Tynee Mini 3 SL review – $359 !! Literally the most affordable electric skateboard.

The Tynee Mini 3 SL is outrageous.

In the electric skateboard world, brands have two tried and true methods to make their product successful. Make a board unique, or sell it at a really, really low price. Tynee with the Tynee Mini 3 Pro managed to stand out in the shortboard niche for its outrageously high torque and power, and now, with the Tynee Mini 3 SL, it will try to do the latter, be the lowest price electric shortboard, period. 

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Just a little context: Since 2018, an entry-level electric skateboard has had a $400 price tag. Then the price crept up to $450, with increased quality, of course. However, last year, 2023, we started seeing brands offering their entry line-up at $399, which this $359 Tynee Mini 3SL one-upped.

The price war is real, and we consumers love it. The best part is the boards aren’t shabby either. Take a look at the specs.

Tynee Mini 3 SL Specs:

Price$359.00​​ (216Wh)$399.00 (281Wh)
Battery10S3P 6Ah 216Wh10S3P 7.8Ah 281Wh
Controller12s Hobbywing ESC
Top Speed30 mph/48 kph
Range17 miles/ 27 km (216Wh)
20 miles/ 32 km (281Wh)
Deck8 Ply Canadian Maple 
Motor2*550W hub motors
Net Weight8.4 kg / 18.5 lbs

Deck – 8 Ply Canadian Maple

Starting with the deck, the Mini SL is made with an 8-ply Canadian maple and is unsurprisingly similar to the Tynee Mini 3 but with a longer kicktail. Its wide concave makes it pleasant to stand on.

The deck uses the same U-shaped concave design popularized by the late-boost Mini. Compared to other models like the Boosted Mini or Exway Wave, the Tynee Mini 3 SL has a wider concave.

ESC and Remote – Hobbywing ESC

Next, moving onto the ESC, Tynee went with the tried and true Hobbywing ESC, which comes with four-speed settings. And like all Hobbywing ESCs, it has a smart turn-on feature, meaning the board powers on automatically when the remote is turned on. It’s paired with the standard Hobbywing remote and a mobile app where you can customize the ride profile. 

Battery – 6Ah 216Wh battery or 7.8Ah 281Wh:

As for the battery, the Mini 3 SL comes with a 6Ah 216Wh battery or a larger 7.8Ah 281Wh battery for an extra $40.

The Mini SL Hub has a marketed range of 17 miles or 27 km using the standard 6AH battery and 20 miles or 32 km with the larger 7.8AH battery. Our unit was the smaller 216Wh version, and in our range test, we only managed to reach 11 miles or 18km with a 154 lbs or 70 kg rider riding fast. This is slightly lesser than the marketed range, as is always the case when we try to push the speed, but even then, 10 miles and 18km is what we were expecting from a $400 board, so we aren’t disappointed here.

In the worst-case scenario, it is a hub board so you can kick-push if you run a full 20 miles. 

Motor – Dual 550W Hub Motors:

The Tynee Mini 3 SL, uses a dual hub motor drive at 550W max power, which is marketed with a top speed of 30 mph ( 48 kph), which is also impressive at that price point. When we took it to the road, we managed to hit 28 mph (45kph), just a hair shy of the marketed top speed. 

Truck and Wheels – Tynee diamond truck 7” 43° RKP:

For the trucks, Tynee uses their Tynee PE truck, which is short of Paris Electric trucks. These were made by Tynee and were said to be designed based on Paris Trucks. Since we reviewed the other Tynee, we are familiar with Tynee PE trucks and know they are decent trucks, but unlike Paris Trucks, which were known for their responsiveness, Tynee’s trucks were designed with stability in mind.

As for the wheels, the Mini 3 SL comes with standard 90mm street wheels. 90mm wheels are pretty standard for electric skateboards; however, if you usually ride on rougher pavement, you might want to spend an extra $80 for the 105mm Donut wheels for a smoother ride.

Specs Summary of the Tynee Mini 3 SL:

As you can see, Tynee Mini 3 SL’s specs are also pretty solid. Much like the Tynee Ultra SL Hub, the range and top speed are both pretty good and is on par with boards that cost $100 more. Besides putting up decent numbers, Tynee spared no expense on the other parts either, going with the industry-standard Hobbywing ESC and a decent pair of trucks.

In short, this board, at least on paper, is a good deal for the price it’s asking. Now, it just needs to be a good ride to complete the package, and that’s what we’ll discuss next.

Riding Experience on the Tynee Mini 3 SL:

All things considered, the Tynee Mini 3 SL is a smooth, comfortable board, a good board for beginners.

First, let’s talk about speed control. To cut costs, a budget board will occasionally go with an older generation LingYi ESC that wasn’t the smoothest in speed control. And no, I am not calling out Exway Ripple or Meepo V3s here. Those two still use the latest generation of LingYi ESC, which is actually good. I am referring to those no-name brands from Amazon. 

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I am glad that Tynee didn’t do that. Tynee Mini 3 SL sticks with the tried and true Hobbywing ESC, which should come as no surprise that the controls are buttery smooth thanks to the trusty Hobbywing ESC. For those who are new to electric skateboarding, Hobbywing ESC always gives very intuitive speed control, and both the acceleration and braking ramps smoothly without any unexpected jolts.

This also means that the Tynee Mini 3 SL is the opposite of a ‘thrilling board.’ The acceleration curves weren’t aggressive enough to give you an adrenaline rush, and the power of the motors wasn’t strong enough to scare you either. If you were hoping that the board might be top of its class for its torque, just like how the Tynee Mini 3 Pro was, then you will be disappointed.

It does have enough power for a mini-board to get an average-weight rider uphill, but that’s just about it. 

The board was clearly designed to be comfortable, not thrilling, and the other thing that helped it to be a comfortable ride was its trucks. As we mentioned in the introduction, the Tynee PE trucks are pretty good trucks that lean toward stability. Going fast on this small board isn’t scary, thanks to both these stable trucks and also the smooth speed control. 

Turning obviously is easy; this is a shortboard, after all. The kicktail on the Tynee Mini 3 SL is also somewhat longer than average, longer than the Tynee Mini 3 and 3 Pro, for instance. Clearly, Tynee expects you to use kick turn more. We also like shortboards with good concave; it just makes the board more responsive to control and allows us to better gauge where our feet are.

So far, we like how Tynee put the Mini 3 SL together; all parts were designed with comfort in mind, except one thing: the hub motors. Hub motors are more battery efficient, quiet, require less maintenance, are more cost-effective, and free rolls better; hence can be kick pushed, They are also “very good” at passing road vibration to your knee. Shortboards with hub motors are especially uncomfortable on rough roads, and also, they also make annoying sounds on rough roads, which is, annoying. 

This gets better if you pay that extra $80 to upgrade to the 105mm wheels, but if you’re just planning on cruising smooth pavements, you should be good to go. 


With a price tag of $400, we typically look for flaws rather than hoping for a board with a big upside. And the Tynee Mini 3 SL is indeed that, a board that’s overall decent and without major flaws.

The slight disappointment here would be that the bigger 10s3p battery didn’t result in a significantly better real-world range but instead ended up only marginally outperforming its $359 price tag. 

With that said, we still find that Tynee Mini 3 SL offers excellent value for money. It is a very easy ride and put together well. You can do much worse for $400, and Tynee Mini 3 SL is amongst the boards that give you the best bang for your buck.

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