EFlow X2 Electric Cruiser – “It’s Fine”

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Let’s talk about “China Boards”

Meepo. Wowgo. Ownboard. Teamgee. There are countless “brands” that are putting out boards that sell at cheap prices but have off the shelf components. These boards flood the low end market, resulting in very similar products, the only differentiating factor at times being the form factor. In this review, we’re taking a look at one such product, the EFlow Electric Cruiser X2.

Due to the nature of these types of boards, I’m going to write this review somewhat differently than my previous ones. I’m going to use a bullet point format as an experiment. Sections will consist of Features, Test Results, Pros, Cons, and Closing Thoughts. I will also do a mini teardown so y’all curious peekers can see what goes into these types of boards.

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  • Dual hub motors
  • 17mph advertised top speed
  • 3 ride modes
  • Standard “Boosted style” Hobbywing remote
  • Tiny form factor
  • 25% incline
  • IP65 liquid and dust rersistance
  • 10.8lb weight
  • Distinctive look and feel
  • Plastic deck construction with integrated enclosure
  • 10S1P Samsung INR18650-25R battery pack

Test Results

  • Extremely tiny platform suitable for low speed, low traffic density, low range transportation
  • Hobbywing remote paired with FOC based ESC makes for inoffensive board control
  • Eked out 3.5 miles of real world riding on top speed mode on hilly terrain
  • Truck and wheel hardware is just “fine”, stock bushings were atrocious
  • Dual hub motors do not provide much torque, not unexpected on a 1P battery setup. Steepest I was able to take it up was around 20% or so.


On the test bench
11 screws hold the electronics cover closed
Some important bits labeled. Potted electronics… dangit
We can see it’s a 10S1P pack, but besides the cells being made by Samsung, we don’t really know anything else. Let’s find out!
Huge BMS for a 10S1P running the entire length of the pack
Cutting through the fishpaper reveals that they’re 25R cells, a relatively low discharge model for low power draw electronics and possibly quite a big of sag…


  • Extreme small size makes it easy to carry anywhere and unobtrusive to store
  • Built in rails under the deck contribute to ease of carry
  • Relatively quick charge time on a 2A charger due to smaller battery pack
  • Rock solid remote and control scheme due to Hobbywing ESC and remote
  • Inoffensive all-in-one package makes for a great errand board or campus cruiser
  • Kicktail is effective for what it is


  • Lack of top end, torque, and platform area means it’s annoying to ride across more varied terrain
  • Silver paint job on the plastic deck is very easy to scratch off, looks and feels cheap up close
  • Every time I use the kicktail I get scared I’m going to snap it off. Seems to be more for aesthetic than actual use

Closing Thoughts

  • Honestly, most everything about this board is just “fine”
  • If you know what you’re getting into in terms of range and use case, you will enjoy it
  • Be careful with the kicktail