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Just as the winter ends, another wave of new electric skateboard began their marketing push. Teamgee H6 manages to stand out amongst the generic boards that are coming out from China with its pintail deck and stealth design.

Introduction of Teamgee

ShenZhen TeamGee Electronic Co., Ltd is a big established company in China. It has around 70 employees under its payroll, though only a dozen of core members work on the electric skateboard project.

Teamgee began its business as an OEM and ODM of various electronic components but it definitely didn’t limit itself there. For the past few years, Teamgee has established itself in the E-mobility world offering products such as the hoverboard, electrics-scooter and unicycle.

In 2016, they started to get into the electric skateboard business and have been selling fairly well in the Chinese market.

Teamgee electric skateboard project is the brainchild of the company owner, Mr. Sun, a 36-year-old gentleman with a receding hairline and a friendly vibe. Mr. Sun is not a skater but nonetheless an avid sports enthusiast. Like many of us, he found electric skateboard being much more fun as compared to the likes of the hoverboard. With the structure that Teamgee has, it is easy for them to get into the electric skateboard business so that was what they did.

Teamgee electric skateboards

Don’t let the emptiness in Teamgee web-store fool you into thinking that it has only the H6 to sell.
Teamgee has more than that, it has been selling a variety of eskate in the Chinese market and has even more of them in development, including an electric skateboard booster drive. The pintail H6 is the most recognizable by far and that was the reason why they chose to enter the international market with it.

The business owner, Mr. Sun has a particular insistence in the aesthetic design for his electric skateboard, wanting it to look and feel more like a regular longboard, hence the stealthy design. His passion towards creating an aesthetically pleasing electric skateboard is easy to see through the passionate way he spoke about board designs and the extent their team went through to make Teamgee board look the way it is.

We can all agree that the H6 looks pretty nice, can’t we?

But can it perform?

Teamgee H6 Review

Not aiming to be the most powerful, Teamgee H6 is at least decent in the specs department.

  • Top Speed: 18.5mph (30kmh)
  • Range: 10mil (16km)
  • Weight: 14lbs (6.3kg)
  • Charge Time: 2 hours
  • Features: Regenerative Braking, LED lights.
  • Price: 529 USD.

Build Quality

Right out of the box, Teamgee impressed with its looks and design.

The sleek design without any protruding component boxes also means the board has a very solid feel in hand.
The appearance of the board is definitely among the best in its price category. Though a little hot glue residual on the connecting wires serves to remind that this is, at the end of the day, a $500 board and not quite at the Boosted level in finishing.


Not to let the sleek designs fool you to think that the board is light.
It is not heavy at 14lbs (6.3kg) but definitely not something you want to be carrying around for an extended time.


Pintail deck aren’t often seen in electric skateboard market and the Teamgee H6 is definitely the first one in this price range.

The pintail deck was made from Canadian maple and not-surprisingly, it is stiff – considering all the electronic components were housed inside the deck, it would be foolish to expect otherwise.

The pintail deck has a slight concave to it.
Compares it to a flat deck, the concave definitely helps with the control and feel of the deck.

If you are on the taller side, say 5’9 (180cm), you might find the deck too narrow for comfort.
I am 5’7 (175cm) and the deck works well for me.

The graphic design on the deck was something that Teamgee put a lot of effort into. Even if the design doesn’t work for you, it is difficult to argue that the H6 stands out amongst your typical eskates.


Teamgee H6 chose to use 83mm 83A wheels.
The design of the board simply doesn’t allow any bigger wheels as with 83mm, wheel bites are already happening at full-lean in low speed.

(The team told me that in the future, they will have wheel-well on deck to prevent wheel bites.)

The hub motor urethane sleeves are replaceable so that is a plus.


Beautifully designed, the Teamgee H6 is definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing electric skateboards out there. Both the build quality and finishing while not perfect, are good.
Keep in mind, this is, after all, a mid-range board.

Riding Experience:

Acceleration and Deceleration

Straight out of the box, it definitely took me awhile to get familiar with the H6.

It has a perceptible delay in acceleration and braking. The team told me it was designed that way to cater to a less experienced crowd. Although I don’t see how that would help, my wife seems to like this configuration better than the other boards I have.. well (that puzzled me a lot, actually.). Shrugged…

The delay is even more noticeable when going from braking to acceleration. That means if you flip the throttle back and forth very fast, the board would not move at all. (Just something that I notice).

Thankfully, that was something that I get used to quickly.

Anyways, the H6 has 2 speed modes, high and low.

In the low-speed mode, acceleration and deceleration are one of the tamest I’ve experienced.
Combine it with a gentle top speed of 11mph(17kmh) in the low-speed mode, the H6 is well suited for beginners to comfortable cruise around in.
In the high-speed mode, however, the acceleration and braking are significantly stronger. Its still within the control of a seasoned eskater, but definitely not for the casuals.

Vibration & Stability

A stiff deck and a (relatively) small wheel mean that Teamgee H6 is not the best board to ride on bad roads. Riding the H6 on cobblestone, I can feel each of the vibration.
The 83mm wheels also put a limit on how big a bump you can roll over.

In my opinion, the board is configured to give the best cruising experience on low speed with its soft bushing that makes carving better.

While the board won’t challenge your balance in low-speed mode, it is a different story in high-speed mode. Bear in mind the pintail deck of the H6 is more narrow and the truck-based is shorter than your regular 38″ longboard deck, so going 20mph(32kmh) felt to me like riding on a rocket broomstick. On the other hand, an eskate veteran who was accustomed to highspeed riding will definitely have no problem with a measly 20mph.

Remote Control

For international buyers, Teamgee H6 comes with a new remote, which is cool.

Well, because the old remote is really bad in both look, feels and function.

This new remote is pretty good.

First of all, the soft rubber feels really good in the hand.
Secondly, it has a small screen that shows speed, and battery life.
It also has a LED light on the top, something that might be useful from time to time.

This remote use a dial in the middle, it has a pretty short throw limiting the fine control you can have with it.

There is also a cruise-control feature build into this remote. By pressing the dial twice, the H6 will lock the current speed and allow you to cruise along without holding on the dial. Simply move the dial again in either direction to disengage the cruise control.

It’s a nice feature and but kinda dangerous for those who are oblivious to it, as the board might speed-on unintendedly if you accidentally engage the cruise control.

Summary of Riding Experience

I never tried surfing but cruising and carving on this pintail deck definitely feels the way I think surfing would feel.

The H6 are designed for cruising and carving around big smooth roads and it really shines in that setting. Engage the board in cruise control and all that left to do is to enjoy the carves.

For other use, however, the board is just passable. There is more powerful and stabler board for high speed and there is lighter and agiler board for navigating city sidewalks.



Obviously, the range of the board depends on your weight, your riding style, and the temperature.

The 3.5Ah battery is advertised to give 10miles(16km).

If you are blasting at its top speed all the time, the board will last you around 7.5miles(12km). On the other hand, just cruising around in the low-speed mode will still leave you with half of the battery after doing the advertised 10miles(16km).

Note: I am 165lb(75kg) and this was tested in a typical hot tropical weather.


Teamgee H6 has advertised top speed of 18.5mph(30kmh).

With speed tuck, I can get the board to accelerate up to 20mph(32kmh).

The low-speed mode has its top speed set at 11mph(17kmh). A comfortable speed to cruise around in.


I did the standard stop and go test on the hill and the board did admirably. It can brake into a full stop on the incline and continue up the hill without rolling backward.

Comparing it to other board in the similar price, it handles hills considerably better.

Passed with flying color.

Customer Service

Teamgee is a new company and the customer service is, well, unproven.

The effort is definitely there – they have set-up a US hotline to service US customers better.
For the rest of the world, the customer service will be via email.

I do foresee the company to struggle a bit in the near future before they get more seasoned in servicing international customer. If tip-top post-sale service is a must to you, do check back this post in a few months and I will update this section once the company proved itself.


So, would I recommend Teamgee H6 to anyone? How does it stack up against boards of its tier?

While Teamgee H6 takes a backseat to Meepo-Wowgo-Ownboard in performance, it definitely is miles ahead in aesthetic and looks.

The surf like carving experience and the sleek design is something unique that only the H6 offers.

I, however, do not think the board suits well to a big tall person as they might find the deck too narrow and the stock bushing too soft.

To summarize, I would recommend the Teamgee H6 to someone who looks to cruise around in comfortable speed and in good roads.
Or to anyone who really needs to eskate under the radar.
Or to anyone who really likes that design.

Looks elsewhere if you are tall, big, need for speed, rides on bad roads or are looking for a very portable board.

Teamgee Official Site
Use “EskateHQ” affiliate code during check out to get 10% off.


Note: Post-sale service is a thing that I put into heavy consideration when recommending a board.
Though Teamgee seems to genuinely care about building a brand,  I couldn’t just take their words for it.

I hope my reader can help me keep track of Teamgee post-sales service by CC-ing [email protected] when you are dealing with Teamgee’s customer service.
I will also do my best to make sure my reader gets taken care of.

I hope this helps. =)

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  1. Pretty cool board. But think about how long it can take till you get it. I am waiting since six weeks and I do not have it. They say they can’t do anything and I have to wait. So frustrating.

    1. Woah, it looks like their Kickstarter campaign has turn into a shitshow! I sorry to hear that you get caught into all that!
      What happened? Did they not ship what you backed?

      Are they at least doing something to compensate you?

  2. Well, the story is in and their customer is horrible. They might as well give a 100 year warranty and a promise to cure. Anger since their H5 last 60 days and they don’t respond to warranty request. This is a horrible company with horrible customer service and a sub par product.

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