FÄBOARD release FÄBOARD Black Carve.

On 26th May, FÄBOARD, the brand by Youtuber Fabian Doerig announced it’s the second line of product, the FÄBOARD Black Carve.

FÄBOARD Black Carve was designed following the blueprint of Evolve Bamboo GT. It has a very similar double drop deck, and it too uses double kingpin trucks.

However, this is where the similarity ends; the Black Carve uses smaller battery pack 360wh but manages to get more range out of it (26miles/42km) by opting to use the more efficient and quieter direct drive set-up. Using direct drive also allows the Black Carve to switch between standard street wheels or 100mm airless “Mini-AT” wheels. However, the bulky direct drive also means that the drive has little to no ground clearance. That also limits the use of wheel size lower than 100mm.

Direct drive with almost no ground clearance

Control should be smooth with what looks like an Hobbywing ESC. Riding experience should be pretty good too.

To summarize, I think FÄBOARD Black Carve is a very interesting product with good value! The remaining question would be, can Faboard prove itself as a reliable company and deliver on it’s promise? What do you think?

Link to Faboard Black Carve here.

4 thoughts on “FÄBOARD release FÄBOARD Black Carve.

  1. It’s kind of interesting that you’re advertising the black Harvard because everybody’s got their money and invested and there’s not one board been shipped out yet and I can’t get an answer from

  2. Hey Chris,
    I think I have to clarify a few things.
    1) I am not advertising for anyone here. I am simply documenting what is the latest news I manage to gather in Electric Skateboard world and my interpretation of them.

    2) Did you just mention people who buy the product didn’t get the board? Tell me more about this, cause I haven’t heard about that from the community and online groups that I am in, I will have to warn others if that is indeed true.

    “The remaining question would be, can Faboard prove itself as a reliable company and deliver on it’s promise?”
    I’m taking it as a no then? Do tell me more!

  3. Wrong I was asking if anybody has received their black carve & That was quite a while ago I have sensed received my black carve It’s a good board and lots of power but only one thing it only arrived with the one set of wheels that were neither or the ones that were advertised but besides that it’s a decent bored it’s what is it it’s very fast and it exactly what is the name carves great i’m sure it’s even going to be better when I replace the cheap wheels it came with worse some better ones but it will do for now they’re not airless they’re just regular china black look like a 96 mm wheels and that was only set that arrived with it but like I said the besides all that it’s a wonderful board Just to follow up on my last review set the record straight Oh yeah and while so whatever thing I’m quite older than you and I know I’ve been skating about as long as you’ve been alive I was raised in Santa Monica California and I used to skate pro in the 80s so it is what it is

  4. So I looked into this board and none of it is custom made the entire board is just dropped shipped from China and they just slapped his brand on the board. It’s distributed by the onewow boards in China. I saw the add on Alibaba.com so that means you should be seeing a lot of DIY clones just like this one on the market. Honestly I would even advertise this

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