Update: Wowgo extended its standard warranty to 9 months.

October 7, 2023 – In a recent update from Wowgo, the company has announced changes to its warranty policy. Initially offering a 6-month standard warranty for all its electric skateboards, Wowgo has now extended this period to 9 months. Additionally, customers have the option to further extend this warranty to 12 months with an extra fee of 20 USD.

This is pretty good news for us eskaters. We hope more brands will soon follow Wowgo’s lead and provide longer warranty coverage. For context, a 6-month warranty is the prevailing standard amongst electric skateboard brands right now.

Top picks:

If you are thinking about getting a Wowgo board, we’d recommend the belt-driven Wowgo 3E ($479) which we consider as the best affordable electric skateboard priced under $500.

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Wowgo Mini 2s Review: How much of an upgrade?

Today, we are reviewing the Wowgo Mini 2s, a new belt-driven electric shortboard from Wowgo.

In July 2023, Wowgo launched the Wowgo Mini 2s into stiff competition. Just this year, we saw a ton of new electric skateboards occupying what I called the mid-tier price segment ($500 – $800). For shortboards, we have the Tynee Mini 3 ($569) and Tynee Mini 3 Pro ($869), and for cruisers, we have the very good Meepo Flow ($729), Meepo Envy ($699) and Backfire Zealot S2 ($849).

And now, the Wowgo Mini 2s. Priced at $699, it is the upgraded sibling of the Wowgo Mini 2. However, with the Mini 2 now selling for $469, does the Wowgo Mini 2s do enough to justify that extra $200?

Wowgo Mini 2s Specifications:

$699 (Street)
$819 (2 in 1)
Battery12S2P, 260Wh, 6.0Ah, Samsung 30Q
ControllerHobbywing ESC V5.0
Top Speed28 mph (45 kph)
Range18.6 miles (30km)
DeckCanadian Maple, Bamboo, and Fibreglass
Motor2 x 700W Motors/Belt Drive
Net Weight17 lbs (7.7 kg)

Deck – Same!

The deck remains largely unchanged from the Wowgo Mini 2, using a blend of bamboo, and fiberglass. It is completely stiff; the full-length enclosure underneath the deck makes sure of that.

The U-shaped concave design, popularized by the late-boost Mini, can be seen here, though with a more subtle concave compared to others like the Boosted Mini or Exway Wave. This concave provides a responsive yet comfortable stance for riders.

  • Material: Bamboo, and fiberglass hybrid.
  • Design: A milder U-shaped concave compared to the Boosted Mini or Exway Wave.

ESC and Remote – 12s Hobbywing ESC

The Wowgo Mini 2s employ the 12s Hobbywing ESC, offering four-speed modes and ensuring a smooth ride. Hobbywing ESC comes with a smart power-on feature ( the board power on automatically when you switch on the remote). The ESC pairs with the latest Hobbywing remote instead of going with the usual Wowgo remote. This is a bit sad, we like the Wowgo remote; it has an elegant look. 

A smartphone app is now available for the 12s Hobbywing ESC, thanks to a recent update. You can select one of four preset speeds or download the Tuya app and adjust the speed profile.

  • Powered by the 12s Hobbywing ESC, the Mini 2s provides four-speed settings.
  • Supported by a smartphone app, users can modify their speed profile via the Tuya app.

Battery – Disappointing

The Mini 2s comes with a 12S2P battery using Samsung 30Q cells. This is bigger than the 10s2p of the Wowgo Mini 2, which gives the Mini 2s a larger 260 wh battery as compared to the Mini 2’s 10s2p 187 wh battery. Not gonna lie, we were a little disappointed here seeing the $729 Tynee Mini 3 Belt have a much bigger 393 Wh battery in 13S2P configuration and also use a 21700 battery in the Molicel P42A. I was expecting Wowgo to at least go with 21700 cells instead of 18650 cells in the Samsung 30Q, which, don’t get me wrong, are one of the best cells for an electric skateboard, but it’s not that juicy.

At the very least, it outperforms the Exway Wave, which costs the same $699 and has a measly 180-watt-hour battery.

Fortunately, this 12S2P pack still performs well. It’s claimed to last 19 miles (30km); however, in our tests, our 155-pound (70 kg) rider got to 15 miles (24km) by riding fast. While longer is always better (that’s what she said), 15 miles of range should be enough for a shortboard.

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Despite this, the 12S2P promised a range of 19 miles (31 km), which, in real-world tests, translated to about 15 miles (24 km) at top speed.

  • Equipped with a 12S2P battery using Samsung 30Q cells, totals to 260 Wh, bigger than the 187 Wh of its predecessor.
  • Advertised range: 19 miles (31 km).
  • Real-world test: 15 miles (24 km) riding fast.

Motor Type – The Star of The Tale

The belt drive is without a doubt, the biggest improvement going from the Mini 2 to the Mini 2s. The Mini 2s uses two 700-watt belt motors compared to the Wowgo Mini 2’s two 680-watt hub motors. These are the same size as those in the Wowgo Pioneer X4!

The motor is significantly more powerful, and the Mini 2s has a marketed top speed of 28 mph, or 45 kph, and we hit that in our test. This is definitely a lot faster than most riders need, but I’m sure some of you have an appetite for the adrenaline rush.

Although the extra power is exciting, the belt drive’s main advantage is a smoother ride. The original Wowgo Mini 2 was already incredibly powerful with efficient large hub motors; however, they have a tendency to transfer road vibrations a little too well.

  • A significant leap from the Mini 2, the Mini 2s is powered by two 700-watt belt motors.
  • Marketed top speed: 28 mph, which was consistent with our tests.

Trucks – Wowgo’s Proprietary Trucks

The trucks are Wowgo 45-degree RKP trucks with double barrel bushings. These are the same trucks seen on the Wowgo 3E and Wowgo Pioneer X4, and we already know they are pretty good.

Wheels – Cloudwheels Compatible

The board comes with standard 78A 90mm polyurethane wheels, and you can upgrade to 105mm cloud wheels for an additional $100 or get both wheels for $819.

  • Standard: 78A 90mm polyurethane wheels.
  • Optional: 105mm cloud wheels for an additional $100 or bundled at $819.


The board weighs 17 pounds (7.7 kg), making it slightly lighter than typical electric longboards but heavier than the Wowgo Mini 2, which weighs 15.32 pounds (6.95 kg).

Summing Up the Specs

To summarise, the $699 Wowgo Mini 2s is essentially a drivetrain and battery upgrade over the $469 Wowgo Mini 2.

At $699, the competition is fierce, with shortboards like the Exway Wave and Tynee Mini 3 and cruiser boards like the Meepo Flow all competing. The Wowgo Mini 2s features a decent battery for the price and two powerful motors. It looks nice, so let’s see if it rides better than the competition.

The Riding Experience of Wowgo Mini 2s

It’s no surprise that the Wowgo Mini 2S has flawlessly smooth and intuitive speed control; after all, it’s powered by a Hobbywing 12S ESC.

The Wowgo Mini 2s, like many of this year’s shortboard debuts, offer a lot of power and torque, even more than most electric longboards. It’s always exciting to take off from a standstill, and the Mini 2s accelerate quickly but smoothly, owing to the Hobbywing ESC. It is still punchy and quick, but the acceleration ramped up smoothly enough that it wasn’t jerky. It can also accelerate quickly to near top speed. And, as a powerful board with belt drive, traveling uphill would be no problem for even the heaviest rider. In terms of power, the Wowgo Mini 2s outperforms the Exway Wave and falls somewhere in between the Tynee Mini 3 Hub and the Tynee Mini 3 Pro.

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And just like Uncle Ben said, with great power come great needs for stability, especially for a shortboard. The Wowgo Mini 2s performed well in this aspect; it has a short, narrow deck, but the trucks are well-balanced in terms of stability and ease of turning. We feel pretty comfortable going 25 mph or 40 km/h on it, but afterward, it starts to get scary for us. Again, we believe that no one should ride a shortboard this fast.

After all, most people ride shortboards for the agility they provide, such as maneuvering around pedestrians on the sidewalk and rounding tight corners. And these are the things that the Wowgo Mini 2s excelled at. The truck is responsive and easy to control, and the kicktail, despite its tiny size, is useful for kick turns.

When it comes to reducing road vibrations, the Wowgo Mini 2s outperforms the hub version of the Mini 2, but that’s obviously a very low bar to clear. On uneven roads, all shortboards felt awful, but those with belt drives fared significantly better than those with hubs. The 105mm cloud wheels helped a lot, but we still wouldn’t recommend owning a shortboard if you mostly ride on rough roads.

Verdict – Should you buy the Wowgo Mini 2s?

We really enjoy riding the Wowgo Mini 2s. I mean, we like the Wowgo Mini 2, and the Mini 2s is a lot more powerful and has a smoother ride after switching hub motors for belt drive. Black and grey also look better to our eyes than the purple color of the Wowgo Mini 2. For $699, we wish it came with a bigger battery, but if you are not that concerned about maximizing battery per dollar, the Wowgo Mini 2s is a great electric shortboard to get.

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Wowgo 3E Review – Are we entering the age of Affordable Belt-Drives!?

On 1 July 2023, Wowgo introduced the Wowgo 3E, a belt-driven electric longboard for just $499. It’s rare to find such boards for less than $500. Belt-driven electric skateboards are often more expensive, and the majority of those under $500 are either older models after price reductions or underpowered boards from lesser-known brands.

With so much talk about rising prices everywhere else, it’s nice to see quality electric skateboards becoming more affordable. Score for us!

The Wowgo 3E and Wowgo Pioneer series, which were released earlier this year, are the 2023 successors of the massively popular Wowgo 3X. They’ve retained what works: a flexible deck, the reliable smoothness of a Hobbywing ESC, and a dual belt drive system.

Read our press release on the Wowgo 3X here.

I’m betting the “E” in 3E stands for “Economic”, especially when you consider the Wowgo 3X was launched with a price tag of $749. At the moment, the Wowgo 3E is also the budget-friendly alternative to the Wowgo Pioneer X4, a mid-tier board currently priced at $699.

Read our review of the Wowgo Pioneer X4 here.

Wowgo 3E Specifications:

PriceFrom $449.99
Battery12S2P, 216Wh, 5.0Ah
Controller12s Hobbywing ESC
Top Speed45 Kph / 28 Mph
Range13 Miles / 21 Km 
DeckConcave Canadian Maple, Bamboo and Fibreglass
Motor2×650 5055 Belt Drive Motors
Net Weight16.5lbs / 7.5kg

Deck – Canadian Maple, Bamboo and Fiberglass hybrid

The deck is made from a mix of Canadian maple, bamboo and fiberglass, making it very flexible. It features a nice concave and a handle cut-out which may make the board look a bit cheaper, but it’s always handy when carrying the board around. The board weighs in at 16.5lbs (7.5kg), making it one of the lighter options.

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) – 12s Hobbywing

The Wowgo 3E uses the trusted 12s Hobbywing ESC, which has four-speed modes and provides smooth and intuitive control. This board also has a smart turn-on feature, which means that turning on the remote automatically turns on the board.

This ESC is partnered with Wowgo’s proprietary remote, which is likely one of the most attractive on the market.

Battery – 12S2P, 216Wh, 5.0Ah:

Photo of Wowgo 3E battery enclosure

This is a 12s2p , 5AH pack. This totals up to 216Wh. This is a solid size for a $500 board, and a 12s system is important to get the most out of a belt-driven system.

It’s advertised to last for 13 miles or 21km, but in our tests, our 155 lbs (70 kg) rider managed 9.3 miles (15 km) at high speeds. It’s not great, but it’s a decent range.

Motor – 2×650 5055 Belt Drive Motors:

The Wowgo 3E is equipped with two 650 Watts 5055 motors, just slightly smaller than the Wowgo Pioneer X4’s dual 700W 4230 motors. It boasts a top speed of 28 mph or 45kph, which we were able to achieve throughout our tests.

Reverse Kingpin Trucks and 90mm PU Wheels:

Wowgo 3E uses Wowgo’s proprietary reverse kingpin trucks with 90A bushings. These trucks are similar to those found on the Wowgo Pioneers, and we know they operate well based on our experience with the Pioneers.

Two wheel options are available. The base model, priced at $449, comes with 78A 90mm wheels. For $529, you can upgrade to 105mm honeycomb wheels.

Specs summary of the Wowgo 3E:

From what we’ve seen, the Wowgo 3E offers impressive specs for a $500 electric skateboard. Typically, boards in this price range feature hub motors, a 10s2p battery, and perhaps a 26 mph top speed. The Wowgo 3E, on paper, seems like a fantastic deal. As always, we recommend checking our comparison page if you would like to do your own detailed analysis.

The Riding Experience of Wowgo 3E:

Unsurprisingly, the board offers an exceptionally smooth ride. With the 12s Hobbywing ESC, you’re guaranteed perfect smoothness in both acceleration and braking. The board grips the tarmac effectively thanks to its flexible deck, responsive trucks, and the presence of all four soft polyurethane wheels, making it a joy to carve.

It also excels in handling road vibrations. This, I believe, is the Wowgo 3E’s main selling factor. Many e-skaters I’ve known couldn’t stand the feel of stiff hub motors and ended up paying $600 or more for a good belt-driven longboard. If this describes you, the Wowgo 3E is a great choice.

Again, we expected the Wowgo 3E to be a buttery smooth ride, as was the case with the previous Wowgo 3X. What is surprising about the Wowgo 3E is its power. While the acceleration isn’t insane, it is powerful. It packs a punch while remaining smooth. When compared to its bigger brother, the Wowgo Pioneer X4, the 3E feels nearly as powerful. This means that the Wowgo 3E outperforms its pricing in terms of power and torque.

The other aspects of the ride are quite good too. The trucks remain stable, even when reaching its top speed of 28 mph or 45 kph. The rather prominent concave on the deck also helps; it makes our feet feel more secure on this flexible deck.

Verdict – Great Bang for your Buck

All in all, it’s hard to find fault with the Wowgo 3E. While it doesn’t have a premium look and has a limited range, the Wowgo 3E offers a buttery smooth ride with power surpassing other boards in its price category. It has all of the advantages of a belt-driven board and is a safe bet for anyone looking for an electric skateboard under $500 right now.

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Wowgo release the Wowgo Mini 2s- $699

8 August 2023 – Today, Wowgo has officially unveiled a new electric shortboard, the Wowgo Mini 2s. At first glance, the Wowgo Mini 2s appears to be an updated and improved version of the 2022 Wowgo Mini 2. However, given that Wowgo is still selling the Wowgo Mini 2 at $469, there must be significant improvements that justify the Wowgo Mini 2s’s higher price point, right?

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Wowgo Mini 2s – Specifications

  • Deck Material: Canadian maple, U-shaped concave with kick tail
  • Dimensions: 75cm x 28.1cm x 15.5cm
  • Wheel Size:
    • 90 mm ($699)
    • 105mm Cloudwheels ( $799)
  • Battery: Powered by a Samsung 30Q, 12S2P 260Wh
  • Charging Time: 3 Hours
  • Motors: 2 x 700W Belt-motors (2.7 drive ratio)
  • Top speeds: 28mph (45kph)
  • Range: 18.6 miles (30km)
  • Weight: 7.7kg (17lbs)

Motor – Going Belt-drive

The most significant upgrade from the Mini 2 to the Mini 2s is undoubtedly the belt-drive. The Wowgo Mini 2 uses two 680W hub motors, whereas the Mini 2s features two 700W belt motors. These are the same size as those in the Wowgo Pioneer X4!

Wowgo 2s mini belt motors

Click here to read our review of the Wowgo Pioneer X4.

Opting for a belt drive positions the Wowgo Mini 2s among the most powerful electric shortboards on the market. The thrill of pushing the throttle and rocketing off the starting line is always exciting, and we sure do look forward to testing that out.

Using the kick tail of Wowgo 2s mini

With the more powerful motor, the Wowgo Mini 2s has joined the ranks of “shortboards with ridiculous top speeds”. 28mph (45kph) is faster than most riders needs, but there are plenty of daredevils who love the adrenaline rush (not us).

Power is fun, but the main advantage of the belt drive is the improved ride feel. The original Wowgo Mini 2 was already top-tier in power. Large hub motors are effective, but they tend to transfer road vibrations too ‘efficiently’.

For those unfamiliar: Belt motors enable the board to sport four actual PU wheels (or Cloudwheels) rather than two stiff hub motors with a thin PU sleeve. As a result, belt-driven electric skateboards provide a smoother ride with fewer road vibrations.

Battery – 12s2p with Samsung 30Q cells

While 12s2p at 260wh is standard for boards in this price range, it’s slightly larger than the 187wh pack in the Mini 2. Also, Samsung 30Q cells are great cells for electric skateboards.

Wowgo 2s mini enclosure

The advertised range is 18.6 miles (30km), that’s an alright range, and as always, we’ll verify this in our full review.

Electronic Speed Control – 12s Hobbywing ESC with Tuya apps

Unsurprisingly, the Wowgo Mini 2s uses a 12s Hobbywing ESC.

For those who are new here: Hobbywing ESC provides smooth and intuitive speed control. Braking and acceleration are straightforward and easy to adapt to. Hobbywing ESC also features a smart turn-on function, meaning the board turns on automatically when the remote is activated.

A recent update for the 12s Hobbywing ESC includes support for a smartphone app. Users can download the Tuya app and adjust the speed profile or choose from the four default speed modes.

Deck and Trucks – Similar to the Wowgo Mini 2

Deck close up of Wowgo 2s mini

The Wowgo Mini 2s uses the same deck and trucks as the Wowgo Mini 2. We already know they ride well:

The deck has a U-shaped concave for responsive control. The kicktail is easy to use, and we like that it came with a tail guard installed.

The trucks are Wowgo’s 45-degree trucks with double barrel bushings. They strike a balance between turning ease and stability.

Front trucks of Wowgo 2s mini

Tl;dr – Wowgo Mini 2s First Impressions

The $699 Wowgo Mini 2s is an upgraded version of the $469 Wowgo Mini 2.

The new Mini 2s is an electric shortboard with powerful 700W dual belt motors and a 12s2p 260wh battery featuring Samsung 30Q cells. Given the refined ride of the Wowgo Mini 2 (non-S), the motor upgrade means the new Wowgo Mini 2s offers even more power and torque. Plus, leaving behind stiff hubs for a belt drive means a much smoother ride.

If you are interested in buying the Wowgo, be sure to check out our affiliate discount link here and use code: “ESKATEHQ” to receive $15 off during checkout.
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Wowgo released Wowgo 3E

1 July 2023 – Today, Wowgo launched the Wowgo 3E, a $499 belt-driven electric longboard. It’s rare to see a belt-driven electric longboard launched at a price below $500. All the talks about inflation, yet quality electric skateboards just keep getting cheaper! Good for us!

The Wowgo 3E is the direct successor to the super-popular Wowgo 3X. It sticks to the same winning formula – a flexible deck, smooth Hobbywing ESC, and a dual belt-drive. I’m guessing the “E” in 3E stands for “Economic”, seeing as the Wowgo 3X was launched at around $749 (before receiving a price cut every year after launch). The Wowgo 3E is also a budget-friendly alternative to the mid-range Wowgo Pioneer X4, currently priced at $699.

Specification for the Wowgo 3E:

  • Model: WowGo 3E
  • Price: $499 (90mm), $579 (105mm wheels), $599(2 in 1)
  • Top Speed: 28mph (45kph)
  • Range: 13miles (21km)
  • Battery: 12S2P 43.2V 5.0AH 216WH Li-ion
  • ESC: 12S Hobbywing ESC
  • Motor Power: 2*650W Belt motors (5055)
  • Deck: Canadian maple + bamboo + fiberglass
  • Remote: OLED remote
  • Trucks: WowGo Truck
  • Charging Time: 2.5h
  • Net Weight: 16.5lbs (7.5kg)
  • Size: 97cm x 22.5cm x 13.5cm
  • Wheels: 90mm / 105mm ($579)
  • Bushings: 90A

These are strong specifications for a sub-$500 entry-level electric skateboard featuring a 12s2p 216wh battery and 28mph top speed. (Typically, one might expect 10s2p, 26mph & hub motors for entry-level electric skateboards).

Flexible Deck & Return of the Handle Cut Out

The Wowgo 3E uses Canadian maple + bamboo + fiberglass with a nice concave. A flexible deck will maximize carving smoothness and make rough roads much more tolerable.

The Wowgo 3E also opted to include the handle cutout on the board. This is always a question of look vs utility. We always find having a handle cut out super useful when carrying the board, but it does make the board looks cheap. If you’re a practical person, you’ll love it. The board is very light at 16.5 lbs (7.5kg), and with the handle cutout, it’s really easy to carry the Wowgo 3E when you need to.

12s Hobbywing – Perfect Speed Control

For those who don’t know, the 12s Hobbywing ESC is basically the gold standard for speed control in the electric skateboard world. It delivers great power in acceleration and braking while keeping perfect smoothness. It’s intuitive to control and loved by beginners and veterans alike. It also comes with a smart power-on feature, meaning the board powers up by itself when you switch on the remote.

Battery – Power, Probably Not Range

The 12s system is the new industry standard right now, and the Wowgo 3E keeps up with it. The 12s2p 5AH battery at 216WH is nothing special but is reasonable for a $499 board. The advertised range of 13mi (21km) is likely to be on the conservative side, it should be able to hit that considering the battery size.

Motors – 650W Dual-Belt Motors (5055)

The big selling point for the Wowgo 3E is certainly the belt motors. They’re not super-duper-powerful or anything, but just the fact that it’s using a belt system instead of running on hub motors is the key here.

Wowgo 3E motors

For those new to the scene, belt-driven electric skateboards are usually more expensive and hence typically pricier. Most of the belt-driven electric skateboards that are priced below $500 are either older models being phased out or they’re poorly made or underpowered boards by lesser-known brands.

Belt-driven boards are a favorite for many since they usually have more torque than their hub counterparts, and they offer a smoother ride compared to hub motors. (The PU sleeves on the hub motors are thin, and the hub motors are stiff; both of these add to more road vibration and a rougher ride.)

Trucks – Wowgo’s Proprietary Trucks

We’d be shocked if the $499 Wowgo 3E used branded Paris trucks like the Wowgo 3X did, but it didn’t. The Wowgo 3E uses Wowgo’s own trucks. Luckily, we know these trucks well, as we’ve tried them on several Wowgos before. They’re pretty good trucks, stable, and easy to turn.

Wowgo 3E trucks

Wheels – 90mm and 105mm

The base version of the Wowgo 3E comes with 90mm wheels, but there’s a 105mm wheels option selling for $579. These 105mm wheels aren’t Cloudwheels, they’re PU wheels.

Wowgo 3E 105mm wheels

This is the first time we’re getting our hands on these, and we’ll be testing how well they perform in our full review. Considering a flexible deck and dual belt-drive are the best setups to handle road vibration, going for the 105mm option would make the Wowgo 3E one of the best street setups for minimizing road vibrations.

Summary of the Wowgo 3E

Just looking at it, the Wowgo 3E seems like the perfect board for anyone on a budget.

Wowgo 3E back of the deck

It’s the most affordable belt-driven electric longboard you can find on the market right now, and it’s well put together by a reputable brand. If you’re after a belt-driven board for that silky smooth ride and don’t need a board with extra range, the Wowgo 3E is looking like the best electric skateboard you can snag for under $500.

If you are interested in buying the Wowgo be sure to check out our affiliate discount link here and use code: “ESKATEHQ” to receive $5 off during checkout.
It will help you get a small monetary discount and help us out too. On top of that, you’ll be tagged as an Electric Skateboard HQ customer and probably be treated better. Cheers!