Meepo releases NLS Pro

Update: Check out our NLS Pro full review by clicking here.

The Meepo NLS is already well known for being one of the most comfortable rides among electric skateboards. However, the crew at Meepo has just outdone themselves with the newly released Meepo NLS Pro. The new board has several notable upgrades to it including an increased power by 30%, added range up to 20 miles, and some atheistic improvements for a relatively small $100 increase to the price tag.

old NLS

To build upon the well-loved Meepo NLS, the Meepo NLS Pro deck uses the same deck, which is a combination of three layers of bamboo and two layers of fiberglass. What Meepo adds on the new PRO, however, is a thick, shock-absorbing layer of grip tape, providing an additional layer of comfort for the rider. The added grip tape also helps to conceal the wire running along the top of the deck, which though doesn’t impact the ride, is an absolute eyesore.

With looks aside, the three speed Meepo NLS Pro doesn’t require a turbo mode for a temporary increased torque to allow the board to reach its marketed top speed of up to 32 mph(51kmh). The switch to a better Samsung 40T battery also means that NLS Pro now has an increased range of 20miles(32.2km).

Significant performance upgrades aside, the most anticipated change still has to be the switch to customized Hobbywing ESC. A less than perfect control has been the Achilles heel of the original NLS, and switching over to Hobbywing ESC will promise a perfectly smooth acceleration and braking.

It’s worth noting that NLS Pro will come with some pretty useful accessory including a free-standing skateboard rack and extra macaroons bushings (83A White, 96A Blue).

Meepo currently has the Meepo NLS Pro in stock and advertises shipping from their China base warehouse within three business days.

Expect a full performance review of the Meepo NLS Pro by us in the coming weeks.

Update: Check out our NLS Pro review by clicking here.

Click here to check out Meepo NLS Pro.

3 thoughts on “Meepo releases NLS Pro

  1. Hello,
    Is the NLS Pro not just a V.3 with bigger wheels / sleeves and a slightly different form of the board?
    The power seems to be identical and the difference in top speed could be explained by the different size of the wheels / sleeves.
    Maybe this is worthwhile being investigated.

    1. Interesting take! I’ve always thought about comparing NLS and NLS Pro, never Pro with V3.

      But I would say it wasnt the same.

      Right off the bat, the most important diffetent would be the ESC. V3 is using the LingYi ESC with smart turn on, while NLS pro is using a customized Hobbywing ESC.

      I dont know how good is the latest iteration of LingYi ESC but Hobbywing ESC has been tried and true in providing the smoothest control possible.

  2. They are very different boards, despite looking similar. I personally have ordered an NLS Pro, after doing significant research comparing these boards in particular. Below is how I understand these boards to be designed and marketed:

    Meepo V3:

    90mm wheels
    LingYi ESC (more aggressive but less refined/smooth)
    stiffer maple deck
    ER battery optional, standard range battery on base model

    Meepo NLS Pro:

    100mm wheels
    Hobbywing ESC (very popular in DIY/budget esk8 market due to its smooth acceleration curve)
    flexy bamboo/fiberglass composite deck
    ER battery included standard

    the NLS Pro also has thicker foam grip tape which is intended to further increase rider comfort.

    The V3 is intended for riders looking for a fun board, who want performance and to go fast for cheap. The NLS Pro is more of a cruising/carving board, intended for riders looking for a last-mile-transportation board, who want to ride long distances comfortably. This is why I chose the NLS Pro over the V3

    TL;DR: V3 and NLS Pro are more different than you think, and it’s honestly better that way.

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