Bajaboard releases Bajaboard S2

On 10th October 2019, Bajaboard announced the Bajaboard S2.

For those who are new here, Bajaboard is an Australian brand famous for its super expensive off-road electric skateboard. It is actually, pushing the limit of what can be defines as an electric skateboard because many had felt it rides more like an electric vehicle than your typical eskate.

On the left, S2; on the right, G4

They have made a few changes this round

This new Bajaboard is notably smaller than the previous G4/G4X.
This makes the S2 is much more portable if you need to transport it in cars or on public transport. That is, as portable as something that weighs 35lbs(16kg) can be.

Bajaboard is renowned for its stability thanks to its proprietary shock-suspension design, making it one of the best off-road vehicles. The new S2 uses a brand new mono-shock suspension design, which should improve on that of the previous versions. In addition to the coil shocks, lighter air shocks are now in play!

The S2 has a few key difference as compared to previous versions

Key Differences in the Bajaboard S2:

  • S2 has 8″ tyre option, as well as the 10″. Larger for extra ride height off-road, smaller for better efficiency on the tarmac.
  • Comes with super bright headlight, tail/brake lights, and INDICATORS.  Make your commute that little bit safer.
  • Lighter than the G4, the lightest possible weight is 15.5kg (34lbs). It is more suitable for bunny hops and jumps if that’s your thing.

The Bajaboard Specs:

  • Top speed: 53kph – 32mph
  • Range: 30km – 18mi
  • Weight: 16kg – 35lbs

For any Bajaboard model, there is the option of customizing possible by the ‘build your S2 board’ system offered by the site. The options include a bigger motor, 8 inches VS 10 inch wheels, bigger battery, and foot binding option. You can also buy the standard built.


Full Price for the Bajaboard S2 is USD 3299

Considering the price, you should know that the Bajaboard S2 is one of the most premium products in electric skateboard space, right up there with Lacroix and Trampa custom builds.

Luckily, the preorder for the Bajaboard S2 price will be cheaper at USD 2399

It is only slightly cheaper than standard build Bajaboard G4, which is now selling for $2899. Price is not inclusive of shipping, as the company is from Australia, overseas buyers should be expected to pay hundreds on top of the listed price for shipping.


Bajaboard is currently only offering to ship in October. While we generally advise against pre-ordering any eskate, seeing that its Bajaboard we are talking about here, it’s up to you if you want to grab the pre-order price and pull the trigger.

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