Shredlights released SL200

Shredlights released a new, updated light – SL200.

After going through the advertising material, this is actually a pretty impressive update!

Things that gotten better:

  1. SL-200 is 250% Brighter
  2. 3x the battery size (But up to 150Hrs of battery life? I will believe it when I tested it.)
  3. IP65 Water Resistant (Even if your board likely wasn’t water resistant)
  4. Easier and more secure mount with S-lock
  5. New light settings
Significant improvement, it seems!
Most exciting feature! No more struggling to plug-in the rubber cover on the Micro-usb port!

And they manage to keep the same price?
Well I know it’s not cheap to begin with, but that’s still pretty cool.

Pre-order available now, there is a D1 pre-order sale.
Shipping in 4 weeks time.

Those who are interested, use our affiliated discount code “ESKATEHQ” during checkout to receive 10% off.

For more detail, visit Shredlights here.

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