Meepo Classic 2 leaked

As we all know, Meepo products have the iteration cycle of a fruit fly.

6 months after the Meepo Classic was released back in December 2018, Kieran is now already testing the updated version of the Classic 2.

Apparently, Classic 2 is going to be an upgrade over the original Classic and hence the price point, which is going to be moved up from the entry-level price of $400 to somewhere around the $649 price point.
As of today, reviews of the Classic 2 by KAMi JUINs are already available on Youtube.

What changed?

The most obvious change on the Meepo Classic 2 is that it is now using a flatter single enclosure and larger 97mm wheels. Both of these are great news because bottoming out was the number 1 complaint of the original Meepo Classic. With these changes, the Classic 2 now has a 4inch(10.5cm) ground clearance.

The bigger wheels also should bring on a higher top speed. KAMi JUIN’s test put the top speed to 28mph or 45kmh.

The battery size also has more than doubled from the 4AH(144wh) to 10.5AH(378wh), which by my estimation, should take you more than 20miles (32km) in a single charge.

In regards to the remote, my guess is Meepo is going to ship Classic 2 with the NR remote until the new smaller N2 remote becomes available, much like what they are doing with the Mini 2 series.

Other than that, most of the parts have been kept the same with minor updates. The Hobbywing ESC used in the Classic 2 is likely the newer version that is now used on NLS Pro, which gives stronger braking. The trucks have also been updated with newer Macroon bushing.

To think about it, the only thing that Classic 2 is sticking with is the same drop-through maple rocker deck with nice concave, which is my favorite deck from any Chinese brand. (Yes, more than NLS, Wowgo 3’s or Ownboard’s).


Despite the likely price of $649, Meepo Classic 2 is shaping up to be the board that has the best value for money proposition. This is after considering that Classic 2 will have a 378wh battery pack – a battery pack that is larger than Meepo V3 with ER battery (288wh), which is selling only $30 cheaper. And, with the gap between LingYi ESC and Hobbywing ESC closing, the difference between V3 ER and Meepo Classic 2 might very well just come down to which deck suits you best.

What do you think about Meepo Classic 2? Let us know in the comment section below.

5 thoughts on “Meepo Classic 2 leaked

  1. With this board starting at $649 it looks like meepo will no longer be a budget board brand. Who will take their place?

  2. Is the Meepo Classic 2 a good choice for a 14 mile commute? The range makes it an option. But for 14 miles ride comfort is key. Your thoughts are welcomed.

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