Vokboard Riot V2 Review: The other guys at $449.

Today, we will be reviewing the Vokboard Riot V2.

Priced at $449, the Riot V2 has entered as a contender among other affordable electric skateboards priced below $500. As you may know, the budget segment of electric skateboards has always been dominated by big Chinese brands like Meepo, Wowgo, and Backfire. These giant skateboard manufacturers can usually churn out high-quality skateboards while maintaining affordability due to their large production scale. 

So, being a challenger to the status quo, we are interested to see what this new Vokboard brand is bringing to the table. Will it be able to hold on its own among the other heavyweights in the price range of $500 and below? 

Vokboard Riot V2 Specifications:

  • Price: $449
  • Deck: Canadian Maple; a mild amount of flexibility, no concave 
  • Electronic Speed Controller: LingYi ESC; 4-speed modes, push-to-start
  • Remote: LingYi with telemetry screen
  • Battery: 10s3p, 288WH, 8.0 ah
  • Marketed Range: 21 miles (35 KM)
  • Motors: Dual 600w Hub
  • Marketed Top Speed: 28.5 mp/h (46 km/h)
  • Trucks: Generic RKP trucks
  • Wheels: 90MM or + 105 mm 
  • Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg)

Deck: Broad and Flat

The Vokboard Riot V2’s deck is broad and flat. It’s made of Canadian Maple and has mild flexibility. It is also pretty flat without much concave.

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) – 10s LingYi ESC

The Riot V2 uses a 10s LingYi ESC, which allows four different riding and braking modes.

VOKBOARD Riot V2 ESC enclosure

If you’ve come across our previous review on any electronic skateboard that uses LingYi ESC, you know that the ESC’s performance is usually pretty consistent and reliable.

It comes paired with the generic LingYi remote that comes with a telemetry display.

Battery: 10s3p Setup

The Riot V2 is equipped with a 10s3p, 288WH, 8.0Ah battery, which stands out in its price range, considering it’s almost two times the size as what we usually see from $500 boards. 

VOKBOARD Riot V2 battery enclosure

Vokboard claims that the battery life can last up to the range of 21miles (35 km), and as we tested it with a rider of 154 lbs (70 kg) cruising at a moderate speed, we managed to cover around 16 miles (26 km) on a single charge.

Motors: Dual 600w Hub Motors

Vokboard Riot V2 comes with dual 600w hub motors. These are respectable numbers, and the boar does have an impressive top speed of 28.5mph (46 kph). We manage to hit the top speed, but it does take time to accelerate up to the top speed.

VOKBOARD Riot V2 hub motors

Weight: 17.6 lbs (8 kg)

Despite having a larger battery and dual hub motors, the Riot V2 manages to keep its weight at 17.6 lbs or 8 kg.

Vokboard Riot V2’s Specification Summary

In general, the Riot V2 is not a sophisticated board; it has simple features to go with its simple looks. Much like other smaller brands, the Riot V2 was assembled using off-the-shelf parts.

VOKBOARD Riot V2 pretty look

Saving money from having to invest in special molds probably allows Vokboard to put a bigger battery in the Riot V2. However, range means nothing if the board is no fun to ride. This, then, brings us to the next section, the riding experience.

The Riding Experience of Vokboard Riot V2

The VokboardRiot V2 uses LingYi ESC, which has a reputation for being smooth in the first three speed modes and raw a jerky with its highest speed mode. Well, this wasn’t the case with the Riot V2, most likely because the motors on the Riot V2 aren’t the most powerful.

On paper, the dual 600w hub motors should be very powerful, but we know that motor wattage isn’t exactly a good indicator of a board’s torque and power, and Riot V2 is a good example of that. While the board really is able to achieve a top speed of 28.5 mp/h (46 km/h), it doesn’t accelerate super fast and will take some time before it gets there.\With that said, these motors are still strong enough to make your everyday rides fun, and beginners might even appreciate the tamer profile of the ride.

The Riot V2 does offer a stable handle when going fast, and there are no speed wobbles. The trucks were on the tighter side, and the board was especially stable when going straight. However, this does make it resistant to steer and makes it hard to make very tight turns.

In the aspect of road vibrations, the Riot V2 does a decent job of reducing the vibrations despite its stiff deck. Although it doesn’t give you the “floating” sensation that those premium boards with shock-absorbing features provide, it’s considered comfortably smooth, especially for boards at this price point. That being said, the larger battery packs lowered the ground clearance and might lead to occasional scrapes over speed bumps.

Verdict: The Vokboard Riot V2 – A Competitive Choice Under $500

 VOKBOARD Riot V2 close up to the logo

When all is said and done, the Vokboard Riot V2 does offer a respectable riding experience while boasting a range far beyond what’s expected for its price. While it lacks exciting power or an extraordinary ride feel, it delivers where it counts: the range. If you’re in search of a budget board that can take you the extra mile, the Vokboard Riot V2 is a board worth considering.

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Meepo Mini 3S Review (Meepo Atom): Powerful and Affordable!

Today we will be reviewing the Meepo Mini 3s, also known as the Meepo Atom. 

The Mini 3s, priced at $469, is essentially the do-over of the $429 Meepo Mini 5, a few-month-old predecessor. For those who might be confused about the naming, the Mini 3s and the Meepo V3s were both released as successors to the much-loved 2020 Meepo V3, a board that gained notoriety as the most powerful affordable electric longboard on the market.

Check out our review of the Meepo V3s here!

Meepo Mini 3S Specifications:

  • Price: $469
  • Deck: 30″ 8-ply Canadian maple; a comfortable amount of flex, mild concave
  • Electronic Speed Controller: LingYi ESC; 4-speed modes, push-to-start
  • Remote: M4s remote with telemetry screen
  • Battery: 10s2p battery with 21700 cells (Molicel P42A), 216Wh
  • Marketed Range: Standard – 17 miles (27km)
  • Motors: Dual 540W Hub
  • Marketed Top Speed: 29mph (47kph)
  • Trucks: Meepo Signature Shredder Trucks (7-inch 45°)
  • Wheels: 90mm PU (Compatible with 105mm donut wheels)
  • Weight: 18.5 lbs (8.4kg).

As you can see, Meepo Atom (Mini 3s) wasn’t trying to be groundbreaking in design. It has the same color scheme as the Meepo V3s, which also was pretty similar to the 2020 Meepo V3. It also uses the same electronic enclosure. 

This is obviously how Meepo keeps its cost down. Now, let’s take a deeper look at each of the parts.

Deck: Broad for a shortboard (12.6″)

The deck of the Mini 3S measures 30″ x 12.6″, which is considered wide for a shortboard. It’s a stiff deck made from Canadian Maple and features a dish-shaped concave with a spacious kicktail. Meepo also included a skid plate on the kicktail to allow for worry-free use of the kicktail or tail brakes.

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) – LingYi ESC

The Mini 3S uses the 10S LingYi ESC, known for its punchy acceleration. There’s also a push-to-start feature, so the board automatically turns on when you start rolling. Additionally, the Mini 3S is paired with the Meepo M4S remote, which comes with a display that shows telemetry. The ESC allows switching between 4 acceleration modes and 4 brake modes, independent of each other.

Battery: 10s2p Molicel P42A

Meepo Mini 3s is equipped with a 10s2p 216Wh battery, using 21700 cells. These cells hold more power than the 18650 cells used in the Meepo Mini 5 and most other entry-level electric skateboards. 

Meepo claims the Mini 3S can go 17 miles or 27 km on a single charge. However, in our testing, a 165lbs (75kg) rider achieved 13 miles (21km) on the highest speed mode. This range is slightly better than most entry-level electric skateboards.

Big Motors – Dual 540W Hub

The Mini 3S uses dual 540W hub motors, a step up from the 500W motors found on the Mini 5. Meepo lists the Mini 3S as having a top speed of 29 mph (47 kph).

We did not have the courage to get to that top speed. We got to 22mph (35 kph), and aborted there. .

Shredder Trucks and 90mm Wheels

Just like Meepo Mini 5, the Mini 3s use Meepo’s Shredder trucks, 7” 45° RKP trucks. 

The trucks come right out of the box with firm 100A bushings but Meepo also included \a set of 92A bushings for those who prefer softer trucks. 

The wheels are standard 90mm street wheels, but these are compatible with 105mm donut wheels. 

The Riding Experience of Meepo Mini 3s (Meepo Atom)

First impression of the Mini 3s? This board is powerful.

In recent times, ‘power’ seems to be the aim of brands when designing new electric shortboards. Boards like the $899 Tynee Mini 3 Pro, the $699 Verreal Ace, and the $469 Meepo Mini 3s Atom all embrace this trend. Fortunately, Meepo Mini 3s handles the power with grace.

Read more: Another amazingly powerful electric shortboard is the Tynee Mini 3 Pro. Check out our review of the Tynee Mini 3 Pro here.

While the highest speed mode of the LingYi ESC is punchy and thrilling, the board’s wide 7” trucks, stiffer bushing, and wider deck with a comfortable concave all contribute to a stable and smooth ride. The board performs well up to speeds of around 22mph (35 kph), after which the ride might become a bit intimidating for us.

For those who prefer a shortboard for a relaxing commute, the Mini 3s can do that too. The first three speed modes offer gentle and smooth rides, perfect for beginners and for those who enjoy carefree cruising. 

It’s great for riding on sidewalks too, The trucks are nimble enough for tight turns, and the kicktail is easy to use for kick turns and tail brakes. (We had come across some other shortboard that kicktail was way too short, making it borderline unusable and was merely ‘decorative’.)

This board is pretty addictive to ride. It’s fun to have this much power on your ‘thumb tips’. Besides that, the board is also fun to just ride around, as it is agile and responsive. 

However, as with all hub-driven electric shortboards, Meepo Mini 3s is NOT fun when the roads are rough. The vibration will travel up the trucks, through the stiff deck, and straight into your knee.

Verdict: The Meepo Mini 3s – One of the Best Under $500

All things considered, we think the Meepo Mini 3s Atom is one of the best electric shortboards under $500. It’s not just powerful, but it handles everything else rather well, too. It’s a fun and agile board for sidewalk cruising, a comfortable ride for relaxed carving, and an exhilarating machine to race down straight roads. At this point, the Meepo Mini 5 is completely overshadowed by the Mini 3s. So if you’re in the market for an entry-level electric shortboard that delivers on all fronts, the Meepo Mini 3s should be among your first consideration.

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Tynee Mini 3 Review: The Compact Powerhouse for City Cruising

Today, we will be looking at Tynee Mini 3, the non-pro & hub version!

Electric shortboards are great for urban commuting, as they are both more portable and more agile to ride around pedestrians on sidewalks. Most major electric skateboard brand has one electric shortboard in their line-up, but Tynee, probably encouraged by how well their Tynee Mini 2 did, launched 2 of them in one go.

In May 2023, Tyneeboard launched two new shortboards: the Tynee Mini 3 Pro and the Tynee Mini 3. While we’ve already reviewed the $899 Pro version here (it’s absurdly strong) ,the focus today is on its sibling, the Tynee Mini 3 – Hub version. Priced at $699 for the hub version and $759 for the belt version, the Mini 3 offers a more affordable alternative to its Pro counterpart.

Tynee Mini 3 (hub) Specifications

Before we delve into the riding experience the Tynee Mini 3 offers, let’s chart out its specifications. It’s very similar to the Tynee Mini 3 PRO, with the only notable difference being the default wheels, the Motors, and the remote.:

Tynee Mini 3 at a glance:

  • Price: $699
  • Deck: Canadian Maple, mildly dish-shaped concave
  • Trucks: Tynee PE reversed kingpin trucks (based on Paris V3 trucks)
  • Wheels: 90mm PU wheels (with an optional upgrade to 105mm Cloudwheels)
  • ESC: 13s Hobbywing ESC with smart turn-on and 4-speed modes
  • Motors: Dual 700W hub motors
  • Battery: Molicel P42A battery (13S2P configuration, 393.12Wh, 54.6V)
  • Top Speed: 32mph (52kph)
  • Range: Up to 26 miles (42km)
  • Weight: 17.7lbs (8kg)
  • Additional Features: Integrated brake lights

The Deck and Trucks: Solid Foundation for a Smooth Ride

Similar to the Tynee Mini 3 Pro, the non-pro Mini 3 uses a Canadian Maple deck with a mild concave. This design is widely used on electric shortboards for a reason; it helps with board control, is quite comfortable, and helps to secure footing while riding.

As we complained in our Tynee Mini 3 Pro review, we had wished that Tynee went a little bit more aggressive with the concave, as we still find ourselves needing to look down and check our footing when riding fast. A steeper concave like the one on the Boosted Mini or the Meepo Mini would help us feel more secure here.

The Tynee PE reversed kingpin trucks are Tynee’s proprietary trucks based on Paris V3 trucks. We have ridden them on other Tynee boards and know they are pretty good.

The Wheels: standard 90mm PU wheels.

The standard 90mm PU wheels the Tynee Mini 3 comes with serve well for smooth city roads. Unsurprisingly, riding this hub-driven shortboard on rough roads are terrible. The vibration killed our knees.

The $100 upgrade to 105mm Cloudwheels is a must for those who frequently ride on poor roads, but I doubt its going to help too much. Just get a belt-driven longboard instead if that describes your daily route.

ESC and Motors – Bottle-necked.

Under the hood, the Tynee Mini 3 was powered by a 13s Hobbywing ESC and dual 700W hub motors. Hobbywing ESC comes with the smart turn-on (board automatically powered on upon switching on the remote) and four-speed modes. Compared to the Mini 3 Pro, the non-Pro Mini 3 requires smartphone apps for advanced customization of control settings (Speed, acceleration, top speed, etc.); while for the Mini 3 Pro, you can change the settings straight from the remote.

As for the 2 x 700W hub motors, they obviously did not match the power of the Mini 3 Pro’s 2x 2775W belt motors. A 13s system promised a lot of power, but the 700W motors obviously put caps on the power. Despite having an over-the-top 13s system, Tynee Mini 3 is merely ‘strong.’ But hey, there isn’t any real need for a shortboard to have crazy power, and the Tynee Mini 3 is strong enough that it can bring a heavy rider up any steep hills.

The top speed clocks in at 32mph or 52 kph, although we’ve only had the nerve to hit 28mph(45 kph). 

The Battery: Disappointed.

Powering the Tynee Mini 3 is the high-performing Molicel P42A battery, configured as 13S2P. This 393.12Wh, 54.6V battery offers an advertised range of up to 26 miles (42km). However, our range test with a heavier rider (220lbs, 100kg) going at top speed only yielded a range of about 12.5 miles (20km). 

This goes to show that rider weight and riding style heavily impact the range you get. A lighter rider or a slower riding style should get a lot more range from this 393.12WH battery. (393.12WH is a pretty good size for a $699 board)

Additional Features: 

Tynee Mini 3 tail light

The Tynee Mini 3 comes with integrated brake lights that light up when the throttle is dialed back. They can also be manually switched on via the remote control.

Having integrated light is always nice. (Unlike aftermarket solutions, such as shredlights, you don’t have to charge them separately.)

Riding Experience of the Tynee Mini 3: 

Tynee Mini 3 is an easy board to ride. 

It’s doesn’t have the exhilarating acceleration of the Mini 3 Pro, but it still took off fast, and it accelerated in perfect smoothness just like any Hobbywing ESC would. The brakes are strong and smooth, too, something that some 10s Hobbywing ESC may lack but 13s Hobbywing ESC wouldn’t.

As a shortboard, the Tynee Mini 3 is considered as stable as the 7” trucks balance stability and ease of turning well. As I mentioned, the board only starts to feel sketchy for us at around 28mph(45kph), which, IMO is wayyy faster than one should go on a shortboard. The kicktail is user-friendly too. Some shortboards we reviewed were prone to accidental wheelies during acceleration, while others have a kicktail so short that it feels more decorative than useful. Tynee Mini 3 doesn’t have that problem; its kicktail is easy to use and doesn’t cause accidental wheelie.

The Verdict: Low-key, a great board.

To wrap it up, while the Tynee Mini 3 hasn’t really broken new ground or wowed us with any groundbreaking features, it’s a solid board. It’s well-built, comes with good power, a decent range, and provides a pleasant ride. 

It might live in the shadow of the much more exciting Mini 3 Pro, but it’s still a fantastic option for anyone in the market for a competent, well-rounded electric shortboard for zipping around town.

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Meepo V3S Review: The Ultimate Budget Electric Skateboard

Meepo, a well-known electric skateboard manufacturer, launched the Meepo V5 in February 2023 as their much-anticipated 2023 edition of the entry-level electric skateboard. However, it wasn’t the adrenaline-pumping speed machine that fans had in mind. In response to angry customer feedback, Meepo went back to the drawing board and, 3 months later, introduced the Meepo V3S.

In this article, we will review the Meepo V3S and see if it lives up to fans’ expectations this time.

Specifications of Meepo V3S (AKA Meepo Super 😅)

The Meepo V3S specification is as below:

  • Price: $469 (ER version = $599)
  • Deck: 38” 8-ply Canadian maple; a good amount of flex, mild concave
  • Electronic Speed Controller: LingYi ESC; 4-speed modes, push-to-start
  • Remote: M4s remote with telemetry screen
  • Battery: 10s2p battery with 21700 cells (216Wh)
    • Meepo V3S ER =10s2p battery with Samsung 40T, 8AH, 288WH
  • Marketed Range: Standard – 11 miles or 18km; Extended Range – 19.8 miles or 32km
  • Motors: Dual 540W Hub
  • Marketed Top Speed: 29mph or 47km/h
  • Trucks: Meepo Signature Shredder Trucks (7-inch 45°)
  • Wheels: 90mm Urethane
    • V3S ER = 105mm donut wheels

Now, that’s an above-average spec for boards under $500, and it fixed the crowds’ complaints about the power and the remote, but how about the riding experience?

Meepo V3S, flexing with its deck

Meepo has the habit of using good decks for its board, and V3S is no different. The Meepo V3S features an 8-ply Canadian maple deck that provides a decent amount of flex, making it more comfortable to ride on various terrains. The deck is slightly more flexible than the Meepo V5, providing a smoother ride. It also features a mild concave shape, ensuring your feet stay cozy during the ride.

A ‘handy’ addition (see what I did there?) is the handle cut-out on the Meepo V3S, which might interrupt the board’s aesthetics but comes in incredibly useful when you need to carry it by hand. Weighing in at 18.5 lbs or 8.4 kg, the board, thanks to the handle, is not too heavy to lug around.

Meepo V3S Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) and Remote

The Meepo V3S, unsurprisingly, uses the 10s LingYi ESC with 4-speed mode. LingYi ESC was renowned for its punchy acceleration, albeit at the cost of some smoothness in acceleration. This ESC also comes with a smart turn-on, which means the board power-on by itself when the wheels are rolled. 

Meepo causes an uproar with the V5 for giving us a remote without a screen for telemetry. Well, they learned their lesson; this time, the ESC pairs with the M4s remote that has a screen that shows telemetry.

As usual, the board allows for separate adjustments of acceleration and braking modes. The four-speed modes offer a range of performance options, from gentle acceleration for beginners to aggressive, powerful acceleration for experienced riders.

Big motors and aggressive torque

One of the standout features of the Meepo V3S is its dual 540W motors, which provide a top speed of 29mph (47kph). This makes the V3S one of the fastest affordable electric skateboards on the market, outpacing the Meepo V5’s and the arch rival Wowgo 2s Max, which both have a top speed of 28mph (45kph).

Read our review on the Wowgo 2s Max here.

Unfortunately, in our top speed test, we only manage to get 28mph(45kph), which ties with what we get with the Wowgo 2s Max, and nudge faster than the Meepo V5.

Anyways, these motors do offer impressive torque, so heavier rider don’t have to worry when tackling hills with it.

Battery and Range of the Meepo V3S

The Meepo V3S comes with a 216Wh 10s2p 21700 battery, which is larger than most entry-level electric skateboards that typically use a 144Wh battery. This larger battery was marketed to offers a 17 miles (27 km) range. 

However, our 100kg test rider managed to get only half the advertised range from a single charge, wrapping up the ride at 10 miles or 16 km. It’s a bit disappointing for a 216Wh battery but does highlight how larger motors are more power-hungry and how rider weight significantly impacts mileage. 

However, for a $400 board, it’s within expectations, and if you’re a riding casually and weigh around 155lbs(70kg), you could likely squeeze out a 17-mile range on a single charge.

Trucks and Wheels

The board uses Meepo’s proprietary 7-inch die-cast Shredder trucks, which offer a good balance between maneuverability and stability. The trucks was tuned well right out of the box. We ride it like we stole it, and it was a smooth when carving and remain stable at high speeds.

The Meepo V3S comes with standard 90mm street wheels, providing a smooth ride on various terrains. However, for riders who frequently encounter rough roads, we recommend opting for the 105mm donut wheel upgrade or considering some other belt-driven longboard instead.

Summing up the riding Experience on the Meepo V3S

The Meepo V3S is a solid ride. It did not ‘over-deliver’ on anything, neither did it disappoint. 

It has great power, capable of thrilling acceleration, making it the most exciting board under $500. And for beginner who kept away from the crazy 4th speed mode, the board offers a smooth and intuitive riding experience.

Meepo V3S’s moderately flexible deck and decent trucks makes it a fun board to carve around and yet stable enough of a board to bomb a hill. 

Road vibrations are still terrible, just like on other hub-driven longboards. 

Oh, and ground clearance of the V3S is pretty low and the enclosures would often scrape against speed bumps.


All in all, we are pretty impressed with how swiftly Meepo responded to the critique surrounding the Meepo V5, and how they hit the nail on the head with their changes. Meepo V3S not only brings back the power that Meepoboards is known for, but it also introduces minor enhancements over the V5. This means a larger battery than most of its competitors, a good comfortable deck that we enjoy, and a solid riding experience.

While the tamer, easier and cheaper V5 was what Meepo thought beginner riders would want, the stronger V3S is, in the end, the board that people do wants, and it is going to be a pretty popular board for the years to come.

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Meepo V5 Review – The OG affordable electric skateboards

Meepo Board is the OG that kickstarted the affordable electric skateboard era in 2017. From Meepo V1 to V4s, each upgraded version the brand makes is always among the best electric skateboards at $400. In February 2023, Meepo released the Meepo V5.

Will Meepo V5 become a worthy successor to the popular Meepo V4s? Let’s run through the specs!

Meepo V5 Build and Specs

Meepo V5
  • Deck: 8-ply Canadian maple; mild flex, deep concave
  • Electronic Speed Controller: LingYi ESC; 4-speed modes, push-to-start
  • Battery: Standard 4AH 144Wh or Extended Range Version 288Wh 
  • Marketed Range: Standard – 11 miles or 18km; Extended Range – 19.8 miles or 32km
  • Motors: Dual 500W Hub
  • Marketed Top Speed: 27mph or 44km/h
  • Trucks: Meepo Signature Shredder Trucks (7-inch 45°)
  • Wheels: 90mm Urethane

Meepo V5 uses an 8-ply Canadian maple deck with a mild flex and deep concave. The concave is subtle, but enough to make our feet feel comfortable and secure. 

The Meepo V5 board handle cut-out also makes a comeback, which unfortunately, makes it look less cool. Still, the handle cut-out is always tremendously helpful when carrying this 18.5 lbs or 8.4kg board. 

The overall design of the V5 looks polished and premium by going with a simple blue and black color scheme. The board also shows some of the bare maple deck. We like this design better as it is definitely not toy-ish, unlike some older Meepo boards.

The board also comes with a bash guard for the deck to protect it from collisions. Awesome!

Meepo Designed Controller

As for the electronic speed controller, the V5 uses the LingYi ESC with a push-to-start feature. It has 4-speed modes and 4 braking modes that can be adjusted separately. 

What’s new to us is the newly designed controller. Instead of using the typical LingYi ESC remote with a mislabelled reverse button, Meepo created a new LingYi remote. It’s almost identical to the generic Hobbywing ESC remote.

Meepo V5

This also means that the Meepo V5 remote does not have a screen showing speed and range. So, if you really want a screen on the remote, you will have to buy the Meepo 5s remote ($69). You can also pair your V5 with another LingYi ESC-compatible remote.

Still The Fastest Board Among Budget Boards

When it comes to the motors, Meepo V5 uses dual 500w hub motors. This is a little surprising since the last generation Meepo V4S used bigger dual 540W hub motors. 

We think Meepo designed the V5 for the newcomers, prioritizing battery efficiency instead of over-the-top power. This makes sense as V4 and V4s were crazily powerful. We reviewers love them for that, but it isn’t really ideal for regular users. The V4 and V4S boards are tough for beginner riders to get comfortable with. 

Interested in Meepo V4? Read our review on this speed monster here.

Also, Meepo improved the V5 hub motors’ design. It should be better for cooling now and easier to swap up the PU sleeves.

Meepo claims that the motors can deliver us a maximum speed of 28 mph (45 km/h). During our test, we indeed reached a top speed of 27 mph (44 km/h). This means the Meepo V5 is still the fastest board amongst budget boards despite stepping back on motor power. 

As for the trucks, Meepo updated their signature Shredder trucks. These are 7-inch trucks angled at 45 degrees made by Meepo. These trucks came out of the box pretty loose and carve-y, which is different from Meepo’s typical style. More on that later.

Range – Well Expected, Nothing Crazy.

Now, let’s go to the batteries. The Meepo V5 has two battery options: a standard 4AH 144Wh battery with a marketed range of 11 miles (18 km) and an extended range version with a 288Wh battery with a marketed range of 19.8 miles (32km). 

We received the ER version of the board, and our lightweight 143 lbs (65 kg) rider reached a maximum distance of 18.6 miles (30 km). This hits the marketed range claim. 

As we all know, the range is subjective to the rider’s riding speed and weight, so your mileage may vary. 

Want to compare this board to Meepo V4S? We got you! Click here to read our review.

Meepo V5 has an IP55 waterproof rating, so riding the board on some puddles wouldn’t be an issue. Do remember to wipe it down as soon as possible. A wet battery will degenerate over a few months. 

And, that wraps the specs of the V5! So without further ado, let’s see how all of those turn out in the riding experience. 

Meepo V5 Ride Experience

When it comes to speed control, it is unsurprising for the Meepo V5 to retain its signature punchy acceleration and strong brake. The board kicks off aggressively at the highest ride mode. While this is fun for thrill-seekers, beginners should stay within the first 3-speed modes. These modes are much more gentle in acceleration and braking.

With that said, the speed control of the V5 is indeed less aggressive than the V4 and V4s. Again, this may disappoint some riders but will help new riders feel more comfortable while learning how to skate.

The deck is undoubtedly the best part of the V5. It is nice and comfortable to stand on. As we have said, the wide concave deck makes it easy to feel our feet’ position and keeps them secure. Going with a deck that’s on the stiffer side also means that the board feels more stable when riding fast.

The new shredder trucks came out of the box loose, which made the board too easy to turn. While that is fun for carving, it gets a bit sketchy when riding at top speed. So, we tightened it up a little. With the right tightness, the trucks strike a good balance between maneuverability and stability. It carves pretty nicely with good returns to the center and keeps the board steady at high speed. These new Shredder trucks are okay.

Meepo V5 Shredder Trucks

When it comes to road vibration, the result should surprise no one. A hub motor board that rolls with thin urethane wheels will always be uncomfortable when riding on rough pavements. It is not worse than any other hub motor board but not better, either. Or, you could get yourself the 105mm Donut wheels from Meepo or Cloudwheels, and that would make riding on rough roads that much better.

Meepo V5 VERDICT – Great For Beginners

So, here comes the final verdict. 

If you are in the market for an electric skateboard that offers solid performance without breaking the bank, the Meepo V5 is a great option to consider. Meepo V5 remains a very good entry-level electric skateboard. The board is beginner-friendly and prioritizes range over power. While Meepo cut down on the motor wattage of the board, Meepo V5 is still one of the fastest boards among top-performing budget boards.

Meepo V5

Besides the higher-than-typical 28 mph top speed, this 2023 Meepo improved the little things. Better waterproofing, better hub design, truck quality, etc.  

So, if you are looking for your first electric skateboard and are not sure what to get, Meepo V5 is a good place to start. We are… just sad that it is no longer a speed monster like the Meepo V4 was.

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