Meepo Voyager X Review – A High-Performance Board on Steroids!

Meepo Voyager X is the brand’s latest flagship that packs a crazy amount of power.

tldr – Meepo Voyager X ($999) is a street-wheel electric longboard that has incredible power and range.

When it comes to high-performance electric skateboards, the stereotype is bulky all-terrain monsters weighing over 30lbs. Up until now, every major Chinese brand with boards priced above $1000 usually makes them in the formula of Evolve 2-in-1 (convertible between street and AT wheels, double-drop deck, and double kingpin trucks)… 

That was until Meepo decided that a regular, non-2-in-1 eskate should get a lot of power, and here we are now with Voyager released in August 2022. It was no surprise that Meepo would eventually design a powerful longboard. After all, Meepo’s founder Kieran is pretty well known to have an ‘unhealthy desire for more torque and power’. 

With that said, let’s run through the specs of the Voyager X.

Meepo Voyager X Build and Specs

  • Deck: Stiff bamboo and fiberglass glass deck; mid-board flex and wide concave
  • Electronic Speed Controller: LingYi ESC with 4 speed and brake modes; push to turn-on, m5s remote
  • Batteries: 21700 Samsung 40T cells in 12s3p, 518 Wh
  • Marketed Range: 36 miles (58 km)
  • Motors: Belt, Dual 2775 W 6358
  • Marketed Top Speed: 40 mph (66 km/h)
  • Trucks: Reverse Kingpin; Wide, 10.5 inch
  • Wheels: Standard 90mm 78A street wheels or 110mm rubber cyclone wheels; sold separately

Looking at the deck, its appearance certainly gives a classic Boosted vibe but the similarity stops there. Meepo Voyager uses a deck that’s made up of bamboo and fiberglass that only flexes in the middle part. So, no, this is a far less flexible board compared to the likes of Exway Flex or Boosted. 

As a result, the deck remains stiff and stable during a high-speed ride. This makes perfect sense, considering speed and power are clearly the priority of Voyager. The deck also provides a wide concavity for securing foot placement. 

Next, let’s talk about what’s underneath the deck —- the ESC. It’s still no surprise that Meepo continues to use customized LingYi ESC with a push-to-turn-on feature. It provides the user with 4-speed modes and 4 brake modes. What’s new is the M5s remote which is more compact than the previous model and we really like this design!

Giant Pack of Batteries

Opposite the ESC we have a pack of high-quality 21700 Samsung 40T cells in 12s3p configuration. This has 518-watt hours which promised a range of 36 miles or 58 km. 

Riding aggressively, our 210 lbs test rider managed to get 25 miles or 40 km out of Voyager. Our estimate of the range is probably 30 miles or 50 km for a 70 kg or 155 lbs rider. This is a giant pack of batteries, especially considering the $999 price tag. For context, boards at this price usually come with smaller batteries or lower-quality cells.

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Crazy Top Speed

While the battery is already great, Meepo goes even crazier with a dual 2775W 6358 belt motor system. According to marketing material, Meepo Voyager has a top speed of 40 mph ( 66 km/h). We obviously weren’t going to test that! Although, we did get 31 mph (50 km/h) and at that rate, our guts were as good as a milkshake. The Voyager definitely has a lot more in it and 40 mph might not be impossible. If any of you get to the limits, let us know!

Anyway, the board comes with standard 90mm 78A street wheels or 110mm rubber cyclone wheels that are sold separately for an additional 120 USD. These are like mini all-terrain wheels or hybrid wheels designed to dampen road vibrations and give you a more pleasant ride. 

Beefy Board Weight for Beefy Specs

All in all, the whole package weighs around 23.8 lbs (10.8kg). This is quite heavy but that can be expected for a board with such beefy specs. As the flagship product of Meepo, the Voyager comes really well-built and polished.

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Meepo Voyager X Ride Experience

Meepo Voyager X

Now, let’s talk about the riding experience on the Voyager.

The simplest way to describe the riding experience of the Meepo Voyager is that it feels like a Boosted board on steroids. This is such a classic Meepo move. The brand has a habit of taking a formula that works well and gives it a lot more power and speed. 

As expected, the Voyager is a very powerful ride. It has a very punchy acceleration and we advise new riders to be careful with the throttle. Or better yet, start with lower speed modes that are far more gentle and work your way up. 

Designed for Speed Enthusiasts

The acceleration at the highest speed mode is so strong, it’s going to be overkill for 80-90% of the riders. I’m sure that speed enthusiasts will be really happy about it, though.

Well, at least nobody will have trouble climbing hills on this one. The brakes are really strong, especially at the highest brake mode. We use the 2nd brake mode often. This just goes to show how strong the brake can be. 

As we mentioned, the board is very stable. The wide concave locks our feet in place and the deck was not too flexible to bounce when riding over bumps. The ‘stiffer’ deck and the wide 10.5-inch trucks combined make the board super stable. 

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Massive Stability and Power

During our first ride, we found ourselves riding to 30 mph without even realizing it. That says a lot about stability and power! But no, we did not and are not going to try 40 mph, especially when the Voyager we received was technically a prototype! 

Next, let’s talk about road vibration. As you can expect, vibrations are tolerable thanks to the belt-driven motors and semi-flex deck. We gave the cyclone wheel a try, too, and it did dampen the vibration quite significantly. The rubber material also provided a lot more grip. 

The wheels felt like glue to the tarmac. It gave a sense of security when turning and carving, and made the board less likely to skid. 

Compared to the cloud wheels, the cyclone wheels gave more grip and absorbed road vibrations better. This is at the price of worse free rolls and a much much worse range. Compared to the street setup, riding with cyclones will reduce your range by almost 30%. They’re not off-road wheels, but feel amazing if you hate road vibration.

As you can see, the Voyager is pretty good, but it does have an Achilles heel — the board is not fun for carving. You see, the trucks came in really tight, and we had to loosen it quite a bit just to get the board to turn. For those who want something really fun to carve, the Voyager won’t do it. Even a bushing change might not do too much to improve the carving experience. 

Meepo Voyager X VERDICT – Most Powerful Longboard at $999

Meepo Voyager X

With that said, what’s our verdict on the Meepo Voyager X?

At $999, Meepo Voyager X is the most powerful street-wheel longboard on the market right now. It has specs that are beefier than some all-terrain boards while keeping it all in a compact regular electric longboard form. Plus, 30 miles of range with a 40 mph top speed is crazy even for an all-terrain board!

Meepo Voyager X is a board that wants to go fast and wants to go straight. If you value high-speed rides more than relaxing carving fun, this is the board for you. If you are looking for something nimble and easy to turn, this is not the board of choice.

Meepo Voyager X was designed to be a high-performance board for aggressive riders, and it does that really well. Beginners should probably look for other choices, as this might just be too much for you to handle.

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