Acedeck Ares X1 4WD Review – Insane Power and Stability!

Acedeck is a brand new electric skateboard founded in 2022, and they’re not playing around. It entered the market with an all-terrain beast with top-tier specs and looks ready to go head-to-head with the likes of Meepo Hurricane, Exway Atlas, and Ownboard Zeus. It’s pretty funny to us that Acedeck even went along with the Greek God naming trend and named its board after the Greek God of War (not Kratos) – Ares X1.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at the $2049 Acedeck Ares X1 4WD version. Before we challenge the board with real-world scenarios, let’s run through the build and specs real quick!

Acedeck Ares X1 Build and Specs

  • Deck: Carbon fiber, wide concave
  • Electronic Speed Controller: 12s customized Hobbywing ESC
  • Batteries: 14s4p 870wh 16.8 AH Molicel
  • Marketed Range: 22 miles (35 km) in 4WD; 40 miles (65km) in 2WD
  • Motors: 6348 3500w Belt
  • Marketed Top Speed: 37 mph (60 km/h)
  • Trucks: 11-inch traditional kingpin 
  • Wheels: 8-inch pneumatic

First thing first, let’s talk about the deck. Ares X1 uses a wide concave carbon fiber deck with a beautiful marble finish at the bottom. Carbon fiber decks don’t flex and Acedeck worked this out by installing huge 8-inch pneumatic wheels. 

These all-terrain-friendly wheels make sure the board can handle rough terrains. The rims of the wheels are CNC aluminum which should help the board remain stable at speeds.

There are two 12s customized Hobbywing ESC for this board, each of them supporting the powerful belt drive motors. The ESCs have a smart turn-on feature with 4-speed modes.

Powering the board is a huge pack of Molicel 14s4p 870wh 16.8 AH battery pack that gives the board a marketed range of 22 miles (35 km) when using 4WD or 40 miles (65 km) when using 2WD.

Another eskate board that uses Molicel batteries is the Tynee Board Explorer. Read its full review here.

Great range, especially for a 4WD

During our test, our 155 lbs rider managed to get 24 miles or 38 km riding the board aggressively. Kudos to Acedeck for keeping it real with the range.

Although the range wasn’t mindblowing, we’re still pretty satisfied with its stamina considering that it’s a powerful 4WD board with power-hungry motors. 

Insane Top Speed

Speaking of motors, the Ares X1 is using big 6348 3500w belt-driven motors so that’s a total of 14,000w of power which is insane. The board is marketed to go up to 37 mph or 60 km/h but we only have the guts to push it to 31 mph or 50km/h. 

Ares X1 reaches 31 mph with ease, so we think the board could probably hit the 37 mph it promised, but to be honest, 31 mph is enough for most of us. On a side note, the board also handles that speed with good stability. 

Another board with a 35 mph top speed is the Meepo Hurricane. Check out our review here!

Great Stability with Traditional Kingpin Trucks

The secret to that stability comes from the 11-inch wide CNC’d traditional kingpin trucks. Most all-terrain boards copied the Evolve formula and used double kingpin trucks for their all-terrain board. Double Kingpin trucks allow easier turning for the board and serve fun carving. 

Acedeck Ares X1 trucks

While this is great when you are riding slowly, riding above 30 mph on double kingpin trucks can be dangerous if you don’t have the necessary skills. With that said, we totally agree with Acedeck’s choice of sacrificing a little bit of carve-y-ness for a lot more stability here. 

Acedeck Ares X1 Ride Experience

Now that we have an overview of the specs, let’s ride this monster!

As expected, this board has insane power with super punchy and smooth acceleration. You will still need to be careful not to be thrown off the board when you hit that acceleration. 

The same goes for braking, the braking is smooth but because it’s 4WD, it’s insanely strong. So, keep in mind to lean back when you brake hard. 

Looking for an AT board that’s cheaper than Acedeck Ares, Exway Atlas, and Meepo Hurricane? Check out our Wowgo AT2 Plus Review here.

Power Made for Conquering Mountain Trails

At first, we feel that this kind of power is a waste because it’s simply too much for most people to handle. But, we completely changed our mind when we took the Acedeck Ares X1 up on a super steep mountain trail. While boards like Meepo Hurricane struggle with overcoming hills, we managed to just blast through the same steep inclines without breaking a sweat on Ares X1. 

And, comparing Ares X1 to the non-pro version of Atlas 4WD, we feel the Ares X1 has double the Atlas power. It makes a lot of sense since the God of War should be more powerful than the Titan that holds up the sky.

4WD also means you have a better grip. This will come in handy when carving or when riding through wet roads as you have less chance of skidding. So, if you don’t ride aggressively, you can consider the 2WD version instead and get a much better range with it.

Riding experience on the Ares X1

The wide carbon fiber deck felt pretty comfortable to stand on and does a good job of securing our feet on the board. The traditional kingpin trucks, on the other hand, keep the board’s profile more stable rather than carve-y. When we compare the carving experience to the double kingpin trucks on Exway Atlas, we feel that the Ares X1 is less fun to carve. But, when comparing the stability, Ares X1 wins—hands down.

Acedeck Ares X1 front view

We tried to change into 115 mm rubber wheels just to check if this will boost Ares X1’s carving ability. Lo and behold, the Ares X1 instantly became a carving machine. The traditional kingpin trucks carve nicely with a good return to the center.

The combination of 4WD, lower center of gravity, and rubber wheels allows reckless carving without worrying about skidding. We recommend the 115 mm rubber wheels if you don’t usually venture off-road and want maximum carving experience with the board. 

Off the road, the 8-inch wheels are comfortable enough. It also absorbs most of the road vibrations well. But, when riding on rough rocks, you can still feel the bumpiness of the ride as the board lacks any kind of suspension. Obviously, a bamboo deck would be better in this case but hey, you can’t have it all.

Acedeck Ares X1 VERDICT – Best AT Specs for the Price

Now, to summarize:

The Ares X1 4WD is a powerful all-terrain electric skateboard that focuses on having the best specs you can have with your money. However, since Acedeck is a new brand, we do have reservations about the durability and post-sales service. 

Acedeck Ares X1 photo

Our review unit, like some prototype boards, did come in with battery and remote issues. Nevertheless, Acedeck was proactive in helping us troubleshoot and fix these issues. So far, words on the street are that the company seems to be doing rather well in after-sales care, but only time can tell if they can keep that up.

With that said, if you don’t mind taking the risk to go with a new brand and want a carbon fiber board with insane power, good range, and stability, the Ares X1 should be on your list to consider. After all, it has the performance and the ride quality to justify the price.

If you are interested in buying the Acedeck, be sure to check out our affiliate discount link here and use code: “ESKATEHQ” to receive $40 off during checkout.
It will help you get a small monetary discount and help us out too. On top of that, you’ll be tagged as an Electric Skateboard HQ customer and probably be treated better. Cheers!

Exway Flex Pro Review – Punchy, Powerful, and Game-Changing?

Exway Flex Pro is the upgraded version of the Exway Flex ER. At $930 USD, it’s supposed to be faster, better and most notably, a lot more powerful. 

by Electric Skateboard Malaysia

Exway also updated its mobile apps, the ExSkate, which is now more functional and has a prettier user interface. Exway Flex Pro also comes with a fast charger which is the latest gallium nitride. The GaN charger supports dual charging which we will talk more about later.

What we really want to talk about is the Exway Flex Pro’s peak output power at 2520W. Can it surpass its rival, the Meepo Voyager X, in ride experience and overall build? Let’s first go through the specs!

Exway Flex Pro Build and Specs

  • Deck: Flexible Composite; bamboo, maple, and fiberglass
  • Electronic Speed Controller: Exway Latest Gen ESC 3.0; R3 Remote
  • Batteries: 345Wh; Domestic 18650 cells
  • Marketed Range: 25 miles (40 km)
  • Motors: 2520W Belt
  • Marketed Speed: 31 mph (50 km/h)
  • Trucks: 8” Proprietary Trist Trucks
  • Wheels: 90*64mm 76A Durometer
  • Other Features: ExSkate App, 210W GaN (gallium nitrate) fast charger

Starting with the unboxing experience, Exway Flex Pro’s packaging is decent but the goodies inside make it special. 

The R3 remote is the latest from the Exway Flex Series. Exway updated the look with an ergonomic design and added features like route tracking, online and offline firmware updates, and Bluetooth 5.0. It now charges by USBC and what I like the most is that it shows the trip meter and odometer.

You also get the new gallium nitride (GaN) fast charger which is super sleek and beautiful. The fast charger can be combined with two more chargers like this one to get a full battery status in just one hour. 

This is a game-changer in eskate builds although we weren’t able to test it out because our cable for it isn’t ready. Once it works, you should be able to charge the board and continue your long-distance ride.

Another board that can help you with range anxiety is the Exway Flex ER. Read the review here.

Premium Board Design

Looking at the design, the Exway Flex Pro looks strong with a black and gray theme just like the Boosted Stealth. For me, the design is a bit dull on the top side but beautiful on the bottom side. The polish of the board screams premium and the little details look nice.

Exway Flex Pro close-up shot

The new flexible composite deck has a nice concave that will secure your feet in place. Its flexibility acts as a suspension and can allow the board to conquer rough road vibrations. The wheels are also bigger at 90mm, so this should also have an effect in cushioning your ride.

Exway Flex Pro flexible deck

New ExSkate App to Customize Board Settings

Exway has designed the new ExSkate App for The Flex Pro and the Atlas Pro. The Exskate App allows you to customize the ride settings of the board and also shows the board’s information such as board temperature, mileage etc. For those who hate to install extra apps, fret not, you can also change the settings using the remote.

Exway Flex Pro Exskate apps

Exway Flex Pro Ride Experience

Exway Flex Pro is suitable for beginners that love speed. Cruising on rough road conditions won’t feel so bad because of the flexible deck. The bigger wheels are also nice. 

Exway Flex Pro with cloudwheels

All Exway boards are very water resistant—from the X1, X1 Pro, X1 Max, or Atlas, all of them have very good water resistance and can be used on rainy days with no technical issues. Exway Flex Pro is also water resistant but we don’t recommend riding through deep puddles. You should also be prepared for rusty bearings if you’re going to take on a few puddles.

For context, check out our Exway X1 Pro review here.

The new ESC should give you more power. We think you will definitely feel the kick on this board. Exway Flex Pro can go from 0 to 25 mph (40 km/h) in just two seconds. Amazing!

Compared to its rival the Meepo Voyager X, Voyager X still has a stronger power. Although, the smooth brake on Exway Flex Pro is something some of us prefer. The default break mode on the app is set at 3 but you can change it to 5 if you want to break immediately.

Exway Flex Pro with Meepo Voyager side by side

As for the trucks, you guys know how we like Exway’s Proprietary Trist trucks. It’s very nimble and doesn’t wobble. It’s fun to carve and the return to the center is pretty good. 

Reaching the top speed is a little scary on rough roads. If you try going from 12 to 25 mph (20 to 40 km/h), the standard truck setting is perfect. In spite of that, we managed to hit the marketed top speed at 31 mph (50 km/h), and going up a steep incline wasn’t any trouble.

Considering all the specs, Exway Flex Pro should be great for your typical commute. The maneuverability is smooth and the board glides well which is important in urban areas. It’s a really nice board with punchy acceleration and break.

On smooth roads, the Exway Flex Pro is a killer. You can install bigger wheels if you want some cushion on pebbled roads.

If you’re looking for a board with even bigger wheels, check out our Maxfind FF Belt review here. 

Exway Flex Pro VERDICT – Expensive, worth the price?

Exway Flex Pro is undoubtedly a very good ride by a very good brand. However, is it that much better than the $749 Exway Flex ER? Let’s put it this way, is it worth it to pay more and sacrifice a little bit of range for more power?

Exway Flex Pro Photo

You see, the range of Exway Flex Pro is 25 miles (40 km) while Exway Flex ER is 28 miles (45 km), but the difference in range is just because riding faster drains the battery quicker. While the difference in range is insignificant, the power on Exway Flex Pro is so much stronger and the acceleration so much more thrilling. I think it’s justified paying a little bit more for it.

And obviously, the add-ons that Flex Pro has and Flex ER don’t make it a very sweet deal. Slightly better deck, upgraded ExSkate app, new and faster chargers, and 90mm wheels are all things that make Exway Flex Pro one of the better buys right now.

If you are interested in buying the Exway, be sure to check out our affiliate discount link here and use code: “ESKATEHQ” to receive $15 off during checkout.
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Ecomobl Telum Review – Electric Mountainboard!

Ecomobl Telum

Hardcore eskaters will probably tell you that a high-performance electric skateboard should be a Trampa build. These are boards made of flexible carbon fiber with a high camber deck, big pneumatic wheels, and runs with super powerful belt or gear drive motors. More often than not, there is also an electronic box on the top side of the deck.

While a Trampa build may not be the sleek and polished look that appeals to casuals, it is an iconic design that promises super-high performance.

Now, Ecomobl, a brand known for specializing in making affordable all-terrain electric skateboards, just made its very own electric mountainboard with this iconic look. This is the Ecomobl Telum, a $1799 electric mountainboard. 

And yes, $1799 is considered affordable for an electric mountainboard with this build and specs. Let’s run through them real quick!

Ecomobl Telum Build and Specs

  • Deck: carbon fiber deck; flexible with high camber; comes with detachable foot bindings
  • Electronic Speed Controller: 12s LingYi ESC; 4-speed modes, 4 braking modes
  • Battery: 768-watt hours battery pack; Samsung 40T cells, 12s4p configuration
  • Marketed Range: 23 miles or 37 km
  • Motors: 7000w 170 kV 6382 motors; Ecomobl signature planetary gear drive
  • Top Speed: 30 mph or 48 km/h
  • Trucks: Super wide 20-inch trucks
  • Wheels: 8-inch airless wheels

First, let’s talk about the carbon fiber deck. As we mentioned in the intro, Trampa is responsible for all the hype on this kind of deck. It is flexible with an exaggerated camber arch to absorb road vibration. The board comes with foot bindings that can be installed on the deck. The footbinding is worn with an easy and simple locking mechanism, just strap them on or off the board and voila, it’s done.

ESC Enclosure Above the Deck For Maximum Ground Clearance

Unlike your typical pre-built electric skateboard, mountain boards usually don’t put an electronic enclosure below the deck. This was done to maximize ground clearance. Instead, the electronic box is placed on top of the deck, right in the middle. 

Ecomobl Telum

There is certainly a lot of juice packed inside this ‘lunch box’. Powering the board is a 768 wh battery pack with good Samsung 40T cells in 12s4p configuration. This battery pack is marketed to provide 23 miles or 37 km of range. During our test, our 155 pounds rider managed to get 30 km when riding aggressively. 

For the ESC, Ecomobl Telum uses a customized 12S Lingyi ESC with 4-speed modes and 4 braking modes. We will talk about how they impact the ride later.

Read about another mountainboard – the Propel X4S – here.

Ecomobl Telum’s Signature Planetary Gear Drive at 30MPH

Ecomobl Telum kept its signature planetary gear drive system which can be found on most of their boards. These 7000w 170 kV 6382 motors allow the board to go to 48 km/h or 30 mph which we managed to hit with ease and comfort as the board is very stable. 

Speaking of stability, the board uses super-wide 20-inch trucks. This allows the board to be stable at faster speed modes but also means that it’s not going to be easy to turn. So, this is where the footbinding comes in clutch as it allows you to lean aggressively to turn the board. 

And, if that’s not enough, you can jump to turn but definitely commit to your leg days since the board weighs 39 lbs or 17.6 kg.

Integrated Front and Tail Lights for Superb Night Rides

Ecomobl Telum also comes with integrated front and taillights. These lights are more useful than you might think, and they are super bright. Look! It’s even brighter than some car’s headlights.

And, having an integrated lighting system is super convenient. For starters, you don’t have to charge them separately. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them dislodging when going off-road. The red tail lights also light up when you apply brakes. The lights can be turned on or off by long pressing the reverse button. 

Ecomobl like building their boards with headlights and taillights. Read about Ecomobl ET2 here.

Ecomobl Telum Riding Experience

Now that we have an overview of the specs, let’s ride this monster!

The first topic is about control. The control is punchy with its powerful acceleration but frankly, a bit rough. This often happens when Lingyi ESC is combined with powerful motors.

You can feel the slight jerkiness when the gear drive accelerates. One workaround that can be done is simply staying in a lower acceleration mode, which will be gentle, yet powerful enough for any incline. 

Speaking of power, these 7000w planetary gear drives are super strong—strong enough for the steep incline of mountain trails.

The braking is nice and strong, too. As mentioned, its strength can be adjusted independently from the acceleration modes. 

Spring Suspensions as the MVP

The wide carbon fiber deck felt pretty comfortable to stand on but the MVP of the ride is actually the spring suspensions. These spring suspensions absorb a lot of shocks which is very important when doing trail runs. On normal roads, you won’t feel anything no matter how bad the pavement is. 

Ecomobl Telum 10

The foot bindings also have a major part in the ride. When riding on mountain trails, it provides the necessary stability and also prevents the bouncy deck from throwing you off like a trampoline.

The 20” wide trucks are hard to turn but the foot bindings allow us to put as much of our 165 lbs body weight to force the turn. And, to do some mini-hops if all else fails.

Ecomobl Telum 11

Off the Road Will Always Be Home

Obviously, the natural habitat for Ecomobl Telum belongs off the road. The clearance of the deck makes rolling through rocks a walk in the park. This might be subject to change, but our Ecomobl Telum came with 8-inch airless wheels. These are beefy wheels, but we can still feel the road vibrations when riding through harsh pebbles and small stones.

We changed the wheels into 9” pneumatics and liked them a lot more. The rides are noticeably smoother during off-road rides. Good thing is that the 9” pneumatics wheels are now the default option at the moment.

Ecomobl Telum VERDICT – Affordable and High Quality

Now, to summarize:

The ECOMOBL Telum is an affordable off-road suspension mountain board that doesn’t skim on polish, specs, or performance. It has 2 main weaknesses. First, a powerful but slightly harsh acceleration, which kept some of us at lower speed mode. And second, it’s tough to turn, which is kinda part of the deal when getting an off-road suspension board. The board is not made for tight quarters and certainly not for carving.

Ecomobl Telum

With all that said, the Ecomobl Telum did well in what it was designed to do, which is off-road riding. After all, when running up mountain trails, stability is preferred over maneuverability while power takes priority over silky-smooth acceleration.

So, should you buy it? 

No, if you are looking for an electric skateboard for the city. 

Yes, if you are looking for a board that can bring you to places—or mountains—that you have never been to. 

Or perhaps, you are looking for a monster that you can count on to outrun and outlast the pack on group rides. That, Ecomobl Telum can do very well, at a very good price.

If you are interested in buying the Ecomobl, be sure to check out our affiliate discount link here and use code: “100offcode” to receive 5% off during checkout.
It will help you get a small monetary discount and help us out too. On top of that, you’ll be tagged as an Electric Skateboard HQ customer and probably be treated better. Cheers!

Tynee Board Explorer Review — The First Tynee All-Terrain Eskate!

Tynee Board is a brand that focuses on delivering the best value for the price. Granted, this can be said for most Chinese brands, but Tynee had a lot of success in doing so. For one, the Tynee Mini 2, is one of our favorite mini boards for its power and specs.

Interested to know why Tynee Mini 2 is our all-time favorite mini board? Click here.

Mid 2022, Tynee releases their first all-terrain electric skateboard — the Tynee Explorer at $1199. While this is considered an ‘entry-level price’ for an all-terrain electric skateboard, it has a top-notch polish with specs that exceed what most people need. Here’s a rundown of Tynee Board Explorer’s build and specs!

Tynee Board Explorer Build and Specs

  • Deck: Flexible bamboo and fiberglass; double-drop and subtle wide concave
  • Electronic Speed Controller: Customizable 12s Hobbywing ESC – smart turn-on, can change speed, torque, and braking power from the remote
  • Batteries: 21700 Molicel P42A, 12s4p configuration
  • Marketed Range: 31 miles (50 km)
  • Motors: 35000W 6374 belt motors
  • Marketed Top Speed: 31 mph (50 km/h)
  • Wheels: 150mm pneumatic all-terrain wheels
  • Trucks: Traditional Kingpin (can add $50 for Double Kingpin Trucks)

Just by looking at the deck, you can already see that its appearance is quote-unquote ‘heavily inspired by Evolve Bamboo GTR.’ The transparent grip tape showcasing the beautiful bamboo deck is classic. The deck has a lot of flex thanks to the bamboo and fiberglass materials.

Dedicated to the ‘Evolve’ formula, Tynee Explorer uses a double-drop deck to reduce the riding height. Combined with the subtle wide concave, this makes riding on the Explorer quite comfortable. It helps us know where our feet are and keep them secure during a ride.

New Hobbywing ESC – Allows Speed Control Customization

While the Hobbywing electronic speed controller is very widely used, Tynee Explorer’s Hobbywing ESC had something special to it. This Tynee Explorer’s Hobbywing ESC allows riders to customize speed control right from the remote. The speed, torque, and braking power can all be adjusted individually in different riding modes.Unlike other Hobbywing ESC that comes with customization function (e.g. Exway), this customization function does not come with an app, which can either be a plus point or a minus point depending on who you ask.  

What’s universally loved, however, is the forward and reverse switch on the side of the remote. It makes changing directions easier and less prone to unintentional press.

And, obviously, there is the smart turn on feature, where the board power-on upon turning on the remote.

Competitive Battery Spec Against Middle to High-End Eskates

Next, powering the ESC is a pack of 21700 Molicel P42A cells in a 12s4p configuration. This brings us to a total of 725.8-watt hours and a marketed range of 31 miles or 50 km. This is a competitive battery spec that most middle to high-end electric skateboards share. 

For context, Evolve Carbon Hadean, Exway Atlas, and Meepo Hurricane all come with a 12s4p battery pack. And, Molicel is a great battery cell, so this isn’t the case of ‘using cheap cells to pad up the specs’.

With aggressive riding, our 155 lbs test rider managed to get 28 miles (42 km) out of a single charge. We’re really happy with this result, especially considering that we were riding fast. Obviously, changing to Cloudwheels should extend the range further, around 44 miles (70 km).

In a nutshell, the batteries are good. So, let’s talk about the motors!

Powering the board is a set of 3500w 6374 belt motors. These are indeed powerful motors and it does translate to a strong ride. Riding uphill will definitely be easy no matter how heavy the rider may be. 

With this setup, the board’s marketed top speed is 31 mph(50 km/h). While we didn’t manage to hit that, we did get pretty close. Our personal best was 29 mp(48 km/h). It’s a respectable top speed, but obviously, nothing to write home about considering there are scarier boards out there.

Fancy a scary board? Read our Tynee Board Ultra Review here.

Chill Ride With Pneumatic AT Wheels

Tynee Board Explorer comes with 150 mm pneumatic all-terrain wheels. These 6-inch wheels are plenty capable of absorbing road vibrations on poorly paved roads. Big wheels plus the flexible bamboo deck are great combinations to smoothen out bumps on the road. 

We have terrible roads where we ride, and the Explorer keeps it comfortable. It’s pretty chill even when going off-road. Granted, it would’ve been better if they went with even bigger wheels at 175 mm, but, this is definitely good enough for most situations.

As for the trucks, the Tynee Explorer comes in default with traditional kingpin trucks. There’s an available option to go with Double Kingpin trucks for an extra $50. 

In general, Double Kingpin Trucks are much more turn-ey and allow a tighter turning radius. Although, this pair of traditional kingpin trucks on Tynee Board Explorer is really good. There is little reason to go for double kingpin trucks. We’ll talk more about the riding experience on these trucks later.

All in all, the whole package weighs around 30.4 lbs or 13.8kg. The board is also rated IP67 waterproof. We never took the waterproof claims on electric skateboards seriously, regardless of the brand, and we suggest you don’t go riding in the rain with any eskate.

Here’s an experience of why we have major trust issues with waterproof ratings — check out our Propel Endeavor Pro review.

Tynee Board Explorer Riding Experience

Tynee Board Explorer

Finally, let’s talk about the riding experience on the Tynee Explorer.

The riding experience is really pleasant. It’s very relaxing, maybe even a tad bit conservative, and it’s easy to see why. 

First, the 12s Hobbywing ESC, while strong, is super smooth in both acceleration and braking. On the highest speed mode, the board is plenty powerful but Tynee clearly had configured the board to prioritize smoothness over power. 

You see, most of the higher-end boards now come with crazy acceleration when throttled, and we didn’t feel that from the Explorer. This is something that the Explorer clearly should be capable of given the specs. That being said, we enjoy how the speed control was configured. The power is more than enough anyways, and we appreciate the easy ride. 

Stable at 25 Mph

Besides the electronics, the skateboard part of the Explorer comes together well, too. Using a double drop deck, the board adds stability with a low riding height. The drop-down deck also gave our feet a place to push against while going up or downhill. 

The board felt so stable and we would often find ourselves going 25 mph without realizing it. Seasoned riders would be able to ride at top speed with ease. Opting out of the dual kingpin truck set-up, at least for the default option, certainly made the board much more stable.

Traditional Kingpin Trucks Are Surprisingly Great

Lately, traditional kingpin trucks have become more popular among electric skateboards, particularly all-terrain eskates. Many all-terrain electric skateboards now offer options between double kingpin trucks and traditional kingpin trucks. Initially, we thought that the stock set-up using traditional kingpin trucks is going to be difficult to turn and terrible for carving, but we are happy to say that we were proven wrong! 

This pair of traditional kingpin trucks really hits the sweet spot. It’s stable at high speed and still pretty awesome for turning and carving. In our opinion, it’s as good as any double kingpin truck in terms of carving, and we’ve tested a lot of them. However, double kingpin trucks do still allow a much tighter turn with a much smaller turning radius. With that said, we still much prefer the added stability of the traditional kingpin trucks and don’t think there is a need to pay extra for the double kingpin trucks.

Tynee Board Explorer VERDICT — Should Be Named Tynee Board Vacation?!

So, here’s our verdict on the Tynee Board Explorer.

Well, the Tynee Board Explorer is an easy board to ride and an easy board to recommend. 

While Tynee Explorer isn’t the cheapest entry-level all-terrain board out there, Tynee Explorer is stronger and more polished than any of its lower-priced competitors.

Ironically, while the name ‘Explorer’ suggests an adrenaline-filled experience, the Tynee Board Explorer is actually more relaxing than thrilling. 

Relaxing, smooth, and easy is how we would describe the Explorer. Well, I guess naming it Tynee Board Vacation just wouldn’t have the same ring to it.

So, for beginners in search of good all-terrain boards that are relaxing to ride, Tynee Explorer is one of the better choices. For advanced riders looking for thrills, you guys might want to look elsewhere, as this beast might just be too easy for you to tame. 

If you are interested in buying the Tynee, be sure to check out our affiliate discount link here and use code: “ESKATEHQ” to receive $15 off during checkout.
It will help you get a small monetary discount and help us out too. On top of that, you’ll be tagged as an Electric Skateboard HQ customer and probably be treated better. Cheers!

Meepo Voyager X Review – A High-Performance Board on Steroids!

Meepo Voyager X is the brand’s latest flagship that packs a crazy amount of power.

tldr – Meepo Voyager X ($999) is a street-wheel electric longboard that has incredible power and range.

When it comes to high-performance electric skateboards, the stereotype is bulky all-terrain monsters weighing over 30lbs. Up until now, every major Chinese brand with boards priced above $1000 usually makes them in the formula of Evolve 2-in-1 (convertible between street and AT wheels, double-drop deck, and double kingpin trucks)… 

That was until Meepo decided that a regular, non-2-in-1 eskate should get a lot of power, and here we are now with Voyager released in August 2022. It was no surprise that Meepo would eventually design a powerful longboard. After all, Meepo’s founder Kieran is pretty well known to have an ‘unhealthy desire for more torque and power’. 

With that said, let’s run through the specs of the Voyager X.

Meepo Voyager X Build and Specs

  • Deck: Stiff bamboo and fiberglass glass deck; mid-board flex and wide concave
  • Electronic Speed Controller: LingYi ESC with 4 speed and brake modes; push to turn-on, m5s remote
  • Batteries: 21700 Samsung 40T cells in 12s3p, 518 Wh
  • Marketed Range: 36 miles (58 km)
  • Motors: Belt, Dual 2775 W 6358
  • Marketed Top Speed: 40 mph (66 km/h)
  • Trucks: Reverse Kingpin; Wide, 10.5 inch
  • Wheels: Standard 90mm 78A street wheels or 110mm rubber cyclone wheels; sold separately

Looking at the deck, its appearance certainly gives a classic Boosted vibe but the similarity stops there. Meepo Voyager uses a deck that’s made up of bamboo and fiberglass that only flexes in the middle part. So, no, this is a far less flexible board compared to the likes of Exway Flex or Boosted. 

As a result, the deck remains stiff and stable during a high-speed ride. This makes perfect sense, considering speed and power are clearly the priority of Voyager. The deck also provides a wide concavity for securing foot placement. 

Next, let’s talk about what’s underneath the deck —- the ESC. It’s still no surprise that Meepo continues to use customized LingYi ESC with a push-to-turn-on feature. It provides the user with 4-speed modes and 4 brake modes. What’s new is the M5s remote which is more compact than the previous model and we really like this design!

Giant Pack of Batteries

Opposite the ESC we have a pack of high-quality 21700 Samsung 40T cells in 12s3p configuration. This has 518-watt hours which promised a range of 36 miles or 58 km. 

Riding aggressively, our 210 lbs test rider managed to get 25 miles or 40 km out of Voyager. Our estimate of the range is probably 30 miles or 50 km for a 70 kg or 155 lbs rider. This is a giant pack of batteries, especially considering the $999 price tag. For context, boards at this price usually come with smaller batteries or lower-quality cells.

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Crazy Top Speed

While the battery is already great, Meepo goes even crazier with a dual 2775W 6358 belt motor system. According to marketing material, Meepo Voyager has a top speed of 40 mph ( 66 km/h). We obviously weren’t going to test that! Although, we did get 31 mph (50 km/h) and at that rate, our guts were as good as a milkshake. The Voyager definitely has a lot more in it and 40 mph might not be impossible. If any of you get to the limits, let us know!

Anyway, the board comes with standard 90mm 78A street wheels or 110mm rubber cyclone wheels that are sold separately for an additional 120 USD. These are like mini all-terrain wheels or hybrid wheels designed to dampen road vibrations and give you a more pleasant ride. 

Beefy Board Weight for Beefy Specs

All in all, the whole package weighs around 23.8 lbs (10.8kg). This is quite heavy but that can be expected for a board with such beefy specs. As the flagship product of Meepo, the Voyager comes really well-built and polished.

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Meepo Voyager X Ride Experience

Meepo Voyager X

Now, let’s talk about the riding experience on the Voyager.

The simplest way to describe the riding experience of the Meepo Voyager is that it feels like a Boosted board on steroids. This is such a classic Meepo move. The brand has a habit of taking a formula that works well and gives it a lot more power and speed. 

As expected, the Voyager is a very powerful ride. It has a very punchy acceleration and we advise new riders to be careful with the throttle. Or better yet, start with lower speed modes that are far more gentle and work your way up. 

Designed for Speed Enthusiasts

The acceleration at the highest speed mode is so strong, it’s going to be overkill for 80-90% of the riders. I’m sure that speed enthusiasts will be really happy about it, though.

Well, at least nobody will have trouble climbing hills on this one. The brakes are really strong, especially at the highest brake mode. We use the 2nd brake mode often. This just goes to show how strong the brake can be. 

As we mentioned, the board is very stable. The wide concave locks our feet in place and the deck was not too flexible to bounce when riding over bumps. The ‘stiffer’ deck and the wide 10.5-inch trucks combined make the board super stable. 

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Massive Stability and Power

During our first ride, we found ourselves riding to 30 mph without even realizing it. That says a lot about stability and power! But no, we did not and are not going to try 40 mph, especially when the Voyager we received was technically a prototype! 

Next, let’s talk about road vibration. As you can expect, vibrations are tolerable thanks to the belt-driven motors and semi-flex deck. We gave the cyclone wheel a try, too, and it did dampen the vibration quite significantly. The rubber material also provided a lot more grip. 

The wheels felt like glue to the tarmac. It gave a sense of security when turning and carving, and made the board less likely to skid. 

Compared to the cloud wheels, the cyclone wheels gave more grip and absorbed road vibrations better. This is at the price of worse free rolls and a much much worse range. Compared to the street setup, riding with cyclones will reduce your range by almost 30%. They’re not off-road wheels, but feel amazing if you hate road vibration.

As you can see, the Voyager is pretty good, but it does have an Achilles heel — the board is not fun for carving. You see, the trucks came in really tight, and we had to loosen it quite a bit just to get the board to turn. For those who want something really fun to carve, the Voyager won’t do it. Even a bushing change might not do too much to improve the carving experience. 

Meepo Voyager X VERDICT – Most Powerful Longboard at $999

Meepo Voyager X

With that said, what’s our verdict on the Meepo Voyager X?

At $999, Meepo Voyager X is the most powerful street-wheel longboard on the market right now. It has specs that are beefier than some all-terrain boards while keeping it all in a compact regular electric longboard form. Plus, 30 miles of range with a 40 mph top speed is crazy even for an all-terrain board!

Meepo Voyager X is a board that wants to go fast and wants to go straight. If you value high-speed rides more than relaxing carving fun, this is the board for you. If you are looking for something nimble and easy to turn, this is not the board of choice.

Meepo Voyager X was designed to be a high-performance board for aggressive riders, and it does that really well. Beginners should probably look for other choices, as this might just be too much for you to handle.

If you are interested in buying the Meepo, be sure to use our affiliate discount link here.
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