Yuneec E-go 2 Review

Yuneec E-go was the go to board for anyone who wants the Boosted Board but only wants to pay half the price.

Yuneec E-go2 is the exact same idea.
At &599 it gives an okay performance with surprisingly good range.

At the other time, this would seems to be a good deal.
However with many other choices in the market and many new board releasing each month, wouldn’t it be a better idea to look elseware or hold up for something sweeter?

Perhaps even just for a more reliable customer service?

AKA: The Affordable Board


Price: $599

  • Built Quality: Serviceable
  • Customer service: Non-existing?
  • Size: Longboard
  • Top Speed: Okay (12.5 mph/ 20kmh)
  • Range: Surprisingly far! (18miles/ 29km)
  • Charge time: Long (3-5 hours) 
  • Incline: Okay (10% grade/ 5.71°)
  • Weight: Somewhat Heavy (13.9 lb/ 6.3kg)
  • Battery: -?-
  • Motor: Single brushless motors, belt need to be replaced from time to time.
  • Brake: Regenerative braking.
  • Wheel Size: 90 x 52 mm
  • Remote: Good.
  • Companion app: Nope
  • Waterproof: Splash resistant.
  • Issues:
    • Quality is inconsistent.
    • Customer service, is there any?
    • Low clearance for back wheels due to the motor parts.
  • Unique Strength:
    • Can go a long distance. (albeit slowly)

My research conclusion:
If you are looking something that can get you to point A to point B, and you are looking for something nicer to your wallet, Yuneec E-go 2 fits the bill nicely. However, there are definitely better choices out there.

Important Stats:
It goes only as fast as a fast sprint. (12.5 mph/ 20kmh)
However it can go incredibly far on one charge.(18miles/ 29km).
It can only handle a small incline. (10% grade/ 5.71°)
It weighs like a heavy grocery bag.  (13.9 lb/ 6.3kg)

Biggest name in the budget electric skateboard business?
What concern me is the inconsistent quality and non-existing customer service.
Although people who got a dead-on-arrival unit manage to get an 1 to 1 exchange, those who have the board break after riding for few months aren’t getting any customer support from Yuneec.

Yuneec has been the most known name in budget electric skateboard world since the first generation Yuneec E-go. Even then it is not known for quality or customer service.

Final Word:
Yuneec E-go2 is a fair choice for it’s budget range. The other boards that share the same price range would be Backfire (made in China), and Acton Blink/ Blink Lite.

If you are looking at a portable last mile solution, why not choose Acton Blink Lite which although are slightly slower, but are half the weight, half the price and has way better built quality and after-sales service?

If speed are that important to you but the big names are too expensive, the up&coming Acton Blink S/ S2 might just be the board for you.

You can back Acton Blink S/ S2 at indiegogo, they are scheduled to deliver in early January.

Terrestrial Imaging LLC has the best review for E-go2 in youtube.

Huh, so you REALLY still want to buy Yuneec E-go2?
Fine, here is the affiliate link: Go to Amazon

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