Event: Derby Days Esk8 Race Redmond (13 July 2019)

PNW esk8 will be hosting the 2nd annual esk8 Race at the 2019 Redmond Derby Days festival on Saturday, July 13th, 2019.

Known as one of the most competitive summer festivals in the state of Washington, the 79th annual Redmond Derby Days festival originated in 1940 as a means to raise funds for the local community. The two-day festival has since evolved into a Redmond tradition packed with parades, races, contests, game booths, carnival rides, arts, music, food and more.

Last year’s event.

The 2019 Redmond Derby Days esk8 Race is a full day of racing events open to electric skateboarders interested in experiencing a unique blend of adventure and competition with a chance to test their esk8 skills. There will be a race for 3-4 various classes of boards, including boosted boards, production boards, DIY boards, and pro street boards; all of which will take place on a street track totaling 4.8 miles. For additional information regarding the electric skateboard race classes, please visit the 2019 Redmond Derby Days esk8 Race registration webpage. The best time will be the winner of each event.

Helmets are required at all events.

To participate in any of the races, riders must be 18+ to race and are required to register for the July 13th event on the 2019 Redmond Derby Days esk8 Race registration webpage. Registration for the event is free. However, available spots are limited to 20 riders per event class.

On race day, esk8ers are required to check in at the race location one hour before the start of the first esk8 Race. Up to date information on times, site and racing details will be sent directly to those who have registered for the 2019 Redmond Derby Days esk8 Race event.

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