4 Very new electric skateboard from CES 2017 (2 of them don’t even have their webpage set up yet)


We get to see a lot of new electric skateboard in the CES 2017 along side some old faces like Zboard 2, One Wheel +, Elwing.

To my surprise, single-wheeled electric skateboard seems to be much popular than I was expected! Here are the list:

1. One Wheel +

25lbs/ 5-7miles/ 19mph
11kg/ 8-11km/ 30kph

One wheel + has Adam Savage from mythbuster on it’s promotional video!

Not exactly a new face, One Wheel + is the new iteration of the One Wheel.
Stabler, smoother and faster, this is going to be good.

All freaking terrain. Up hill, down hill, jungle track, raining, over flood, you need One Wheel’s big wheel to go somewhere even Evolve Carbon GT can’t bring you.

A single wheeled electric skateboard is probably never going to deliver the speed and portability that traditional electric skateboard offers, One Wheel + can’t reach half the speed of what traditional electric skateboard at it price can attain.
Expensive at $1499, it also look less cool (it’s subjective though), with the look that belongs more to a circus than the street.

However, that freedom of terrain man! It can drop down from curb with no problem! Mind = blown!

2. Jyro Roll

Specs that we know:
15miles(24km) in 2hour charge, going 15mph(24kmh).

Much like One Wheel +, Jyro Roll is a motorized single-wheel skateboard.

So I have 2 question: How will Jyro Roll going to be better than One Wheel +? and How will Jyro Roll better than our typical electric skateboard?

Not much information is out there to answer the questions, but I like seeing new faces nonetheless.

3. Geoblade

Another one wheel rid-able in CES!(seriously?)

What we know:
25 lbs, 20 miles range, 16 mph, removable battery
11kg, 32km range, 25kmh

Geoblade is the second try of Hoverboard Technologies in ridable market after the Hoverboard failed Kickstarter probably for being too pricy at $4000.

Geoblade is only going to cost you $1500.

In the mix of traditional electric skateboard and one wheeler like One Wheel, Jyro, Geoblade is different in the sense of, it suppose to makes the ride feel like hovering.

Of course I would never know for sure until I get to ride one.

It seems to have a higher learning curve than traditional electric skateboard too.

That being said, I love the futuristic look of Hoverboard/ Geoblade. All the customize-able LED lights and sleek design. Very cool, very cool.

4. Walnut Spectra

Finally, a ‘typical’ electric skateboard.

The Walnut Spectra is still very stealthy, not much promotion has been done for the board beside it’s appearance in CES 2017.

The information that I gathered on this board:

  1. This is an electric skateboard using weight sensing pedal to accelerate, brakes and turn. (similar to Zboard).
  2. It is small and compact
  3. It has a cool sci-fi look about it
  4. It is perhaps from Hong Kong?
  5. It is currently on alpha testing, finding it’s first 100th tester.
  6. It is probably going to price at around $1000? (It says 40% off for alpha tester, saved more than $1000, simple match suggest that it will cost somewhere upward of $1000) (Are they going to be competitive at that price point?!)


Update (29th May 2017): Walnutt has been busy since I first written this post. They have built their website, and launched their IndieGoGo campaign, and I’ve backed one of their board – read The one reason that I chose Walnutt Spectra.

Link to Walnutt Spectra IndieGoGo Campaign.
Link to Walnutt Official Webpage.
Link to Walnutt Facebook Page.

Seeing new electric skateboard bringing new technology into the field has always excited me.

Hopefully they will do well enough ato join the list of electric skateboard that will release in the near future!

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