Travelling on flight with your Electric Skateboard? Read this!

After the famous Casey Neistat got his Boosted Board taken away by Sydney Airport Customs Border Patrol, my dream of traveling the world with an electric skateboard feels a bit shaken.

As electric skateboards are continuing to evolve, in the world (and airports), the guidance from a variety of airlines on this subject matter is extremely vague, to put it bluntly.

Hoverboards Wreak Havoc on the No-Fly List

To makes matters worse, There are approximately 100 accidents reports stating that battery packs in self-balancing scooters AND hoverboards get too hot. And with the dangers of sparks, fire, and explosions, it’s no wonder 60 airlines have banned hoverboards from being brought aboard.

Thanks a lot, Hoverboard.
(Another reason why electric skateboards are better than Hoverboards)

But fear not! Electric Skateboards still have a chance!

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