Verreal releases Verreal RS

On 21st August 2019, Verreal releases a new line of electric skateboard, Verreal RS.

With a preorder price starting on $749 (and a regular price of $800+), Verreal RS does not try to hide where they get its design inspiration from – the Evolve Bamboo series. Looks like every brand came to the idea that they should do an Evolve clone with the recent availability of double kingpin trucks on the electric skateboard market.

Taking a few pages from Evolve

I always like the riding experience of Verreal boards and thought their ‘looks’ or the lack there-of was what holding them back. This time around, by following the template of Evolve Bamboo, Verreal RS sure has gotten the looks right.

To truly match up to Evolve, Verreal is also looking to develop off-road tires for RS. And for that, they emphasized that all their DKP trucks will come from a new mold, leaving no doubt that they are going to be strong for AT uses.

  • Double kingpin for maneuverability,
  • future AT conversion kit,
  • drop-through deck

Better than Evolve?

There are a few things that I really like about Verreal RS:

  • Verreal RS uses 10s4p cells and you can get Samsung 30Q battery for $799 (preorder price).
    • Wheres the earlier version of Evolve Bamboo GT is using prismatic packs that are notorious for the sag, and the newer GTR is using Samsung 35E which on paper aren’t as good as 30Q.
  • Verreal RS uses Hobbywing ESC, which is perfectly smooth, albeit some may think that the brakes could be stronger.
  • It uses big 6368 motors (Dual 6368 Belt Motor 1500 Watt*2 170KV)

It is not without concerns, though.

However, there are a few things that I have doubts on:

  • The enclosure is a full-length aluminum enclosure, this is going to make the deck stiff with zero flex. And nothing pass-on vibrations as bad as metals.
    • Verreal justifies this by saying stiffer deck helps with stability in top speed, but why the emphasis on stability when you already went for DKP? Might as well as maximize on the riding fun by allowing the deck to flex.
  • I wonder if this set up translates well to All Terrain uses.
    • 20R battery pack gives you 88A continuous discharge and 30Q 60A continuous if the settings aren’t right, there might be a noticeable voltage sag here.
I’m expecting this enclosure to have zero gives.


Verreal RS looks to be the board to get for those who like the idea of an Evolve Bamboo but doesn’t like the idea of shelling out almost $2,000 for it.
However, only a test ride can tell if the deck is not too stiff to enjoy.

Stay tuned for our future review!

It is now available for pre-order with a pre-order price of $749 ($100 off). Verreal RS is set to ship on 20th September.
Use our affiliate discount link here and use ESKATEHQ during check out to receive $99 off.

Please be aware that pre-orders in the Eskate world are more often than not ends in delay. Shit happens, even for an established brand like Verreal.

Only pre-order a product if you can afford the wait.

2 thoughts on “Verreal releases Verreal RS

  1. Really want to buy this board Then…………Full metal enclosure “Fu..”!
    How to kill all your design work with one stupid decision?
    Poplar, bamboo deck Who can not Flex, brilliant i have no word.

  2. It flexes fine, but I’m 250. The case is steel sheet metal, not aluminum, and fairly thin in profile. It is also hovering near the wood with a thick foam gasket, so it is not bracing as much as expected. It does flex more than a carbon board, but less than a bamboo/fiberglass thing (obviously). It feels like a 10 layer maple board to me. This is an exceptional eskate; high quality, precise drivetrain. Mine now has evolve 6″ pneumatics with 66t gearing, and I can go up any hill, no foot vibrations, no hunting for pebbles.

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