Meepo Release Meepo Mini 2

Following the announcement of Meepo City Rider, Meepo NLS Pro, Meepo V3, MeepoBoard announced another new product – Meepo Mini 2 on the 31st May.

The new Mini 2 saw a refresh in design. The short-board deck obviously took inspiration from the Boosted Mini, using a short deck with a “Deep Dish” concave. Judging from how well the Boosted Mini was received, Meepo fans probably would be very happy with the new deck choice.

As compared to the previous gen Mini, Mini 2 has a longer wheelbase, allowing more stability. It is also broader to eliminate wheel bites by shoes.

A very important thing to note is that Mini 2 is no longer just a shortboard variant of their regular longboard (v2/v3). Though most of the parts are shared, the Mini 2 uses MEEPO FOC ESC (Hobbywing ESC) while V3 uses customized LingYi ESC.

On paper, I expect Mini 2 to have a much smoother acceleration and braking as compared to the V3, which focuses on power and torque.

Meepo Mini 2 comes in two variants, the standard variant and the variant with an extended battery. The standard Mini 2 will cost $429 (including shipping) and the Extended Range variant will cost $629.
(They probably should just call them Meepo Mini S and Meepo Mini X, or is that going too far?)

Mini 2 will come with the Night Ride remote. There is a remote with a screen (N2 remote) in development and will be open for purchase when it is available.

The board will start shipping from China on 9th June.

Interested but on the fence? Stay tune for our full review!

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