Tynee Ultra SL Hub Review – The best $400 eskate, period.

Tynee just released a Student Life series, a pair of affordable electric skateboards, including the longboard Tynee Ultra SL and a mini-board Tynee Mini 3 SL. 

Today, we will be reviewing the Tynee Ultra SL, a hub-driven electric longboard priced at $399, making it among the most affordable electric longboards out there. Competition in the under $500 affordable category is pretty stiff right now, with both Meepo and Wowgo having a few really good boards at this price, so let’s see how well the Tynee Ultra SL fares against them.

Tynee Ultra SL Hub Specifications:

Battery12S 50.4V 6Ah 259.2WH battery
Controller12s Hobbywing ESC
Top Speed28 mph (45 kph)
Range20 miles (32 km)
Deck8 Ply Canadian Maple 
Motor2*550W hub motors
Net Weight8.3 kg / 18.3 lbs

Deck – 8 Ply Canadian Maple:

Starting with the deck, the Ultra SL is made with an 8-ply Canadian maple with a wide concave that’s comfortable to stand on. It has a good amount of flex, which we generally prefer over stiff decks, especially when it comes to hub-driven electric skateboards. The grip tape design is nothing special. As is often the case, Tynee likes to play it simple with a minimalistic monochrome print. 

It’s also pretty nice of them to include a nose and tail protector on each end.

ESC and Remote – 12s Hobbywing ESC:

Moving onto the ESC, Tynee went with the tried and true Hobbywing ESC, which comes with four-speed settings. And like all Hobbywing ESCs, it has a smart turn-on feature, meaning the board powers on automatically when the remote is turned on. It’s paired with the standard Hobbywing remote, and there’s also a mobile app that allows you to customize the ride profile. 

Battery – 12s 50.4v 6ah 259.2wh Battery:

As for the battery, the Ultra SL Hub is equipped with a 12S 50.4V 6Ah 259.2WH battery and has a marketed range of 20 miles (32 km). And in our range test, we managed to cover 11 miles (17km) with a 154 lbs (70 kg) rider riding fast. As is usually the case with the marketed range, you’d need to ride conservatively at a slower pace if you really need to get to the marketed 20-mile range in a single charge.

Although this wasn’t an amazing range, it is on par with what we expected out of a $400 board. For context, the 10-mile (18-km) tested range is what is considered standard from boards from the affordable categories.

And when worse comes to worse, it is a hub board, so you can kick-push if you completely run out of juice. 

Motor – Dual 550w Hub Motors:

The Tynee Ultra SL uses a pair of 550W hub motors, which are marketed with a top speed of 28 mph (45 kph). This is also above average at this price point. When we took it to the road, we actually managed to reach THE 28 mph (45kph) threshold, so it didn’t underperform here.

Truck And Wheels – 7” 43° Reverse Kingpin Trucks And 90mm Street Wheels:

Speaking of trucks, Tynee uses their 7” 43° Reverse kingpin trucks. We are familiar with Tynee PE trucks from reviewing the other Tynee, and we know it is a decent truck that is geared more toward stability.

As for the wheels, the Ultra SL comes with standard 90mm street wheels, providing a smooth ride on various terrains. However, for riders who frequently encounter rough roads, you might want to pay that extra $109 for the 105mm Donut wheels. 

Specs Summary:

As you can see, for less than $400, Tynee Ultra SL Hub has pretty good specs. 

It’s not every day you can find a 12s board for that price. The range and top speed are both pretty impressive and could easily compete with boards that cost $100 more. The bigger battery and big motors are great, but Tynee didn’t skimp on the other parts either, going with the tried and true Hobbywing ESC and a decent pair of trucks.

In short, the board is above-average in value if judged solely by the numbers and the part used. So far, we see no shortcuts taken.

Riding Experience:

Overall, the Tynee Ultra SL is an easy board to ride. It is a comfortable board to ride in all but one aspect.

First, let’s talk about speed control. The acceleration and braking are both super smooth. This should come as no surprise, as you probably already know how Hobbywing ESC consistently gives the board a buttery smooth, intuitive control.

The trucks also contribute to this smoothness. Tynee’s PE trucks strike a pretty good balance between stability and responsiveness. They’re responsive and fun for carving but are undoubtedly geared more towards stability. Testing top speed on these trucks is pretty easy for us, as they remain stable all the way without speed wobbles.

The flexibility of the deck adds a bit to the ride’s smoothness, too. A flexible deck always feels more fun to carve on for us and also helps dampen road vibrations. We hate flat decks. Although this deck doesn’t have an aggressive concave, it has just enough for us.

There’s only one feature of the Tynee Ultra SL that detracts from ride comfort: the hub motors. As with all hub motor boards, riding on rough roads produces annoying noises, and road vibrations are still fairly strong despite the deck’s flexibility. It’s not the worst board in this sense, but it is a problem nonetheless.

These 550W hubs, however, do their job well. They might not have as much torque as a belt-driven board, such as the Wowgo 3E, but they’re certainly powerful enough to get you up any hills. The 12s battery also gives the board an extra edge in power over other 10s hubs, such as the Wowgo 2s max.


Without a doubt, the Tynee Ultra SL really stands out in the $400 board category, thanks to its 12s battery. But while its 12s2p battery is bigger than what you’ll find in most rivals, it doesn’t really add much to the range. Instead, it’s the power where this board really gains an edge.

Now, I’ve got to say, Tynee might have done a bit of a disservice by labeling this as just a student or beginner board. Sure, it’s an easy ride – super comfortable and incredibly smooth – which makes it a great fit for beginners. But, even seasoned eskaters would probably love how they can just turn off their brain and comfortably cruise at top speed on this board.

In short – good value, comfortable ride, Tynee Ultra SL is one of the better budget electric skateboards on the market right now.

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