Introducing Shaboardz – A New Electric Skateboard Store in Vancouver

Shaboardz is thrilled to announce the inauguration of its new storefront in collaboration with Electric Feel, located in North Vancouver, Canada. Customers will now have access to the complete range of Shaboardz products at this location, in addition to the convenience of getting their electric skateboards repaired. Electric Feel will extend repair services not only to Shaboardz customers but also to those who have purchased other brands.

Electric Feel represents the first store in the Vancouver area that concentrates primarily on esk8 sales and service. They are enthusiastic about catering the needs of customers in this niche market that no other company in Vancouver or Canada has acknowledged as requiring assistance.

Outside of sales and service, Electric Feel will offer demos on the complete Shaboardz line-up of electric skateboards. People in the Vancouver area can try before they buy and learn if an electric skateboard is right for them.

More about Shaboardz

Shaboardz logo

Shaboardz is an electric skateboard company headquartered in the Greater Vancouver area, Canada, with over four years of industry experience. They offer a comprehensive lineup of electric skateboards and accessories while ensuring prompt shipping within Canada and to international markets.

During their initial three years of operation, Shaboardz was focused mostly on getting people on their boards and riding! Over those years, Shaboardz consistently received inquiries from individuals in Vancouver and across Canada who were in need of e-board repairs. This led them to recognize a prevalent issue of broken electric skateboards in the Greater Vancouver area and Canada at large.

Motivated by the overwhelming volume of calls and emails received, Shaboardz recognized an opportunity to assist people in restoring their electric skateboards and getting them back on the road. Over the years, the company had accumulated a significant inventory of parts and components, making the establishment of a store specializing in electric skateboard repairs a valuable contribution to the e-skate community in Vancouver, as well as to the company itself. It’s a win-win scenario for both the community and Shaboardz.

During the winter months of 2023, Shaboardz representatives reached out to various potential partners until they found a suitable match with an individual passionate about electric scooters who desired to open a shop in North Vancouver. Collaboratively, they established Electric Feel in the spring of 2023.

Building esk8 culture

Situated in close proximity to various mountains, including Whistler, approximately an hour and 45 minutes away, as well as Cypress, Grouse, and Seymour Mountains located in North Vancouver, the new store is strategically positioned in a region where snowboarding holds significant cultural value to many. The snowboarding culture in Vancouver, BC, is profoundly ingrained in the region’s people, with many displaying a deep passion for the sport during the winter months, only to be left without a board to ride when the season concludes.

Interestingly, esk8 and snowboarding share numerous similarities. Both are board sports, so the concept of turning and carving is the same. Riders utilize their core muscles when leaning into toe-side and heel-side turns, just like they would on a snowboard. Riding an electric skateboard offers an excellent means of maintaining these skills during the summer season and preparing for another winter of carving in the mountains on powder days.

With this in mind, Shaboardz and Electric Feel are devoted to building esk8 culture in Vancouver and Canada as a whole. There is no better way to achieve this than by showcasing the striking parallels between riding an electric skateboard and snowboarding.

The Shaboardz team is deeply passionate about electric skateboarding, and they aim to bring the same love and enthusiasm to Vancouver and Canada. While they enjoy riding in all environments, off-road riding is their favorite way to ride. The North Vancouver and Lower Mainland BC regions boast an extensive network of off-road trails that provide an exceptional riding experience and foster skill development.

These trails are filled with dirt and gravel trails with lots of twists and turns that are very similar to boarding tree-runs on snowboard in the winter.

The team at Shaboardz wouldn’t be able to mention e-skate culture in Vancouver without talking about Vancouver esk8! They’re a group who have been organizing rides and bringing people in the community together for over 5 years now. During this time, they’ve been hard at work building esk8 culture in Vancouver. Their rides become bigger and bigger each year. Shaboardz is happy to partner with Vancouver esk8 and ride with like-minded people at their events! Kudos to Vancouver esk8 for bringing people in our community together.

Boards & products

The Shaboardz line-up of Electric Skateboards features a number of great boards for trail and street riding. This year they’re focused on 2 in 1 board that can do both. They have an extensive wheel kit selection, so customers can select from a variety of different wheel setups and get new wheel kits installed at their store Electric Feel. International customers can order any of the wheel kits on their website and expect quick shipping times.

                Shaboardz Summit v3

The Shaboardz Summit series is a series of 2 in 1 belt-drive boards with 12s3p batteries and 6-inch off-road wheels.

The Summit model is on its 3rd version and features a bamboo deck and airless wheels, while the Summit XT is two versions deep and features a carbon deck and pneumatic wheels. Summit v3 features 60t pulleys and DKP trucks, while XT v2 features 55t pulleys and TKP trucks for added stability at high speeds.

             Shaboardz Summit XT v2

Shaboardz has been in business for 4 years and has mostly focused on online sales during that time.

They ship all of their products worldwide, so customers outside of Canada can purchase any of the products on their website.

You can contact Shaboardz at: [email protected] or visit any of their social media platforms @shaboardz & their website at:

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