Acton Blink Lite Review

Small and awesome.
This is what Acton Blink Lite is all about.

And it came with an unbeatable price too!

With the price tag ($199 now!) that is lower than most china board,
and the quality that is undoubtedly higher than any china board,

Acton Blink Lite is really a board that everyone would like!

AKA: Best small Electric skateboard

Price:$249! $299(Discount!)

  • Built Quality: Good
  • Customer service: Good
  • Size: Skateboard  (Length= 27.5 /69.85cm )
  • Top Speed: Okay (10 mph /16kmh)
  • Range: 5miles /8km
  • Charge time: 2hr
  • Incline: Okay 8% /4.6°
  • Weight: Very portable! 7.7lbs /3.5kg
  • Battery: Small enough to be bring on some flight!
    (25,2 V / 2,2 Ah / 56 Wh / 7S1P, Lithium-Ion)
    More about flying with e-skates
  • Motor: Hub motor, no belt to torn!
  • Brake: Regenerative braking. Not jerky like 1st gen Acton Blink.
  • Wheel Size: Polyurethane, 70mm, 78A Hardness
  • Remote: Good, smooth, responsive.
  • Companion app: Yes
  • Waterproof: satisfactory

Issues: Brake can be smoother.
Unique Strength: Light and portable is the name of it’s game.

In fits!

My research conclusion:
This is the best portable electric skateboard out there.
I dream of the day when I could go backpack travel with my wife, each riding a blink lite from bus station to bus station.
It was serious oh-so-portable.

Important Stats:
It goes only as fast a sprint. (10 mph/ 16kmh)
It has an acceptable range. (5miles /8km)
It can only handle a small incline. (10% grade/ 5.71°)
It only weights like a hug laptop. (7.7lbs /3.5kg)

Acton was here first!

There are many electric skateboard in the market, and half of them are trying to acquire the title “lightest and best”. Acton with it’s Acton Blink was the first on the field and it has not only not survived but is expanding it’s lineup with Acton Blink, Acton Blink Lite, Acton Blink S, S2 & Qu4tro.

Blink Lite is “2nd generation” 
Blink Lite, being 2nd gen, has the privileged to learn from the mistake from it’s 1st gen Acton Blink (eg: belt keep tearing).
Many indiegogo project suffer the fact that they are not tested thoroughly before hitting the market. With a 2nd gen product like Blink Lite, many initially undiscovered issue has already been discovered and smoothed out.

Actually forget what I said about competition, there wasn’t any other similar product in the market yet.
With other noteworthy competitor such as ArcBoard, Bolt, LeafBoard still not ready for the market, Acton Blink Lite is probably the safest bet and definitely the only one with proven track record.

It’s just the best there is now =)
Acton Blink Lite is simply the most trustworthy portable electric skateboard that you can find on the market right now.

I mean seriously, I am totally infatuated with this board.

If anyone disagree that Acton Blink Lite is simply the best portable electric skateboard, I will fight you in the comment section!


Ben Schmanke at Authen Tech has the best review for Acton Blink Lite.


Affiliate link: Buy from Acton!

! Cheaper at newegg – $199 !

3 thoughts on “Acton Blink Lite Review

    1. Wow, you really came deep into the archive to leave a comment here. haha.

      I never heard of the board, so I did a quick look. Just from a glance, it looks like a Chinese rebrand like E-wheelin or Elwing etc. Will not recommend.

  1. i have this board and it sucks. The controller broke after it fell onto concrete. Very bad quality. The range and top speed are expectable coming from the price, but the motor will basically die after going up a few hills. This was my first (and only board atm. although i recently ordered the backfire zealot) and it taught me a lot about electric skateboarding, but it is not a board I would recommend to older fellows. Younger kids will be able to enjoy it though

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