Evolve Carbon GT Review

Should I buy a boosted board VS evolve board.
This is one of the most asked question when choosing an electric skateboard.

Equally powerful, equally reliable,
Evolve is the other brand in electric skateboard world that were praised everywhere.

In short, if you are looking for an awesome skateboard,
evolve is a good choice.

However if you are looking for an electric skateboard that can go off road?Evolve’s AT series is your only choice.

For now.

AKA: The Jeep

(Street): $1,469
(All Terrain): $1499

  • Built Quality: Awesome
  • Customer service: Awesome!
  • Size: Longboard  (Length= 40″/ 102cm)
  • Top Speed: Craaazy! (26 mph/ 36-42kmh)
  • Range: Unmatched! (18.5miles/ 30km)
  • Charge time: Long (4-5 hours) (3 hr with fast charger)
  • Incline: Steep!! (25% grade/ 14.04°)
  • Weight: Heavy (9.5kg/ 21lbs)
  • Battery: 42 Volt Lithium Ion with custom BMS
  • Motor: Sensored dual brush out-runner motors, belt need to be replaced from time to time.
  • Brake: Regenerative ABS braking. It is smooth.
  • Wheel Size: (83mm, 90mm, 97mm or 7″ All terrain wheels!)
  • Remote: Hmmm.
    There are complaints on remote controlling more than 1 board.
    Some user report bluetooth remote controller disconnect mid ride.
  • Companion app: Yes
  • Waterproof: Nope
  • Issues:
    • Aggressive riding means expensive maintenance.
      (Belts, Motor pulley)
    • Some has encounter problem with the remote. It might be a deal breaker for some if you can’t trust your life on a remote.
  • Unique Strength:
    • Able to go all terrain with that 7″ All terrain wheels!

My research conclusion:
Carbon GT and Bamboo GT are good boards. You can’t go wrong with them.
Good range, fast speed, good build and good customer service, this is how an electric skateboard look like.
And on the old Boosted board VS Evolve board question?
If you want to go off road, Evolve is your only choice.
If not? Boosted board have more bells and whistle with it’s flexible deck, swap-able battery and accessory port.

Important Stats:
The top speed can kill you. (26 mph/ 36-42kmh)
It can bring you very very far.(18.5miles/ 30km).
Steep hill ain’t a problem. (25% grade/ 14.04°)
Its the weight of a cabin luggage. (21lbs/ 9.5kg)

Again, Evolve is an old proven company
Evolve, a company based in Australia has been producing electric skateboard since 2012!
It has now an impressive line-up of electric skateboards that are among the best in the market (Bamboo, Bamboo GT, Carbon, Carbon GT) and 
Evolve Carbon GT is definitely their premium flagship.

The beefiest electric skateboard commercially available right now!
Its speed, power and range is unrivaled.
It will carry you farther and faster than anything on the market right now, that includes even the similar priced Boosted Board Dual+ !

Be truly free (don’t hit water though)
You may install the All Terrain wheel at anytime, and get off the asphalt. Dirt road, grass road, sandy road, nothing can stop you now.
Just be sure to follow the old rules of GTA , don’t hit the water.
It is somewhat water-resistant but it is not built for that AT ALL.

Available worldwide!
It is generally difficult for people outside of US and Europe (like me) to get hold of an electric skateboard as electric skateboard company don’t sell there.
Hence I really appreciate the fact that Evolve has distributor worldwide.
It is the also the only major brand that I know of that ships to Asia (where I am)!

Evolve All Terrain series is the only one that can go off road!

You want a big beefy board that can travel weird terrain, go the farthest and do so with incredible speed?

Take a look at the Evolve line-up then!

Best video review of Evolve Carbon GT is by Electric Wave.

Go To Evolve USA: Evolve Electric Skateboard


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