Meepo Mini 3S Review (Meepo Atom): Powerful and Affordable!

Today we will be reviewing the Meepo Mini 3s, also known as the Meepo Atom. 

The Mini 3s, priced at $469, is essentially the do-over of the $429 Meepo Mini 5, a few-month-old predecessor. For those who might be confused about the naming, the Mini 3s and the Meepo V3s were both released as successors to the much-loved 2020 Meepo V3, a board that gained notoriety as the most powerful affordable electric longboard on the market.

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Meepo Mini 3S Specifications:

  • Price: $469
  • Deck: 30″ 8-ply Canadian maple; a comfortable amount of flex, mild concave
  • Electronic Speed Controller: LingYi ESC; 4-speed modes, push-to-start
  • Remote: M4s remote with telemetry screen
  • Battery: 10s2p battery with 21700 cells (Molicel P42A), 216Wh
  • Marketed Range: Standard – 17 miles (27km)
  • Motors: Dual 540W Hub
  • Marketed Top Speed: 29mph (47kph)
  • Trucks: Meepo Signature Shredder Trucks (7-inch 45°)
  • Wheels: 90mm PU (Compatible with 105mm donut wheels)
  • Weight: 18.5 lbs (8.4kg).

As you can see, Meepo Atom (Mini 3s) wasn’t trying to be groundbreaking in design. It has the same color scheme as the Meepo V3s, which also was pretty similar to the 2020 Meepo V3. It also uses the same electronic enclosure. 

This is obviously how Meepo keeps its cost down. Now, let’s take a deeper look at each of the parts.

Deck: Broad for a shortboard (12.6″)

The deck of the Mini 3S measures 30″ x 12.6″, which is considered wide for a shortboard. It’s a stiff deck made from Canadian Maple and features a dish-shaped concave with a spacious kicktail. Meepo also included a skid plate on the kicktail to allow for worry-free use of the kicktail or tail brakes.

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) – LingYi ESC

The Mini 3S uses the 10S LingYi ESC, known for its punchy acceleration. There’s also a push-to-start feature, so the board automatically turns on when you start rolling. Additionally, the Mini 3S is paired with the Meepo M4S remote, which comes with a display that shows telemetry. The ESC allows switching between 4 acceleration modes and 4 brake modes, independent of each other.

Battery: 10s2p Molicel P42A

Meepo Mini 3s is equipped with a 10s2p 216Wh battery, using 21700 cells. These cells hold more power than the 18650 cells used in the Meepo Mini 5 and most other entry-level electric skateboards. 

Meepo claims the Mini 3S can go 17 miles or 27 km on a single charge. However, in our testing, a 165lbs (75kg) rider achieved 13 miles (21km) on the highest speed mode. This range is slightly better than most entry-level electric skateboards.

Big Motors – Dual 540W Hub

The Mini 3S uses dual 540W hub motors, a step up from the 500W motors found on the Mini 5. Meepo lists the Mini 3S as having a top speed of 29 mph (47 kph).

We did not have the courage to get to that top speed. We got to 22mph (35 kph), and aborted there. .

Shredder Trucks and 90mm Wheels

Just like Meepo Mini 5, the Mini 3s use Meepo’s Shredder trucks, 7” 45° RKP trucks. 

The trucks come right out of the box with firm 100A bushings but Meepo also included \a set of 92A bushings for those who prefer softer trucks. 

The wheels are standard 90mm street wheels, but these are compatible with 105mm donut wheels. 

The Riding Experience of Meepo Mini 3s (Meepo Atom)

First impression of the Mini 3s? This board is powerful.

In recent times, ‘power’ seems to be the aim of brands when designing new electric shortboards. Boards like the $899 Tynee Mini 3 Pro, the $699 Verreal Ace, and the $469 Meepo Mini 3s Atom all embrace this trend. Fortunately, Meepo Mini 3s handles the power with grace.

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While the highest speed mode of the LingYi ESC is punchy and thrilling, the board’s wide 7” trucks, stiffer bushing, and wider deck with a comfortable concave all contribute to a stable and smooth ride. The board performs well up to speeds of around 22mph (35 kph), after which the ride might become a bit intimidating for us.

For those who prefer a shortboard for a relaxing commute, the Mini 3s can do that too. The first three speed modes offer gentle and smooth rides, perfect for beginners and for those who enjoy carefree cruising. 

It’s great for riding on sidewalks too, The trucks are nimble enough for tight turns, and the kicktail is easy to use for kick turns and tail brakes. (We had come across some other shortboard that kicktail was way too short, making it borderline unusable and was merely ‘decorative’.)

This board is pretty addictive to ride. It’s fun to have this much power on your ‘thumb tips’. Besides that, the board is also fun to just ride around, as it is agile and responsive. 

However, as with all hub-driven electric shortboards, Meepo Mini 3s is NOT fun when the roads are rough. The vibration will travel up the trucks, through the stiff deck, and straight into your knee.

Verdict: The Meepo Mini 3s – One of the Best Under $500

All things considered, we think the Meepo Mini 3s Atom is one of the best electric shortboards under $500. It’s not just powerful, but it handles everything else rather well, too. It’s a fun and agile board for sidewalk cruising, a comfortable ride for relaxed carving, and an exhilarating machine to race down straight roads. At this point, the Meepo Mini 5 is completely overshadowed by the Mini 3s. So if you’re in the market for an entry-level electric shortboard that delivers on all fronts, the Meepo Mini 3s should be among your first consideration.

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