Let’s welcome Arc Board!

The first Electric Skateboard from Singapore,
Arc board is conceived at kickstarter and has actually succeeded at keeping to it’s timeline,
delivering on time at December !
(24th December to be exact)
Just in time for Christmas!

A small package with huge power,
can Arc Board be the Bruce Lee of electric skateboard and bring popularity of electric skateboard to the Asian country?

Similar to Inboard M1, Arc Board is designed to be an urban transporter.
Looking at the design, it’s very apparent that the designers from Singapore has Singapore city in mind when designing the board (Singapore=Crowded city, good side walk, well distributed MRT and bus route.)

With MRT and buses as the primary commute option, a small portable electric skateboard will be the perfect vehicle to & fro MRT stations, Bus stop & point A/B/C/D.
Electric Long Boards like M1/ Boosted Board are just too big to bring into a crowded MRT. (One day they might even fine you for doing that.)

Small Body
At 22.0″(55.9cm) the board is one of the most compact electric skateboard (smaller than Acton Blink Lite @27.5/69.85cm) on the market right now. 

Huge Punch
However, the small body doesn’t make it any less powerful.
Having a top Speed of 16 mph(26kmh), the board is as fast as a single motor Boosted Board and goes as far as a Boosted Board with extended battery (11.3miles/ 18km)!

2 person 1 board.
(Disclaimer: A cute girlfriend is not included when purchasing an Arc Board)

Nothing Fancy
Keeping it simple, arc board lacks other bells and whistles like companion app or swappable battery.
Good thing that it is water resistant to some extent and should be able to handle light rain and puddles just fine.

Ugh, Belt motor should go extinct already..
Arc board choose to use a Brushless Motor, the one with belts.
I would definitely prefer hub motor as I hate to have to change the belt when it torn.

To summarize,
Arc board is a simple electric skateboard with a portable body, a midrange price, great power and range.
And nothing fancy.

You can think of it as an Acton Blink Lite on steroid (& 3 times pricier),
or a skateboard size boosted board (& with half the price),
or a skateboard size Yuneec E-go2 with better power. (same price range).

For me, the significant of it is: it is the only board coming from South East Asia, and I wish it the best of luck!

Price: ≈$620! (899SGD)

  • Size: Skateboard
    (22.0″ x 7.7″ x 3.9″/ 55.9cm x 19.6cm x 9.9cm)
  • Top Speed: Good (16 mph/ 26kmh)
  • Range: Great (11.3miles/ 18km) 
  • Charge time:
    Fast Charging (0-80% in 40 minutes, 100% in 70 minutes)
  • Incline: Good. (15%/ 8.53°)
  • Weight: Portable! 8.81lbs /3.999kg
  • Battery: 4200mAh LiFePo4 Battery Pack with Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Motor: 1200W Brushless Motor
  • Brake: Regenerative braking.
  • Wheel Size: -NA-
  • Remote: –
  • Companion app: –
  • Waterproof: satisfactory

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  1. You left out an important point: It has Fast Charge. Just 40 minutes to get to 80% battery. As far as I know, this is the only board that has it. If you know of others, let us know. Aside from every board needing an app, every board needs Fast Charge. Keep up the great work here!

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