. Because it really is.

$79.99 though.

If you are interested in buying a Shredligths, be sure to check out our affiliate discount link here and uses code: “ESKATEHQ” during check out.
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Introducing the Arca Accessories Pack by Alterbags!

Introducing the Arca Accessories Pack by Alterbags!

It is designed as the perfect complement for the Native Backpack, providing additional storage compartments for tools, spare batteries, chargers and even cameras for those who like to travel with most of their gear.

Additionally, it provides the flexibility to either use it together with a backpack or if you want to, strap it to your electric skateboard, pack in your essential items and go for a ride! A great option for those who want to travel light or riders with much heavier boards that makes more sense to drag than lug around on a backpack.

A brief summary of the features is shown below:

  • Designed with 2 sections for additional layers of storage. Includes padded zipper pouch, 2 anti slip grid panels and a larger padded section with removable inserts. Perfect for those hefty 12s battery chargers. Approximate dimensions are 12.5″ L, 9.5″ W, 4.5″ H. Fits perfectly with all Native Backpacks

  • Molle attachment grid on the back to allow for additional add-ons of various accessories. Included are 2 straps that can be used to secure your pack to your boards. Perfect for those days you just want to go for ride light and without a backpack but still have some essential items with you

  • Has a zipper security slot for keeping them tucked away neat and discreet

  • Outer material is treated with water repellent coating and paired with water resistant zippers.

  • Padded interiors and handle. For protection of your items and provide a comfortable carrying experience.

The Arca Accessory Pack is now shipping (ships on 11 September 2020).

So, if you are interested do check it out at www.alterbags.com for more information!

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Enskate R3 Mini Preview – Will this be a good ‘campus’ board?

Enskate as a company has been a pretty good sport – If you remember, I made fun of their dildo shaped remote back when I reviewed their Enskate Woboard S, but they still came back to us courteously and even sponsoring this news to get the word out for their new product: Enskate R3 Mini.

Sorry, NSFW.
They’ve since then switched to a standard LingYi controller.

What is this Enskate R3 Mini about?

Enskate R3 Mini is a $399 Hobbywing dual-hub shortboard that is not heavy on specs but is light in weight. It uses a 2.5AH battery pack that uses Samsung 25R in 10s1p configuration. Enskate marketed a max range of 12.5miles (20km), however, my experience with Samsung 25R tells me that 8.5miles (12km) will be a more realistic expectation.

Enskate R3 Mini also has a marketed top speed for 21.7mph (35kmh), which is a pretty standard number for a shortboard.

Alright, so what’s the selling point here?

“Hey Paxson, don’t we already have lots of $399 boards in the market?” you may ask.

You are exactly right, random stranger! We do have lots of choices when it comes to budget shortboard at this price. However! None of them is IP54 weather-proof like the Enskate R3 Mini is. Did I tell you a story where my friend had to get his $500 shortboard repaired 2 times after he got caught in the rain twice while riding the board to work?

Now, painting the rest of the picture

R3 Mini has one of the cleaner design.

Enskate R3 Mini is using an 8-ply Canadian Maple deck with a functional kicktail. Needless to say, having a kicktail will be really helpful for tight turns, provided you know how to use it.

R3 Mini uses a dual 450W hub motor with swappable sleeves. Nothing special about these as these hubs are pretty standard.

90mm 78A wheels
Standard Hobbywing Remote.
No complimentary sex toy for you this time.

Short summary:

Enskate R3 Mini is not made to be the best board ever, but it does fill certain needs very well. (Full review will be coming later.)

  • Portable (13lbs /6kg)
  • Intuitive control (with standard Hobbywing ESC)
  • Weatherproof (IP 54)
  • Budget pricing ($399 after shipping)
  • Standard top-speed (21.7mph/ 35kmh)
  • Uninspiring range (2.5AH battery)

Oh yeah, it ships from California Warehouse (1-5 days).

If you are interested in buying an Enskate, be sure to check out our affiliate discount link here and uses code: “ESKATEHQ” during check out.
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