Electric Skateboarding is quietly having a very good year

When Boosted went down, I was very concerned. I was concerned not to the fact that we lost an eskate option, but to the fact that the electric skateboarding sport has lost its biggest advocate.

Without Boosted continued effort to promote electric skateboarding, fewer and fewer people might get into the sport, or so I feared.

However, time proved that the worry was unfounded.

Boosted went out of business in March 2020, and then the pandemic hit. These should be two huge blows to the niche, but what we see is that the interest in electric skateboarding remains strong.

Take a look at the Google Trend:

The interest in Electric Skateboarding (blue), based on the number of google searches on the term “Electric skateboard”, stayed the same as before the pandemic hits.

Since 2020 and into 2021, we see existing brands continue to expand and release new products, and from where we (ElectricSkateboardHQ) sits, we received even more request for reviews from both existing and new brands that we could barely keep up.

If new boards and new brands are not a good indicator of sales, sales of electric skateboards on Amazon definitely should be. Not sure if anyone noticed, but electric skateboards are selling quite well on Amazon to the point that Meepo V3 once sat on the bestseller list under the board category “Longboards”. Everyone who was looking for a standard longboard on Amazon will be greeted by this thing call electric skateboards. Free promotion for electric skateboarding!


I guess I’m just happy that the sport is growing. Hopefully, with more people into the niche, electric skateboarding can be as mainstream as cycling both as a form of commute and as a hobby. Maybe then, legislators will stop asking us to install handlebars on eskate! 

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