Maxfind Releases the Max 6 – $569 with ambient light!

Maxfind, a veteran electric skateboard brand, just released the Maxfind Max 6 in April 2024.

A belt-driven electric longboard, the Maxfind Max 6 is available at $569 for the version with PU wheels and $629 for the version with 105mm Galaxy Cloudwheels. This pricing strategy places the Max 6 between the more affordable Max 5 Pro, priced at $499, and the premium FF series, starting at $799.

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Max 6 is a Good-Looking Board

The design of the Max 6 maintains Maxfind’s familiar grey and red theme, enhanced with RGB atmospheric lights. These lights, developed in collaboration with Soundynamic, feature 10 dynamic modes, allowing riders to customize the board’s appearance.

The deck, made from a composite material (X-composite + Glass Fiber), is similar to that used in diving boards. It is a well-designed deck with electronics integrated within. It has a good amount of concave (U-concave with a 7mm deep footwell) that helps with board control and comfort during longer rides.

Photo of Maxfind Max 6 deck.
Maxfind Max 6 has 7mm wheel-well and use rubberized grip tape.

The fact that the Max 6 is an integrated deck with electronics embedded within means the board has better waterproofing, securing the Max 6 an IPX5 waterproof rating.

Photo of ESC compartment of the Maxfind Max 6
Electronics compartments are embedded in the deck, hence waterproof.

Range is What the Maxfind Max 6 Excels At

“We aim to position the MAX6 as a product with exceptional range capabilities. Our emphasis is not on high discharge rates, so the speed is not exceptionally high. The primary advantages lie in the range and riding experience,” said Maxfind.

Photo showing the battery compartment in the Maxfind Max 6
10s2p Samsung 21700 inside.

Maxfind has designed the Max 6 with a focus on extended range capabilities, incorporating a 10s2p battery pack with Samsung 21700 cells. This setup supports up to 31 miles (50 km) on a single charge, catering to e-skaters looking for something better than <$500 entry-level electric skateboards that usually have a 15-mile (25 km) range.

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Forged Trucks are Always Welcome

The Max 6 features forged trucks, which are more durable and generally perform better than the cast trucks found on most mid-range electric skateboards. In fact, some boards priced over $1000 don’t even come with forged trucks.

Specifications of Maxfind Max 6

  • Range: 31 Miles / 50 Km
  • Speed: 26 Mph / 42 Kph
  • Motor Power: 900W*2
  • Motor Torque: 5Nm*2
  • Battery: SAMSUNG 21700 10S2P, 10Ah, 360Wh
  • Deck Design: Integrated
  • Deck Material: X-composite + Glass Fiber
  • Deck Surface: Frosting Material
  • Light: RGB Atmospheric Lighting
  • Trucks: Max III 45° Truck, 280 mm CNC Precision Forging
  • Dimension: 38x11x5 inches
  • Braking System: Electronic Regenerative Braking
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX5
  • Wheels: PU Wheels 90mm / Galaxy Cloudwheels 105 mm
  • Weight: 9.48kg/ 20.9 lbs
  • Charging Time: 3 Hours with 2A Fast Charger
  • Cruise Control System: Yes
  • App: Tuya
Photo of the nose of the deck and impact protector of the Maxfind Max 6
Impact protector at the nose of the deck. This is the kind of details that other brands may lack.

Final Words

We really like the design of the Max 6. The sleek design and the RGB ambient light are features that are rarely seen at $600. It is a polished board that’s put together really well, much different from other budget brands that rely heavily on off-the-shelf parts. While it is not a speed monster, it has a healthy range and would be a great choice for anyone looking for a mid-range electric skateboard.

Maxfind Max 6 is a pretty board

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