Boosted Board 2nd Generation Review

Boosted Board is what people think of when mentioning electric skateboard.

Probably the most popular electric skateboard in US, boosted board provides great power, great range, great speed and great riding experience.

On top of it, you can always trust Boosted Board’s customer service to solve all of your problem.

At $999 to $ 1599, the orange boosted board is the gold standard for electric skateboard right now.

AKA: The Gold Standard

(single): $999
(Dual): $1299
(Dual+): $1499
Extended Range +$100

  • Built Quality: Awesome
  • Customer service: Awesome!
  • Size: Longboard  (38″[L] 8.5″[W]/ 97cm[L] x 22cm[W])
  • Top Speed: Fffffast!
    • (single): 18mph/ 29kmh
    • (Dual): 20mph/ 32kmh
    • (Dual+): 22mph/ 35kmh
  • Range:
    • Standard: 7-8 miles/ 11-13km
    • Extended: 12-14 miles/ 19-22km
  • Charge time: ≈90-120 minutes
  • Incline: Steep!!
    • (single): 10% grade/ 5.71°
    • (Dual): 20% grade/ 11.31°
    • (Dual+): 25% grade/ 14.04°
  • Weight: Heavy
    • (single): ≈14lbs/ 6.5kg
    • (Dual): ≈15lbs/ 7kg
    • (Dual+): ≈15lbs/ 7kg
  • Max rider weight: 250lbs /110kg
  • Battery: We are supposed to be able to bring 99wh standard battery on an airplane. My flying guide
    • Standard: 99wh
    • Extended: 199wh
  • Motor: Brushless motor, belt need to be replaced from time to time.
  • Brake: Regenerative braking. It is smooth.
  • Wheel Size: 80mm Orangatang wheels
  • Remote: Good, smooth, responsive.
  • Companion app: Yes
  • Waterproof: Water resistant
  • Issues:
    • They had some trouble with battery short-circuiting, they just fixed that. (9 Dec 2016)
    • Belt may rip every 100 miles /160km
  • Unique Strength:
    • Bamboo & Fiberglass deck means smoothest ride you can get from any skateboard.
    • Battery are swap-able!
      (Implication: When travelling via airplane. You can check in the board while carry on the 99wh battery.)
    • There is a 30w 15v accessory port offered for expandability. We might get to buy accessories for the board later! Tail light anyone?

My research conclusion:
Boosted board is almost interchangeble to the term electric skateboard at this point.
Good range, fast speed, good build, good customer service and a huge fan base. Boosted board is THE gold standard of electric skateboard.
And on the old Boosted board VS Evolve board question?
If you want to go off road, Evolve is your only choice.
If not? Boosted board have more bells and whistle with it’s flexible deck, swap-able battery and accessory port.

Boosted Board is among the first
Boosted board was here since 2012!
For all these year, Boosted has been maintaining a reputation of producing high quality electric skateboard and also following up with awesome customer service.

Boosted Board is the most recognized brand
Popular youtuber Casey Neistat was very outspoken on his love towards the Boosted Board and with many others openly vouched for their love for the board and the after sales service, you couldn’t feel safer going with the popular choice.

Best riding experience
Bamboo & Fiberglass deck means you will have the smoothest ride you can on a skateboard of any kind, electric or not!

See how springy the deck is?

At the end of the day, you always consider Boosted Board first when thinking about buying an electric skateboard.
You only consider other boards when there are some specific needs you need to meet (Budget? Off-road? Portability?)
Boosted Board is the board that every other board compares to, and is a all around awesome board.

In short, I’m confident to recommend Boosted Board to anyone.

“Family is the number 1, Boosted board is a close number 2”
paraphrasing Casey Neistat

Brandon Hassler from Tech Audit TV has the best review for Boosted Board Gen 2

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