Ownboard releases Carbon AT

It seems like 2019 is the year of $599 & All-Terrain line-up.
Late June, Ownboard join the party with their own version of AT board in Carbon AT. After putting it up for pre-sale for nearly a month, it is now officially available.

From the appearance, Ownboard Carbon AT heavily resembles to Evolve Carbon series. As a matter of fact, it has almost the same spec as the new and highly anticipated Evolve Carbon GTR.

Here’s the breakdown. Ownboard and Evolve both are rocking 14AH battery which translates to 19 miles(31km) of range. Both use double kingpin trucks that pair with big wheels, with Evolve’s 7″ pneumatic while Ownboard went with 6″ honeycomb. If length matters to you, the carbon deck that Ownboard uses is slightly longer measuring in 40″ while Evolve is an inch shorter. Both markets similar top speed which is 22mph(36kmh) for Evolve vs 23mph(38kmh) for Ownboard.
While Evolve is clearly superior when it comes to customer service, polish and brand reputation, Ownboard Carbon AT is arguably better on paper as it uses bigger 6368 motor (vs 5065) and better Sanyo cell (vs Samsung 35e).

While early reviewers (cough cough Daniel Kwan cough) seems to like the board quite a bit, we are still waiting to hear more feedback from the eskate community. I for one, am interested to see how well Ownboard Carbon AT performs, seeing this is the highest price product coming from a Chinese budget brand.

Oh, by the way, you will need to resort to some DIY solution in order to switch from AT to street wheel set-up. The switch is possible if you can find a belt and pulley set that’s compatible with Ownboard Carbon AT. Currently, there is no in house solution from Ownboard but I suspect it will be developed in the future.

So, what do you think? Would you pick Ownboard Carbon AT over Evolve Carbon GTR? Does Evolve worth the extra $600?

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