Verreal RS—among the top 2 affordable DKP all-terrain boards with beefy specs?!

Today, we will be reviewing the Verreal RS. 

For those who don’t know, Verreal has been around since Oct 2018 and is already a veteran in budget e-skateboards. It made its name with the Verreal F1, a board that provides a relaxing and comfortable riding experience for a reasonable price. 

Affordable and comfortable has always been Verreal’s design language since then. And today, we will be reviewing the Verreal RS, their flagship product released back in 2020 and has its all-terrain kits available this 2021.

To take a look back at Verreal F1, click here.

Designed with Evolve Formula

Now, a quick overview of the RS.

Verreal RS was crafted with the Evolve formula: a double-drop deck plus double kingpin trucks with a dual-belt set-up that allows easy conversion between all-terrain and street. 

In fact, Verreal RS is the most affordable Evolve clone out there. The 10s4p street with 576 Wh costs $759 while the 10s4p AT version costs $1179. For more context, the Evolve GTR street with a 10s4p battery will cost you $1549. That’s double the price of Verreal RS street. Pretty sweet!

Build and specs

Now, as per usual, let’s dive deep into the specs.

  • Deck: 7-ply Canadian Maple, 2-ply Bamboo; mild flex; subtle wide concave
  • Camber/rocker: Drop-down deck
  • ESC: 10S Hobbywing ESC; 4-speed modes; no smart power-on; generic Hobbywing remote
  • Motor type: 6368 belt motors, 2 x 1500 W, 170 kV
  • Marketed Topspeed: 25 mph or 40 km/h on AT wheels; 27 mph or 43 km/h on Cloudwheels. 
  • Trucks: Forged DKP Trucks
  • Wheels: Street wheels: 90 mm / 97 mm; Cloudwheels: 105 mm, 120 mm; All-terrain: 7-inch pneumatics
  • Battery: 16 AH (576 Wh) – $779; 20 AH (720 Wh) – $979; All-terrain – $1179
  • Marketed range: Street wheels: 16 AH – 25 miles (40 km)/20 AH – 31 miles (50 km); All-terrain wheels: 20 AH – 28 miles (45 km) for a 75kg rider; 17 miles or 28 km for a 100 kg rider

Verreal RS has a deck with a mild flex. It’s made out of 7-ply Canadian maple combined with 2-ply bamboo. Sticking with the Evolve formula, the deck used is a double-drop deck with subtle wide concave. 

The electronic speed controller is a 10S Hobbywing ESC with 4-speed modes paired with a generic Hobbywing remote. This is likely an older generation of Hobbywing ESC and the board doesn’t power on automatically by turning on the remote.  

Belt motors have the same rating as the latest Evolve Hadean

Verreal RS also uses 6368 belt motors with 2 x 1500 W and 170 kV which has the same rating as the one on the latest Evolve Hadean. 

The marketed top speed is 25 mph or 40 km/h on AT wheels and 27 mph or 43 km/h on 120mm Cloudwheels. 

To know more about the specs of Evolve Hadean, click here.

For the trucks, Verreal RS said they use forged Double Kingpin trucks. Double Kingpin trucks will allow easier changes in direction with tighter turns. We’ll talk more about the quality of carving later during the ride experience.

3 options for wheels

What took this board on another level though, is its selection for wheels. Verreal RS offers 3 types of wheels to choose from. You can use street wheels in 90 mm or 97 mm, Cloudwheels in 105 mm or 120 mm, and all-terrain pneumatic wheels in 7 inches.

In this post, we will be reviewing the all-terrain set-up and 105 mm Cloudwheels set-up.

Having 3 options may seem really cool, but we hesitate to recommend regular street wheels for the RS since the board already has a pretty low ground clearance even with our 105mm Cloudwheels. We shudder to think how terrible it would be if regular street wheels are used.

Aside from a selection of wheels, Verreal RS also allows 2 battery options: 16 AH (576 Wh) for $759 and 20 AH (720 Wh) for $979. You’ll need to top-up $200 more for the all-terrain version which costs $1179.

For this review, we will be using units with 20 AH batteries.

The marketed range of Verreal RS is 25 miles or 40 kilometers for the 16 AH battery, and 31 miles or 50 kilometers for the 20 AH battery.

Range might be the best thing about this board

Using AT wheels, this board was marketed to get a range of 28 miles or 45 kilometers for a 75 kg rider. For a 100 kg rider, the marketed range is 17 miles. 

When we put it to the test, we got 28 miles or 45 kilometers of range with 105 mm Cloudwheels and 22.5 miles or 36.2 kilometers with AT wheels.

For its price, Verreal RS really does provide a lot of range. It is arguably the best part of the specs.

Riding Experience

Now that we know the build and specs, it’s time to ride!

Riding Verreal RS felt like Wowgo AT2 but with way more stability. The deck felt a little shorter compared to other AT boards, but the subtle wide concave is nice. 

The control is very smooth, and the board’s acceleration strength is not crazy strong even on mode 4. It felt a little bit less strong compared to Wowgo AT2, but the feeling of not getting thrown off the board even when changing to top speed is awesome.

Much more stable DKP trucks

Overall, the ride felt really stable due to Verreal’s version of double kingpin trucks as compared to other brands. To put in some context, the Verreal RS is a much more stable ride compared to the likes of Wowgo AT2 and the Exway Atlas. This also means that it is not as carv-y as the other double kingpin trucks, but that is not a problem. Double kingpin trucks are already more carv-y than your regular reverse kingpin trucks.

This also means that you can easily change into top speed without getting off-balanced with the Verreal RS. Going uphill won’t be a problem, either.

To watch our real-world range test for Exway Atlas, click here.

Enjoyable low ground clearance

The double drop deck of Verreal RS also allows a very low riding height. This again, adds more stability, but we also like the carving feel of being this close to the tarmac. It is as if we are one with the road. The bottom enclosure clearly didn’t enjoy this as much as we did, though! 

Also, I’ve always found that a drop-through deck has a way of reducing road vibration. You’ll still feel them when using 105 mm clouds, but if you want to reduce the vibration more, 7-inch pneumatics is the way to go. 


I’m sure you notice we have been using Wowgo AT2 in comparison a lot in this review, this is no accident as Wowgo AT2 was our favorite budget Evolve clone up to this point. So this begs the question, after we’ve tried the Verreal RS, do we now have a new favorite?

When you are looking for a budget Dual Kingpin all-terrain board, Verreal RS is amongst the best choices you have at the $1000 mark, but so is Wowgo AT2.

Here’s our thought: It depends (duh)! Compared to Wowgo AT 2, Verreal RS can give you 25% more battery and more stability. On the flip side, Wowgo AT does have nicer things such as slightly better post-sale service, slightly better polish, and some nice features such as the smart turn-on.

To summarize, Verreal RS offered beefy specs, superior range, comfortable control, and a comfortable riding experience that‘s geared towards stability. It’s also very versatile for supporting different wheel configurations. If you are willing to put up with the inconsistent post-sale service, the Verreal RS is definitely amongst the top 2 choices when looking for an affordable Dual Kingpin all-terrain board.

Click here to check out Verreal RS